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Year of the Yang Water Tiger

[PART 1 - Chi Vibration]

Part 1 of Dean French's 2022 article series examining the Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui energy of the Yang Water Tiger year.

There are many methods to analyse the vibrational start of any year. A common way in Feng Shui circles and in the world of astrology is to review the moment that the date or time ‘clicks’ over, like the hands of a clock.

Four Pillars Astrology uses the Chinese Solar and Lunar calendars, and its true beauty is that it layers and crosses lines with astrological and Feng Shui Schools such as “Xuan Kong Da Gua”, “Qi Men Dun Jia”, “Ba Zhai”, “Fei Xing Flying Stars” and more, many of which I use in my predictions below.

There is some truth to the folklore saying that when the Lunar New Year falls before the Solar New Year it can bring general good luck to the planet, though it is always better to study your own Four Pillars chart in conjunction with the transiting Chi rather than relying on anyone’s general observations.

I always like to check the chart for NYE before I go rushing out and making resolutions. The Four Pillars astrology chart for New Years Eve, 12am January 1, 2022 looks like this –

There’s a lot going on in this chart – but the bottom line is a flow of Chi from Metal to Wood. Any New Year’s resolutions that you make should be about growth and upward movement.

This is for most people. If your chart doesn’t like Wood Element, for example your Day Master is Yang Earth and Wood clashes you, then it is best to abstain from making wild promises during New Year celebrations.

The three years of the Pig, Rat and Ox are known as the Water Frame years. Now we are moving into the Wood Frame of Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon, as well as shifting into an entirely new Period 9 Feng Shui Flying Stars Age.

Probably the most noticeable shift in attitude will be a ‘head in the sand’ approach to the events of the last three years. Almost as if the entire crisis wasn’t real, and it could never happen again anyway. It will take until the end of 2022 to really take hold because the first half of the year is governed by Yang Water (Ren in Chinese).

The best 2022 Feng Shui tip of all is a simple life hack.

Look back at 2019, 2020 and 2021 and process your experiences. Review your actions and learn from them, what can you do better?

Breaking down the Pillar of 2022, the first part is the Heavenly Stem 壬Ren Yang Water. Represented by the ocean – unpredictable, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy but always with hidden depths and secrets. Ren is clever, smooth, flexible and seductive. The Chinese character Ren can be used as a word for assignments to high office and great responsibility.

The Tiger 寅 is Yang Wood, but every Animal Sign has some Hidden Elements to them. The Tiger has hidden Yang Earth and Yang Fire. Within the Tiger there is a flow of riches – Wood creates Fire which creates Earth, creativity begets wealth.

It is this flow that gives Tigers their animal magnetism, you simply can’t resist. Advanced Tigers are able to tone down their charisma so they can work behind the scenes to bring a plan to fruition. Success for Tigers involves strategic thinking combined with confidence, setting themselves into position and then striking with force when they are ready.

The Stem and Branch together combines all Yang Stems (apart from Yang Metal) beginning with Ren Yang Water and finishing in the Hidden Stem of Yang Earth. For Yang Water, Earth is Power Element – a powerful time to take action, but be certain that you will catch your prey by patiently watching, waiting and assessing before you leap.

In a societal sense, the public’s patience is wearing thin with the rigid structure of the system we live in. 2020 and 2021 showed how much the system is rigged against the average person and how poorly equipped governments are at actually keeping everything together without creating a wider gap between the haves and have-nots.

It is interesting that this feeling is overlaid and operating at the same time as the ‘head-in-the-sand’ attitude I mentioned earlier. It truly appears that the wealthy and powerful will be saying ‘nothing to see here, everything is fine’ when we all really know that it is in fact not OK.

Focus on your talents

How can you be creative? How can you eat and live and love with the way things are?

Take your power and life back in 2022.

Be careful to maintain some balance in your life, the flow of Elements from Water to Earth may lead to burn out depending on your Day Master and chart structure.

In general, Ren Yang Water Element governs the bladder and urinary system, as well as having an indirect effect on hearing, reproduction, kidneys and teeth. If you find yourself adversely affected in any of these areas, then you are suffering from the Drain aspect of 2022. On the Chi receiving side within the Tiger, hidden Earth becomes Over-energised

The Tiger governs the gallbladder and our Wind Gate with potential to introduce Tong Feng, or ‘painful wind’ as the Chi passes through towards Earth. Since it is the link between the bladder and gallbladder, people that eat and drink poorly will suffer effects of gout and arthritis. Overcharging Earth brings the Elemental links to the spleen, stomach and pancreas. Too much Chi in these organs will lead to blood disorders, digestive issues and a sharp increase in people diagnosed with diabetes. We can eat well, avoid sugary and fatty foods, and too much alcohol to protect ourselves from this energy, but the manifestations will be global.

Weather-wise, “the Ocean” sitting above Wood, Fire and Earth means there will be more water related events including under-water disturbances – storms, gales, flooding are to be expected.

The global weather pattern for Australia has been driving through 2021 and into 2022 towards the La Nina weather pattern. Preparations for unusual rain and major flooding should be made if you live in a coastal town in Australia, Northern Europe or Northwestern USA that does flood. Homes facing West should ensure there are adequate fire safety measures in place.

Earlier I mentioned the “haves” the “have-nots”. The full recovery from Co-Vid19 will not be complete for some time, and the suffering of the poor and weak will magnify the public’s awareness of the mechanisms and not-so-well-hidden disparity that enables global suffering.

At home, the demand for better distribution of wealth and a pushback against the privatisation of public assets will continue. Thankfully in 2022 we will see wealth trickling back into the everyday shops, property market and restaurants that we all need to live.

In the world of entertainment keep your eyes out for the next Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan or Beatles. The astrological creative energy is so strong that 2022 can produce multiple pop-culture changing icons. Entirely new genres can be developed, or even the means to distribute them freely and widely.

Politically we will see a combination of the two feelings mentioned before – “head in the sand”, and the “have and have-nots”. The previous Yang Water Tiger year saw Apartheid condemned, the start of the Cuban missile crisis and a number of nuclear near-misses and incidents. In 2022 there will be an increase in world-wide coups and sudden attacks on government process. They will appear to be startling, but will be very carefully planned and executed behind the scenes.

Re-balancing our planetary Chi to help the poor and weak will require drops in speculative markets like stocks, bonds, shares and investment/commercial property. For 2022 to bring increased employment and stable property prices there will be an increase in lending rates and unfortunately, increases to everyday living expenses.

Make sure to help yourself before you leap in to help others (think of the oxygen mask on a plane), pay down your debts, stock up on everyday necessities before prices increase and grow some of your own produce to be in synchronicity with the Chi flow of 2022.

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