The Internet's Top 10 Money Feng Shui Tips


Money is everywhere in the world. It's in our bank accounts, under our beds, and in the pockets of every person we know. But what about money Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that offers guidelines for creating balance and harmony within your surroundings to improve luck, health, love life, career success, and overall happiness. The internet has changed how people live their lives. In this article Dean lists, analyses and reviews the Top Ten Money Feng Shui tips from the internet.

Tip #1: Locate and Activate the Wealth Area

“This tip says that if you want to attract abundance in life, it’s essential to activate the wealth area of your Bagua map. Activation’s range from creating a money rainbow with a money vision board, meditate in the area thinking positive thoughts with your palms open, money toad (more on that in Tip #8), water feature, wealth ships and many more.”

Dean Says: This is very general advice, mostly based on the Black Hat, or Life Aspirations schools of Feng Shui. The problem is that these schools rarely take Chi flow into account, nor the Flying Stars, your personal Astrology or any other multitude of factors. Most of the Activators will have a positive effect on your mental attitude but a negligible effect on the real Feng Shui except for Water Features, see Tip #5 for more. 

Tip #2: Use Crystals to Enhance Your Internet Income

“Crystals are believed to have an abundance of metaphysical properties that can enhance some aspects of our personalities. For example, Rose Quartz is often used in Feng Shui applications to encourage love. The stones most commonly used for money Feng Shui applications are Citrine and Fluorite. These crystals are believed to have naturally high wealth energy, which can improve the flow of money.

Place these crystals strategically at workstations, on your desk, next to the computer, or wherever you spend a significant amount of time working.”

Dean Says: Ok, ok, strictly speaking, crystals represent Earth Element in Feng Shui. I personally love the range of healing properties that the world of crystals can bring. Blue crystals promote spiritual and tranquil Chi. Green crystals like Jade symbolize nature’s abundance. You can use any you like, but Citrine is considered the wealth crystal to use for attracting money. When you are working near computers and Wi-Fi, it is best to use crystals that dampen EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field). Fluorite is good, Black Tourmaline is great, and I always have my Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet ready for computer work. 

Tip #3: Feng Shui Money Plant

“If you are looking to improve the Feng Shui in your work space, include live plants. Succulents and cacti are recommended for office spaces because they can survive with very little water. The popular Jade plant is actually a native to South Africa, but it fits into a home or office space easily with very little care needed.

The most recommended plant is the Chinese Money Plant, Pilea Peperomioides, with large coin shaped leaves.”

plants for good feng shui

Dean Says: Plants and the color green soothe the mind and create a calm environment. All of us should try to spend some time each day in the outdoors or at least a green space in our homes. As far as plants for wealth, I say that it depends on the sector or direction in the Feng Shui, and on your own Ming Gua’s and BaZi astrology charts.

One client of mine read that plants in the Southeast increase wealth opportunities. She went overboard and filled the entire area with plants. It did wonders for her Yin Metal Day Master, but at the same time, it caused migraines and illness for her husband with a Yang Earth Day Master. One or two low care plants near your desk or in your office will help relieve stress, but not usually create wealth.

Tip #4: Chinese Coins

“Since ancient times, Chinese Emperor coins – round with a square cutout in the centre representing Heaven (circle) and Earth (square), have been used as charms for good luck and protection against evil spirits. They are one of the most common Feng Shui applications because they resemble ancient currency, which is believed to emit powerful energy to attract prosperity. This tip says to place Chinese coins at workstations or near computers because they can attract money when in the same vibration as electronic devices.”

Dean Says: The first thing to realise is that any metal coins are by definition Metal Element. In the shape of a coin, the Metal Element is defined as a measure of abundance. While I use this type of Chinese coin in sets of 6 for Feng Shui as an Elemental cure, I never use them specifically for wealth. 

Why? Well, they are usually now made out of cheap tin and coated in a thin layer of brass. They do not have the intrinsic value they once had (but are still Metal). I also recommend not using them near your computer, it is better to make sure your computer is in your best direction to start with.

Tip #5: Install a Water Fountain or Water Feature

“In Feng Shui, water represents money and wealth, so installing a water fountain or any other water feature can improve your income. The sound of running water gets believed to have a therapeutic effect that can induce relaxation and encourage financial growth. Make sure the water fountain is not too noisy because it may interfere with concentration. Water fountains should never be placed near computers due to electrical danger.”

Dean Says: Never put a water feature or pond anywhere in or around your home until you do the proper Feng Shui research. Moving water can activate lucky money, but it can also activate bad luck for money if you put it in the wrong spot.

The placement of water features, ponds and aquariums is complex – there are different rules for inside and outside, if the flow of water is towards the home or away, or just recirculating. There is no “one size fits all” advice for water features, unfortunately you do need an expert.

Tip #6: Reduce Clutter & Clear Negative Energy

“This popular tip says that while Feng Shui can improve your income, it is essential to note that clutter attracts clutter. Clear the space surrounding your computer workstation and keep documents filed and in order. Your desk should only have the things you need to keep you focused on your financial goals.

Some Feng Shui wealth experts recommend cleaning negative energy in your space by burning sage or palo santo wood and following a space clearing ritual.”

Dean Says: This is my face when I keep hearing that Feng Shui wealth is all about the decluttering. Does it feel nice when you have everything in order? The answer is Yes for most people. Do super creative people care about mess and clutter? For most the answer is No.

I like smudging with sage and clearing spaces, I personally like my things to be in order, but that has nothing to do with my ability to make money using Feng Shui. De-cluttering won’t help you win the lottery either.

Tip #7: Feng Shui Money Frog / Three-legged Toad

“Applying Feng Shui to your home or office can be expensive because many websites and practitioners require you to purchase specific items, or make big changes. According to some Feng Shui wealth experts, these frog statues can attract money and business success for a small price. Place it in the area of your home or office where you conduct business facing the door. This will attract more money to this area which can improve income.”

Dean Says: I believe this would be called a ‘placebo’ cure as it is one of the Han people’s legendary animals. It is supposed to represent the punishment of a greedy princess who stole the elixir of immortality. She is destined to follow the moon every month, chasing and eating a bite from the golden disc every day until it is renewed again and she has to repeat the process forever.

Another theory is from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Some practitioners use the skin of certain toads to detoxify the body from poisons, and this statue ‘cleanses’ your wealth Chi. I do not recommend this as a serious Feng Shui money cure.

Tip #8: Repair or remove broken things

“This Feng Shui tip assumes that people find it challenging to improve their income and reduce financial stress because they neglect their property and invest in things that do not help them achieve their goals. According to some Feng Shui wealth experts, your home and vehicle should be maintained regularly, especially the exterior and you should consider upgrading equipment and appliances that are getting old and worn.”

Dean Says: This is probably a no-brainer type of tip, not really Feng Shui. There is an old saying – ‘the right tool for the job’ and when you are trying to earn a living, having an old (or no) computer, or tools that can break easily will make your life more difficult.

On the other hand, if you’re working hard and all you can afford is an old car, as long as it is reliable and can get you to where you need to be, then forget looks until you can upgrade. I feel that this tip is a mix of practical advice, as well as ‘fake it until you make it’.

Repair and look after your purchases as well as you can to make sure that they last a long time, and you don’t have to replace them too soon.

Tip #9: Use Feng Shui Wealth Colors

“According to many schools of Feng Shui, colors can attract or repel money and other forms of good fortune. It says to increase positive energy flow and improve your income, use green as a primary color in your office because it represents renewal, growth, and harmony. Incorporate green into your internet business by placing a green plant or painting the walls a bright green. It also says that if you want to increase your income and improve your luck, make sure to include purple because it is the color of royalty.”

Dean Says: The use of color is much more complex that just using purple or green in your ‘Career’ or ‘Wealth’ corners. We have the compass schools such as 8 Mansions and Flying Stars to assess the best colors for the Feng Shui, as well as your own personal Ming Gua and BaZi Chinese astrology charts.

If you follow Solar BaZi astrology, your wealth colour is whatever Element your Day Master controls. You shouldn’t use green and purple in a sector that has 5 star, especially if it with a 9 star in the Feng Shui Flying Stars. Colors work, but be aware of how and why you are using them.

Tip #10: Paint the Front Door Red or a Bright Color

“This tip says that when you decide to paint your home’s front door, make sure to use a bright color like red or orange. According to these Feng Shui experts, Fire colors are associated with good fortune and positive energy, which means they can help attract financial abundance and promote income growth.

You should choose a color that complements the exterior of your home because clashing colors can clash your energy flow.”

Dean Says: This tip has been around for so long it needs an old age pension. I can say without doubt that ‘it depends’.

It depends on whether you like Fire colors. Does it fit with the overall aesthetic of your home, and most of all, does it fit with a whole number of other factors that I spoke about in Tip #9, such as the Flying Stars and 8 Mansions.

Feng Shui can attract Wealth

Attracting money and wealth with Feng Shui is based on more than just some of the beliefs listed in the Top Ten Tips above. In fact properly applied money Feng Shui methods will use doors, windows, seating positions, computer placement as well as colors, water features and other Feng Shui cures.

If you want to attract more wealth opportunities into your life, consider factors in addition to Feng Shui, such as education and study.

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