Chinese Astrology: Who Is the Rooster Compatible With?

white circle representing metal element in feng shui and chinese astrology

The Chinese Zodiac system classifies Roosters as charismatic, sociable, and confident, but with some negative tendencies like arrogance and rigidity. It’s a pretty complex set of qualities, so let’s see who they’re compatible with.

Who Is the Snake Compatible With?

red/purple circle representing fire element in feng shui and chinese astrology.

The Chinese Zodiac associates the Snake with depth, intuitiveness, and intriguing nature. They’re logical in their life choices, but can be a bit possessive in relationships. Let’s see who pairs well with them.

Who Is the Ox Compatible With?

orange circle representing earth element in feng shui and chinese astrology.

If you’re born in the year of the Ox, the Chinese Zodiac suggests you’re pretty shy and reserved. Luckily, some signs are into that and work well with the Ox in a relationship! But which ones?