What Does the Golden Ratio Have To Do With Feng Shui?

the golden ratio or Fibonacci pattern is everywhere in nature, including sunflower seeds.

If you’re a fan of the Da Vinci Code or have done a lot of studying in math, you may already know what the golden ratio is. Or, if you love interior design and are working on your home’s flow, you may be reasonably well versed in Feng Shui. But what do the two have to do with each other?

What Are the Feng Shui Five Elements?

representations of the wood, fire, earth, metal, water elements

Feng Shui is a theory that revolves around the design and arrangement of your living and working spaces to achieve harmony and balance. The concept divides the world into Five Elements based on the inner planets, all of which have physical manifestations in different shapes, colors, objects and more.

Home Staging With Feng Shui

woman hanging a Dean French Feng Shui picture on a white wall

With unpredictable housing markets, how you present your home to a future owner is everything, and Feng Shui can play a large role when it comes to staging a home for sale. So how does one go about home staging using 5000-year-old Chinese techniques while still giving the home a modern look?

Can Feng Shui Bring Work Life Balance?

Feng Shui can bring work-life balance by regulating the energies surrounding individuals at home and in their workplaces. This ancient Chinese practice aims to balance the various elements that govern moods. It can also help to restructure and harmonize a person’s personal and professional lives.

Feng Shui Cures and Remedies

space clearing with a brass bell and wearing a feng shui bracelet

How do you work out which Feng Shui cure to use? This article will show you how to divide the types of cures into categories to help you decide what type of Feng Shui cure you need to use.