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Chinese Zodiac Romance: Who Is the Dragon Compatible With?

The Dragon is one of the most desirable signs in the Chinese zodiac. It’s a symbol of success, power, and honor, but what is its zodiac sign compatibility like? Let’s find out.

The Dragon is compatible with the Rat, Rooster, and Monkey. Both rats and monkeys fuel the Dragon’s outgoing charisma with appreciation, helping their fire burn brighter. The rooster doesn’t mind letting the Dragon take the lead, and that’s suitable for the Dragon’s powerful personality.

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The Dragon is a complex zodiac animal, and so is its Chinese zodiac compatibility with the above signs. Keep reading to learn more details about its relationship with the Monkey, Rat, and Rooster, along with some clashes.

rat zodiac sign icon

Dragon Compatibility with the Rat

The rat provides one of the best audiences for a high-energy person with tons of charisma — i.e., a dragon! But it’s not a one-way deal, as the rat also gets a massive boost in its ambitious career path thanks to the Dragon’s positive vibes.

Another reason why these signs are two-way compatible is how diverse their strengths are.

For instance, the Dragon’s charismatic personality effortlessly attracts public attention, while the rat is excellent at using logic and formulating effective strategies. Combine these two in any relationship, and they’ll bring huge wins to the household.

There are a few things to remember, though.

For instance, the rat’s strategies can sometimes come off as manipulative to the Dragon, which can understandably get frustrating. On the other hand, the Dragon’s inflated ego could pose problems.

However, the compatibility overshadows these downsides, and these two signs get along quite well.

monkey zodiac sign icon

Dragon Compatibility with the Monkey

Monkeys have super high dragon compatibility since they’re both highly ambitious and don’t hold each other back in life. They’re both natural leaders and find lots of common ground in their instincts, preferences, and emotions.

Each of them appreciates a warm and peaceful vibe at home.

The monkey also generously applauds the Dragon’s loud and proud personality. On the other hand, a dragon appreciates originality, allowing the monkey to flourish in complete freedom of being themselves. Overall, they make a joyous pair with a minimal tendency for fights and arguments.

rooster zodiac sign icon

Dragon Compatibility with the Rooster

The Rooster’s calm nature matches well with the Dragon’s appreciation for a peaceful and simple life. Roosters think clearly and are highly sensible in analyzing problems and possible solutions. The Dragon makes good use of this potential when in a relationship with the rooster.

The Dragon appreciates the rooster’s vigor and enthusiasm, making it a pretty well-rounded match.

The Dragon also encourages roosters to think big and make bold career decisions, which is highly beneficial for the rooster’s growth potential since they tend to settle for less due to their simplicity.

  • Rat and Monkey are “Three Harmony”, or “Elemental” combinations.
  • The Rooster is a “Six Harmony” combination.
  • Bonus combination: Dragon + Rabbit + Tiger = “Directional” or “Seasonal” combination. The Rabbit is the central figure, the Dragon and Tiger have no affinity otherwise.

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Primary Clash: Dog

Dragons mainly clash with individuals born in the year of the Dog. They’re poles apart, quite literally.

For instance, dogs tend to spend a lot of time with themselves, and that’s not a quality that matches well with the Dragon’s high social needs. Sure, dragons love a chunk of alone time at some point, but they need to interact with others to thrive throughout the day.

Moreover, dragons are impulsive, highly positive, and bold, whereas dogs are strategic, calm, and noble. Dogs won’t appreciate a dragon partner’s bold advances, especially when it’s earlier on in the relationship.

The Dragon's Difficult Relationships

The Dragon is restricted when they are with another dragon, an ox, or a rabbit.  The ox is shy, calm, and often too held back to match the Dragon’s fiery personality.

Dragons will also have a tough time impressing rabbits because their high confidence and “out there” personality might charm the whole room, but not rabbits. Rabbits also tend to be jealous, which can lead to the Dragon feeling restricted, and that’s not suitable for their larger-than-life personality.

There is a high tendency of ugly fights with other dragons since the two powerful characters can square each other up without surrendering their egos in the most trivial matters.


The Dragon’s nature is larger than life, and they’ll be able to make the most of any situation. They tend to create challenges for themselves to grow and become greater than they were before and it takes a strong, supportive partner to get the Dragon to the dizzying heights they see for themselves. 

Their outgoing and generous nature makes them attractive not only to lively characters like the Monkey but to most of the Animal signs, even to the Dog. Their charisma and drive can only leave you feeling impressed.

Chinese Zodiac and Astrology Resources

For further reading, here are some websites, books,  services or courses. If you know of any resources that should be in this list, leave a comment below –

  1. Gain a thorough primer for Solar and Lunar BaZi with Beyond the Branches.
  2. Take the 4 Pillars Bootcamp with Ken Lai, a treasure trove of Solar BaZi.
  3. Contact Dr. Jin Peh to find out when his next workshop on Lunar BaZi is being held.

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