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The Internet's Top 10 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips


Your bedroom is supposed to be a place of peace and tranquillity, but if the Feng Shui is not properly set up, it can cause stress, poor health and even fertility problems. In this article, Dean reviews the top ten Feng Shui bedroom tips that you find everywhere on the net.

If you search the internet, there is a lot of agreement between the top 10 Feng Shui relationship experts that there are some easy tweaks that you can make to your bedroom for better sleep, more energy, and improved relationships with those around you. But do they even work?

Here are the Internet’s top ten tips for creating good bedroom Feng Shui that we'll be reviewing:

  1. The Bedside Furniture Should Be Complementary or Symmetrical.
  2. Use Images, Symbols and Art that Promote Love and Relationships.
  3. De-clutter and Remove Additional Pillows or Stuffed Animals.
  4. Remove Photographs of Friends and Family from the Bedroom.
  5. Get Rid of Work in Your Bedroom.
  6. Get Rid of the Television or Radio.
  7. Create Breathing Room and Order in any Bedroom Closets.
  8. Freshen Up Your Bedsheets and Linens.
  9. Get Rid of Mirrors Facing the Bed.
  10. Place Your Bed in the Commanding Position.

Tip #1: The Bedside Furniture Should Be Complementary or Symmetrical

The internet says: “According to this popular tip, the furniture by your bed is supposed to look good and be equal in size. It is supposed to help to promote equality and brings the notions of partnership in the karmic relationship. No one should have additional nightstand space.”

Dean Says: It does sound logical, however a Form school Feng Shui practitioner could say that is detrimental to the relationship, as the green dragon should be different to the white tiger and symmetrical nightstands could pose problems to the Yin-Yang balance.

From a traditional Feng Shui perspective this Tip is a non-issue when compared to ‘sickness mountains’, toilet alignments, Ming Gua’s and the Flying Stars. Following this tip will help your bedroom look great but it will only have a very small effect on your relationship, sorry 🙁

Tip #2: Use Images, Symbols and Art that Promote Love and Relationships

The internet says: “And avoid any pictures or symbols of violence, anger, resentment, infidelity, etc. In addition, you should place something from nature such as flowers or an aquarium or artwork that you have the most feel for. An image of your loved one or partner on the wall by the bedside is supposed to improve closeness.”

Dean Says: The art work and partner pictures part of this tip is pretty safe to use, I feel that most people want their bedroom to look and feel nice, and art is definitely one way to make that happen. On the other hand, if your teenager likes punk or metal music, having posters in their bedroom will not turn them into a serial killer so don’t try to force them to change.

My biggest concern is the aquarium and fresh flowers component of this tip. Water objects should never be located in a room where people sleep. This is from a health point of view – an aquarium, water feature or to a lesser extent a vase of flowers will increase the humidity of the room, ie the amount of moisture in the air. When you breathe in, you can be breathing in water vapor, bacteria, mold spores and many other nasties.

Tip #3: De-clutter and Remove Additional Pillows or Stuffed Animals

The internet says: “This tip says that if you have too many pillows on your bed can create a sense of chaos and clutter. Too many stuffed animals around, because they can symbolize a child that is not there in reality, creating anxiety and stress. Decluttering your house or the bedroom is not part of the classical Feng Shui, but it can also help to promote love and relationship. It will also prevent couples from confronting each other from time to time.”

Are stuffed animals bad Feng Shui

Dean Says: The symbology in this tip is a long stretch, both from Feng Shui point of view and psychologically. Although if your bed looks like this one, you probably hold your toys and dolls in higher regard than a relationship. If you like lots of pillows and stuffed animals and teddy bears, then you do you. Ignore this tip.

Tip #4: Remove Photographs of Friends and Family from the Bedroom

The internet says: “This tip says to remove all photos of people you do not feel connected with anymore. Also remove photographs of friends and family as it can affect the relationship, especially if they are not close to your partner. It is better to keep a photo of yourself in the wardrobe since you can attract positive energy that will positively affect your love life.”

Dean Says: The logic behind the first part of this tip is common sense – why anyone would have images of people they don’t like in their bedroom I couldn’t say. Having photo’s of family in your bedroom may be a bit strange for some, and normal for others.

If you are a student or worker living away from home, having pictures of the people you love most can be comforting. On the other hand, a newly married couple may choose to not have photo’s of their parents in their bedroom. You see that this tip depends on who you are and what you need from life.

The last part of this tip – putting your own picture in wardrobes is a strange one, but seems to be popular. It doesn’t have foundation in traditional Feng Shui, if anything it would represent stifling your personal Chi, hiding you away. I wouldn’t recommend this.

Tip #5: Get Rid of Work in Your Bedroom

The internet says: “This Feng Shui philosophy says that the bedroom should be used for sleeping and intimacy only. You should avoid using the room to do work since this will cause stress and negatively affect your relationship with your partner. You should avoid your phones and laptops as they will distract you, reducing the romantic connection with your partner.”

Working in bed is bad bedroom feng shui

Dean Says: The symbology in this tip is a good one, you (and I) should be maintaining a separation between work and rest just for the mental health benefits.

If you are in a role that requires additional work outside office hours, then firstly, you want to be certain that your partner is supportive of that. Secondly, by keeping your work away from the bedroom you will be showing your partner respect for supporting your work – a balanced relationship.

From a Feng Shui and health perspective, modern computer equipment (phones included) emits a “soup” of differing electromagnetic frequencies. They behave as “Fire Activators” and sleeping close to them will create long term health issues. Check out “Building Biology” for more information on electromagnetics.

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Tip #6: Get Rid of the Television or Radio

The internet says: “This Internet Feng Shui tip says to avoid using the bedroom to watch television or listen to the radio since it can create negative energy in your love life. It usually comes with a stern warning to not take this lightly and avoid any form of distraction that will separate you from your partner at night, and that the television is a Fire Element device belonging to Yang energy, which is not suitable for your bedroom.”

Dean Says: This tip is correct from the Fire activation perspective, not so much on the “negative energy in your love life” part.

My attitude is to check my client’s needs first. There is enough leeway in Feng Shui and Building Biology to allow a television, but it is a good idea to place it well away (at least 6 feet, or around 2 metres) from the bed. It is also wise to remove the plug from the wall before you sleep so that the chance of stray electromagnetic currents affecting you is reduced to zero.

Many people neglect to check the wall on the other side of the bed to make sure that there is no TV, refrigerator or other large appliance that is affecting your sleep.

Tip #7: Create Breathing Room and Order in any Bedroom Closets

The internet says: “According to this popular tip closets can also create obstacles and destroy love if they are disorganized. Clothes or shoes on the bed obstructs the energy flow of money and luck. Bedroom slippers beside the bed while you sleep can indicate a third party slipping into your shoes. Throwing everything into a wardrobe of closet without organization reflects on your overall life, and will badly affect your planning skills.”

Dean Says: De-cluttering tends to get called Feng Shui, even though it isn’t. Having said that, there is something to be said for quality of sleep and improved health in a clean and tidy bedroom.

I personally feel that keeping your belongings in good order and well looked after leads to prosperity, simply because you will be saving on repairs and replacement. This applies to your clothes and shoes, so having a tidy closet and bedroom will help.

Chi flow is a basic tenet of Feng Shui, so I agree with the spirit of this internet tip.

Tip #8: Freshen Up Your Bedsheets and Linens

The internet says: “Freshen up your bed sheets and linens by washing them regularly; and avoid having your bed covered with dirty or stained linen and clothes so that you are not creating any health problems for yourself and your partner. Keeping your bed clean represents a clean relationship. Natural fibers are best (cotton, silk etc) and avoid using too many dark colors. Also, the bedroom colors should be complimentary so that it creates a balance between rest, love, connection and sexual energy.”

Dean Says: To be honest, I follow this most of this advice – there is nothing like sleeping in freshly washed and sun dried cotton sheets, at least for me.

As far as dark colors are concerned, I disagree. The bedroom by is meant to be a Yin area, so muted and dark colors are fine. You can use a blend of darker and lighter colors to create a cozy and restful space.

Tip #9: Get Rid of Mirrors Facing the Bed

The internet says: “Some Feng Shui experts suggest that a mirror facing the bed tends to bring energy from the third party. Others say that when we dream, we leave our body so a mirror could scare our etheric selves and we may not get a restful sleep. Instead of large full length fixed mirrors, keep a mirror outside the room for makeup sessions.”

Dean Says: This is another popular tip that I personally follow, though not for the reasons you usually read online. The simple explanation is that mirrors are Yang, and strong Metal and Water Element. I like my bedroom to be peaceful and Yin, therefore no mirrors.

I am in a good position and have the room to do this, but many of my clients don’t. My advice to them is to simply cover the mirrors when they aren’t being used with a curtain, or if the mirror is a standing mirror, it can be turned around to point away from the bed.

This is a fairly obvious solution to this issue if you follow the logic of traditional Feng Shui.

Tip #10: Place Your Bed in the Commanding Position. The bed Should Be Facing the Bedroom Door but Not Directly in Line with It.

The internet says: “This tip says that you want to be able to see the entire room and your partner when you’re in bed. It advises against sleeping while your head is under the window. You should also avoid placing your bed in a corner since it may make your partner feel trapped or stop you from having a partner. Both sides of the bed should be easily accessible by both partners.”

Dean Says: This is is a fairly good tip – never align the bed with the door, you should be able to see the door from the bed, and a bed under a window can lead to poor sleep. I consider this to be a hard-wired “caveman” response rather than strictly Feng Shui.

As far as solutions are concerned, if you cannot move your bed then:

1. Close the door while you sleep,
2. Have a tall bedhead if you are sleeping under a window, and
3. Try to place your bed in the center of the wall rather than pushed to one side.

There are many exceptions to this Feng Shui tip, including Ming Gua directions, Flying Stars, location of electrical equipment, BaZi Chinese Astrology directions and more.

Improve your Bedroom Feng Shui

Today we reviewed the top ten Feng Shui tips for bedrooms that you’ll find all over the internet.

We learned that you should think logically about what you read and what you use for improving your life with Feng Shui. If you start learning and using traditional Feng Shui and BaZi Chinese astrology, you’ll find out that these tips, while somewhat useful, are limited in their ability to achieve exceptional results.

Watch my Sifu Master Edgar Yung’s video on bed placement with 8 Mansions and San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui lineage.

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