Who Is the Rooster Compatible With?

The Chinese Zodiac system classifies Roosters as charismatic, sociable, and confident, but with some negative tendencies like arrogance and rigidity. It’s a pretty complex set of qualities, so let’s see who they’re compatible with.

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Roosters are compatible with the Dragon, Snake, and Ox. They adore the Dragon’s optimism and give them a supportive boost. Like Roosters, Snakes are very social and the two host some of the best parties as a couple. The Ox and Rooster also have a similar approach to life and make a loving pair.

Roosters don’t settle for any less than they deserve in life, and they have the same attitude when it comes to picking a partner. But, let’s see what signs are most likely to pick them back.

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Snake Compatibility

The Rooster and the Snake go together like peanut butter and jelly, both in friendships and romantic relationships. Both signs are seen as extroverted and can’t live without consistent social interactions. This means they’ll both look forward to their plans and be equally excited about having a good time outside the house.

They’re both known to be entertaining, so the couple doesn’t need to be worried about boredom risks, no matter how long the relationship lasts.

The friendly and entertaining nature of these signs makes them great hosts. They’ll easily be the most popular couple in town when paired together. But the fun isn’t just limited to social settings, as they can also have a blast on their own.

Sexually, though, they could need some getting used to. The Rooster might be reserved in bed, whereas the Snake is the opposite, but they should learn to meet halfway with time.

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Ox Compatibility

The Ox shares a high zodiac sign compatibility with the Rooster. Both characters are known to be loyal, so there won’t be any trust issues no matter how much freedom they’ve got. Both signs understand the value of their relationship and won’t risk it for momentary pleasure with another person.

The two signs aren’t entirely alike, though.

Roosters are sensual, precise, and thorough in their decision-making. However, they’re not as strong and resilient as the Ox, especially in tough times. In many ways, these two personalities perfectly complement each other in a relationship.

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Dragon Compatibility

The Rooster’s calm nature matches well with the Dragon’s appreciation for a peaceful and simple life. Roosters think clearly and are sensible in analyzing problems and possible solutions. The dragon makes good use of this potential when in a relationship with the rooster.

The dragon appreciates the rooster’s vigor and enthusiasm, making it a pretty well-rounded match.

The dragon also encourages roosters to think big and make bold career decisions. This is highly beneficial for the rooster’s growth potential since they tend to settle for less due to their simplicity.

Primary combinations discussed:

  • The Ox and Snake are “Three Harmony”, or “Elemental” combinations.
  • The Dragon is a “Six Harmony” combination.
  • Bonus combination: Rooster + Monkey + Dog = “Directional” or “Seasonal” combination. The Rooster is the central figure, the Monkey and Dog have no affinity otherwise.

Primary Clash: Rabbit

As far as romantic sparks are concerned, there’s little to nothing of that sort between the Rooster and Rabbit. The Chinese Zodiac compatibility standards put this pair as one of the least compatible matchups out there, making them astrological opposites.

Roosters can be a bit rough and messy. The Rabbit, unfortunately, is the exact opposite, which is what starts most of the arguments between the two. The Rooster would have to act civilized while the Rabbit must be extremely patient to make things work.

But if they manage to do that, the fine minds of both these signs can work wonders together.

The Rooster's Difficult Relationships

Rooster compatibility in the Chinese Zodiac suggests that they should also avoid dating a Dog, Rat, and other Roosters.

  • The Rooster and Rat are “Cardinal” signs along with the Rabbit. The trick is to see the big picture and not get caught up in the details.
  • The Dog combines with the Rabbit, so “the friend of my enemy is my enemy” comes into play. This is one of the “Six Harms”.
  • Roosters work best when there is one boss, them. If there are two Roosters trying to rule then feathers will fly.


Roosters can be picky when it comes to finding partners, and that’s how they are with most of their decisions in life. They won’t settle for anything less than what they think they deserve.

However, once they do find love, they’ll cherish it with everything they’ve got in them. That includes love, affection, care, and unwavering loyalty. However, match them up with a Rabbit, and you might just get the worst out of them.


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