Feng Shui Ming Gua’s

The Ming Gua calculation is used in both 8 Mansions and Flying Stars Feng Shui to improve people's lives. In this article you'll learn how to calculate your Ming Gua as well as learn more about the 8 Ming Gua types.

Ming Gua (Kua) is also known as the Destiny Number or Life Number, and it is used when matching a person’s energy to the 8 Mansions Feng Shui school and is also used in Flying Stars Feng Shui for certain calculations. Read on to learn how to calculate your Ming Gua (Kua), how to use the Element cycle to work out what’s best for your Ming Gua, and the properties of each Gua Type.

How Do the Five Elements work with Ming Gua's

To start with, you can look at the Elements cycles to find a suitable relationship. For example, if someone’s Gua is 1 Water (Kan trigram), then they would be OK with a Ming Gua 6 Metal (Qian trigram) or 7 Metal (Dui trigram), since Metal feeds Water. However, they may get worn out by 3 Wood (Zhen trigram) or 4 Wood (Xun trigram) since Wood drains Water.

Once you calculate your own (or someone else’s) Ming Gua, then you can use the Cycle of Chinese Elements below to work out the positive and negative interactions between Ming Gua’s.

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To calculate Your Ming Gua / Destiny number

The calculation of Gua numbers is separated between male and female, both add together the year of birth, then reduce the answer to a single number,

eg 2022 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6.

For women, add the final number to 4 and reduce, so from the example

2022 = 6 + 4 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1.

For men, take the final number away from 11, so it would be

2022 = 11 – 6 = 5.

If the calculation adds to 5, then there is an extra rule that a female uses the number 8 Ming Gua, and a male uses the number 2 Ming Gua. Calculate your Ming (Life) Gua and Four Pillars Astrology chart here.

The Destiny Number examines the relationship according to the direction of the Five Elements and Eight Trigrams. Every person and building belongs to one of two groups, the East or West life group. The Eastern life group revolves around the Gua’s 1 Water, 3 Wood, 4 Wood and 9 Fire. Western life revolves around 2 Earth, 6 Metal, 7 Metal, and 8 Earth Gua’s.

Since Eight Mansions Feng Shui is based on 8 directions – four good and four bad, you simply face the four directions that are in alignment with your Ming Gua vibration. To cross over your Ming Gua with Ba Zhai, you will need to be able to calculate the house’s good and bad directions based on the compass direction at the back of the house.

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Here are the 8 Destiny number's

click here for more information on the numbers and how they link with the Trigrams.

Kan 1 Water: East Group

You tend to be confident, independent and intuitive. You are able to stay focused and able to adapt to changes with serenity.

If you are being drained by a person’s Ming Gua that runs against your own it can cause problems with health including feeling sluggish, stubborn and self-conscious.

Kun 2 Earth: West Group

2 Earth is the Element of fertility and growth which makes it a great Destiny number for business. You are steady, sometimes delicate, caring and dependable.

If your Earth is under pressure, you may experience some problems with co-dependence, jealousy and an overly sceptical nature.

Chen/Zhen 3 Wood: East Group

When 3 Wood is enjoying their favorite creative project or hobby and things are going well, they are passionate and patient, optimistic and insightful.

If life starts to bring obstacles and there’s no time for anything but work, 3 Wood’s Thunder nature emerges and you can become explosive, inflexible and intolerant. Try not to become preoccupied with the problem, take the time to allow solutions to come.

Xun 4 Wood: East Group

4 Wood represents creativity and enlightenment. You can be compassionate, confident, adaptable, and love to live in harmony.

If 4 Wood is over-charged, you can be impulsive and scattered; if the other Elements are against you, you’ll dig your heels in becoming stubborn, moody and manipulative.

5 Earth – Since the 5 star represents the Center and has no Trigram, Female 5’s change to 8 Earth and Male 5’s change to 2 Earth.

Qian 6 Metal: West Group

6 Metal is the Element of authority and power. If you have this Ming Gua, people know you as a strong-willed leader – organized, trustworthy and considerate.

You’ll know when your 6 Metal is not being supported, as it brings feelings of a need to control and micro-manage. If you start to feel pessimistic or defensive you’ll know that it’s time to take a step back and assess your situation.

Dui 7 Metal: West Group

7 Metal people are fun to be around – easy-going, happy, social, and energetic. You add polish and shine wherever you go.

At times of low support, you may experience problems with career; but this is usually due to a manifestation of your negative traits – moody and self-centered behavior isn’t really attractive. Many times this is a result of 7 Metal feeling sensitive and nervous so remember that you are enough and people do care.

Gen 8 Earth: West Group

8 Earth is the Mountain in terms of the Trigrams, when you are supported you are persistent, adventurous, curious and sometimes revolutionary in your ideas.

An unsupported 8 Earth becomes possessive of their loved ones, suspicious, self-indulgent and obstinate. If you feel this way try to let go and trust in at least some of the people around you.

Li 9 Fire: East Group

Li 9 Fire is the Sun in Eight Mansions Feng Shui, supporting others and bringing light. You can be a very charismatic person. Intelligence, good taste and generosity all come naturally to you.

If your Fire is controlled or unsupported it can bring out nervousness and over-sensitivity. When you feel this way, the best thing is to do is something entirely different for a while. 9 Fire’s can sometimes hyper-focus on a problem making it seem bigger than it actually is.

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Why Learn Ming Gua's and 8 Mansions Feng Shui?

Having your Destiny number is the first step in calculating Eight Mansions Feng Shui. This school will give you a deeper understanding of how Ming Gua’s can affect your life.

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