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10 Yang Crystals for Balancing Masculine Chi

Research conducted in 2018 found that 42% of Americans believe that spiritual power lies within objects like crystals, and that number is rising. If you’re lacking in energy or need a boost in specific areas of your life, finding the right crystals can help reduce obstacles. Some crystals can even harmonize the energy in your living space, improving your Feng Shui.

According to the Chinese Bagua, yang chi or energy refers to masculine energy and relates to traits like ambition, leadership, willpower, inner strength, passion, and courage. In this article, we’ll discuss how specific sun crystals can be used to improve harmony in your living space and increase the inflow of yang energy into your life.

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Here are the top 10 Sun crystals to help balance Yang Chi:

    1. Tiger’s Eye
    2. Black Tourmaline
    3. Malachite
    4. Smoky Quartz
    5. Garnet
    6. Pyrite
    7. Red Jasper
    8. Serpentine
    9. Bronzite
    10. Sunstone

1. Tiger’s Eye

The tiger’s eye is a crystal designed to help you overcome fears in various areas of your life. Some fears are subtle, like the fear of change or transformation. However, some are more obvious, like the fear of asking for a promotion or having that difficult conversation with a friend.

The tiger’s eye is about bravery, assertiveness, and being decisive. So you want to place it in rooms where these traits are typically required. A sexual environment like the bedroom or a creative space like your work desk are both ideal places for a tiger’s eye.

Of course, both yin and yang energies are essential, so if you’re placing your tiger’s eye in the bedroom, ensure the Feng Shui is balanced with a crystal of a more feminine nature.

2. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is your protector and shields your being from negative thought patterns and energies. This crystal also mobilizes positive energy to work through you and protects your confidence levels.

This crystal is grounding and restorative, just like balanced masculine energy. If you want to make the most of black tourmaline, place it in spaces of healing and rest. The bedroom, meditation room, or yoga studio are ideal as this crystal can help clear out negativity and provide deep rest and relaxation. Since it is black, you can also use this crystal in the North sector of your home.

3. Malachite

This bright green crystal is breathtaking in its beauty and the intricate patterns covering its surface. Malachite helps ground you during any transformation or change. Malachite also helps us connect to our heart chakra and open ourselves up to boundless love.

While the term love may not seem like a masculine trait, masculinity today has been misinterpreted, and features like love and affection are scorned in favor of more ‘manly’ traits, like ambition and leadership.

However, to truly resonate with one’s masculine energy means being vulnerable and opening oneself up to new possibilities in whatever relationship you engage in. Malachite can help you get comfortable wearing your heart on your sleeve.

It’s best to place malachite crystals in places where you’re sure to experience interpersonal connections, like the lounge or dining rooms.

4. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz has always been associated with power, but not the kind of unrestrained, egocentric power you’re probably thinking about.

Instead, this crystal offers a more grounded sense of power where one is in better control of their thoughts, words, and actions. The primary role of smoky quartz is to create a feeling of inner strength to help you stay calm during moments of indecision and uncertainty.

According to some schools of Feng Shui, the best place to put smoky quartz is near the entry points in your house as this crystal is believed to invite prosperity into your life.

5. Garnet

This bright red crystal symbolizes one trait most often associated with masculinity – passion. However, the garnet boosts passion while tempering it with reason and logical thought. 

A garnet crystal can uplift and revitalize you when you’re looking for that push to achieve a dream or get to your next goal.

Aside from the extra motivation, garnet also harmonizes your energy so you can use this new passion in a more directed way. This Feng Shui crystal is best placed in the Northeast of your home.

6. Pyrite

Like its golden appearance (for which it’s aptly named Fool’s Gold), pyrite helps to boost wealth and enhance your zeal and vigor to work towards prosperity. Aside from increasing your energy levels, pyrite is also known to remove hesitation and obstacles to action.

Removing these blockages may not seem like much, but it is significant in propelling you toward a more prosperous future. Additionally, by removing your hesitation to achieve, pyrite makes it easier to take steps towards success with a positive outlook on life.

Pyrite is highly effective in your workspace or other places where you spend time amassing wealth. As an Earth/Metal composite, the West can be the perfect location for your Pyrite.

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7. Red Jasper

In ancient times, the red jasper was used extensively by healers to remove worries and allow people to live in the present.

The red color allows more passion and purpose to pour into your life so you can work on things you care about. This growth in intensity allows fears and hesitation to dissipate, so you can act with singular focus and resolve.

Aside from a passion for goals, the red jasper also awakens passion in the bedroom and helps enhance your libido and boost sexual health. Thanks to its balance, this crystal ensures that you attract more emotionally fulfilling relationships into your life.

The bedroom and workspaces are the best places to keep a red jasper crystal.

8. Serpentine

The serpentine crystal is related to the higher chakras, specifically the crown chakra, the seat of divine consciousness. This unique crystal helps to provide clarity of mind even in distressed times by realigning the flow of energy through the chakra system.

The role of serpentine is to heal past traumas and painful experiences and return the body to harmony. The serpentine crystal is best placed in the center of your home, so it radiates clarity and peace throughout the household. *Never place crystals when the Flying Star “5 Earth disaster” is located in the Center.

9. Bronzite

Bronzite is a weapon against negativity and can repel negative thoughts or ambivalent energy. You won’t have to ghost annoying acquaintances anymore because bronzite indicates to those around you that you have the power to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Bronzite offers you the courage to overcome sacrifices in your life and allows you to transmute negativity into positive energy. As such, bronzite helps to provide grounding while stimulating us to act with focus and direction.

This crystal is best placed in spaces related to your career where you may have to deal with negativity from certain people. In the Lo Shu, place Bronzite in the Northwest.

10. Sunstone

The obvious choice when discussing Yang crystals, spheres of Sunstone do indeed look like close up images of our Sun and they can sparkle with iridescence in the right light.

Sunstone mainly works on the sacral and solar plexus chakra’s but according to some, it can cleanse the entire etheric body. The solar plexus is the rough equivalent of the Middle Dantian in Chinese medicine and boosting the Chi within the area will improve self confidence and vitality through the positive processing of emotions.

Filling the Sacral chakra with positive Chi not only helps to ground you, but can boost your joys in life especially if you’ve been working a lot, or are surrounded by negative people.

Place Sunstone in a bright well lit position where it can absorb the Sun’s life-giving energy and keep the essence of Yang in your home during the dark nights. Use the 9 flying star as a guide for Sunstone placement, the South in the Later Heaven Bagua or the East for the Early Heaven Bagua.

Final Thoughts on Yang Crystals for Feng Shui

Technically speaking, crystals are helping to add Earth Element to your Feng Shui, but we can also use the healing properties and nature of those crystals to “fine-tune” the Earth that we are adding.

Combining crystals and the moon’s cycles is just one powerful Feng Shui method that you can use to improve the energy of your space. If you combine all the external and internal Feng Shui methods with your astrology and the healing benefits of crystals, your life can truly change for the better.

Feng Shui & Crystal Healing Resources

For further reading, here are some websites, books,  services or courses. If you know of any resources that should be in this list, leave a comment below –

  1. Gain a thorough introduction to Feng Shui without hurting your pocket in Beyond the Bagua.
  2. Learn the real secrets of Feng Shui with Master Edgar’s San Yuen Yuen Gua workshop.
  3. Get training on the Land Form aspect of Feng Shui with Ken Lai’s Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui.
  4. Accredited Practitioner training with the Feng Shui Gold Coast Academy.

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