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Year of the Yang Water Tiger

[PART 2 - The Chinese Zodiac Signs]

This is Part 2 of Dean French's 2022 article examining the general Chinese Zodiac energy of the Yang Water Tiger year. For a full picture of the Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs, read Dean's article in the 2022 Wellbeing Predictions Almanac.

It is not possible to discuss the Chi in 2022 without looking at the Earthly Branches, or the Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs. This section is to delve deeper into the interactions between the Branches, because the Tiger interacts not only on an Elemental level, but has the possibility of forming combinations or clashing with other Branches.

This section is a caveat on all that is said in PART 3 BaZi Chinese Astrology, combinations and clashes can change the strength of the Day Master greatly, and can be helpful or hurtful.

The Clashes, Combinations and other 2022 Chinese Zodiac Interactions

If you have the Monkey on your chart, then the Tiger will clash with it. This particular clash indicates sentimentality and living in the past. There is also the Damage between the Tiger and the Pig. This is relatively minor, and indicates disharmony and some frustrations.

The Tiger and Snake are a Penalty to each other, but it is magnified if the Monkey is present as well. Penalties indicate accidents, legal problems and injuries but at the same time can indicate sudden fame and fortune. The good side of a Penalty is usually outweighed by the problems though, so don’t count on winning the lottery, especially since this is called the Penalty of Ingratitude.

The Tiger can combine to form strong Wood with the Pig if there is Wood present in the Stems. If you have this combination and Ren Water is bad for you, don’t worry because all of Ren’s energy will be wasted on trying to ‘drown’ the combination.

If you have the Rabbit and Dragon on your chart, then you get even stronger Wood. If Wood is good for your Day Master, then this is great. If not then it will probably be a very tough year.

If you have the Horse and Dog on your chart, then you will have a very powerful Fire combination. The Fire may be enough to boil away the Water of Ren, so your year will be dominated by Fire Chi.

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