What are the Chinese Zodiac Combinations and Clashes?

different interactions between people explained by the combinations and clashes

Did you know that the Animal Signs are used for more than just Love Compatibility? In fact, if you know your BaZi Four Pillars chart, you can work out your health, marriage, house compatibility, relationships with parents, wealth potential, and much more. Read on to learn more about how combinations and clashes can help you understand why you form certain relationships.

Who Is the Dragon Compatible With?

orange circle representing earth element in feng shui and chinese astrology.

The Dragon is one of the most desirable signs in the Chinese zodiac. It’s a symbol of success, power, and honor, but what is its zodiac sign compatibility like? Let’s find out.

The Chinese Zodiac in 2022

Chinese new year festival decorations

What will happen for your Chinese Animal sign in 2022? Read on to find out about your love life, career, money and more.

2012 Wellbeing Feng Shui and Astrology

This 2012 article examines the Chi energy of the Yang Water Dragon year, going in-depth into predictions for each Chinese Astrology Animal Zodiac as well as each of the Feng Shui directions using multiple Feng Shui schools.