2023 Dog Horoscope

Dogs can expect good fortune to shine a light on them in 2023, and there are definite ways that you can boost this even further. In this video we look at how 2023's Yin Water Rabbit affects you if you were born in the year of the Dog.

Dogs were born in - 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018.

Top Tips for the Dog in 2023 -

1. Luck will be on your side since the Rabbit combines with the Dog, but you can improve your chances of success through your connections and perseverance.
2. Your friends group and area of influence will grow throughout 2023, but true love is still around the corner unless you put effort into your appearance and manners.
3. The Dog direction is in the Northwest,
which has the annual 5 disaster star in 2023. Add saltwater cures here to drain the negative energy and boost your personal luck.
4. You will be working hard to achieve your goals in 2023, make sure you take some time for yourself to recover when you need to.
5. Go and find out your complete chart here, then watch the Animal Sign video that appears in your Month, Day and Hour Pillars. The energy of your Month will mainly affect parents, siblings and career. Your Day affects your spouse and home life, while the Hour represents your children.

The Dog in 2023

Forms a lucky Six-Harmony Fire combination with the Rabbit, but you’ll find that you can’t rely on good luck alone due to the Yin Water annual Stem. Dog’s can create their own luck in 2023 – sometimes through perseverance, sometimes by how you treat others, and sometimes just by showing up and being yourself. Your intuition is strong, you’ll know when to act and when to take it easy.

Love and Personal Life
You will find that platonic friendships are becoming stronger and meeting new people is easier, but you’ll feel a gap when it comes to true love. If you put extra effort into yourself and your significant other last year, the bond between you will deepen but will still require attention and nurturing.

Career and Money
The sheer volume of work Dogs have had to put in during the last 2-3 years is incredible, and even though you’ve become more efficient, the workload will only drop a little. Sadly, your income won’t truly reflect this but you will finally be heading on the right path for you. Getting out and meeting people is the key to building on what you have created.

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