Who Is the Dog Compatible With?

You would belong to the year of the Dog if you were born in 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, or 2006. According to Chinese Astrology, people born in the year of the Dog have similar preferences and behaviors - so what's your zodiac compatibility like with others?

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The Dog is compatible with Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse. Rabbits tend to be kind, which works well with the Dog’s higher receptivity for love and care. Horses have a strong bond with dogs based on mutual trust. Tigers make Dogs feel safe and encourage them to think big, grow, and make bold decisions.

This article will help you understand how Chinese astrology sees dog compatibility with these zodiac animals and discuss some signs the Dog clashes with. Let’s begin!

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Horse Compatibility

The Dog and the Horse are full of energy, outgoing, and generous with their love and support. According to the Chinese zodiac, the Dog has strong horse compatibility. Dog and Horse naturally find it much easier to build a relationship on peace, mutual respect, and harmony.

These signs are generally agreeable, so arguments over petty things are pretty unlikely. They’ll openly share clothes, cook together, and trade favors now and then. They also love to go out—so neither one’s going to be a party pooper with a nay-saying attitude!

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Tiger Compatibility

The Dog has high Tiger compatibility—the two signs naturally click. Their weaknesses and strengths fit each other like a puzzle to bring out an enhanced version of themselves. For instance, Dogs are generally laid back and don’t make bold moves due to pessimist tendencies. The Tiger’s “glass-half-full” mindset and continuous encouragement positively counter that.

Both signs are filled with love and warmth. Therefore, there will always be some mutual pampering between the two. However, Tigers are independent, while Dogs are clingy. The Dog might have to explore some hobbies to spend time with itself occasionally in a relationship. Once that’s sorted, it should be a smooth ride onward!

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Rabbit Compatibility

Dogs and Rabbits also share a natural tendency for building a deep mutual connection. The Dog finds the perfect channel for its innate loyalty with a Rabbit since Rabbits are always there for them in times of need.

Besides love and support, the Rabbit is also a remarkable homemaker. Rabbits pay great attention to details on every aspect of the exterior and interior—making it the perfect place to live in harmony for the Dog and Rabbit.

Since both the signs are generally empathetic, they won’t go around throwing hurtful remarks at each other, even during an ugly argument. Both the Dog and Rabbit take a step back and get quieter in conflict. However, the Dog will likely initiate a productive conversation to fix things. Overall, the Dog’s Rabbit compatibility is superb!

Primary combinations discussed:

  • Horse and Tiger are “Three Harmony”, or “Elemental” combinations.
  • The Rabbit is a “Six Harmony” combination.
  • Bonus combination: Dog + Rooster + Monkey = “Directional” or “Seasonal” combination. The Rooster is the central figure, the Dog and Monkey have no affinity otherwise.

Primary Clash: Dragon

Like some higher zodiac signs compatibility, the Dog also has its clashes. People born in the Dog year will have a pretty strong clash with those born in the Dragon year.

Since both are Earth Element signs, there can be an ‘earthquake’ when arguments do erupt.

The Dog's Difficult Relationships

Dogs can also have poor relationships with people born in the Ox, Rooster, and Goat years. They’ll generally have different goals, preferences, and interests.

  • The Sheep/Goat and Ox are “Earth” signs along with the Dog, the energy becomes one of stubbornness and a refusal to compromise.
  • The Rooster combines with the Dragon, so “the friend of my enemy is my enemy” comes into play. This is one of the “Six Harms”.


People born in the year of the Dog are incredibly loyal and have a special appreciation for honesty in their partners. That’s why the three of their strongest matches—the Tiger, Rabbit, and Horse—are all signs that naturally keep things real.

However, the Dog can also be short-tempered and have a strong clash with the Dragon. People born in the year of the Dog also don’t pair well with the Rooster, Sheep/Goat, and Ox.


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