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Chinese Astrology BaZi Calculator

BaZi Chinese Astrology Calculator

How to use

Click on the Date of Birth field and enter your birthdate. Start with the year, then month and finally the day. Enter your hour of birth and remember to include the minutes too. You can still find your Day Master even if you don’t know the time you were born, just be aware that some of the information on the results page may not be completely accurate (such as the Five Factors).

On the results page, you will see your Ming Gua (Life Gua) and Day Master listed on the right hand side. If you are interested in Da Liu Ren, Qi Men Dun Jia and other forms of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, visit Chinese Metasoft and register for a free Bronze account. I recommend the Silver Pro 1 for practitioners.

Free Accurate BaZi Chinese Astrology Calculator

BaZi Chinese Astrology Resources

Here is a list of books, websites, services, courses that we recommend. 

In this fully illustrated workbook, Dr. Karin Taylor Wu instructs you in the art of creating an individualized Chinese Four Pillar astrology chart. Detailed instructions show how your destiny is contained within your birth chart, and how to understand its changes over the whole lifespan. Dr Taylor Wu also explains the relationship between your individual BaZi chart and your personality, emotions, health, relationships, aptitudes, and life chances. With many examples, and worked exercises, including a detailed interpretation of actual charts and case studies, Dr Taylor Wu demonstrates how to bring the GanZhi principles to life.

By Dr. Karin Taylor Taylor Wu .

Losing none of the essential information from the full-sized Ten Thousand Year Calendar, this mini-edition is an indispensable resource for students and practitioners on-the-go. Lugging around big volumes is simply no longer a must, as you can whip this essential reference anytime, anywhere. Handy, informative and convenient – all in your pocket.
Comprehensive references for Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, and Yi Jing – such as Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star) Astrology Reference Charts, BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.
•Xuan Kong Nine Palace Flying Star Charts for all 9 Periods
•Yearly, Monthly and Daily Flying Stars Charts
•Quick Reference Chart for Advanced Water Feng Shui Formulae

By iconic Feng Shui author Joey Yap.

Though there are a number of well-written works on Chinese divination, there are none that deal with the three sophisticated devices that were employed by the Chinese Astronomical Bureau in the eleventh century and for hundreds of years thereafter. Chinese experts applied the methods associated with these devices to both weather forecasting and to the interpretation of human affairs. Hidden by a veil of secrecy, these methods have always been relatively little known other than by their names. The first work in any language to explore these three methods, known as sanshi (three cosmic boards), this book sheds light on a topic which has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, having been kept secret for many years by the Chinese Astronomical Bureau.

By Chinese science historian Ho Peng Yoke.

Four Pillars of Destiny: Unlocking the Mysteries of Life is a compilation of real-life case studies and interviews with people from all walks of life, as conducted by Jerry King. Jerry will take you through his journey with stories about metaphysical practices in Asia and personal recollections about the people that he has encountered during his travels. Collectively, he offers solutions for how to live in harmony with yourself and with those around you. This insightful and original book focuses on the understanding and use of the Chinese astrological system, Four Pillars of Destiny. In contrast to many traditional Chinese astrology books, Jerry uses real-life examples to unearth the age-old question of destiny. This book is especially pertinent to readers whose interest in astrology is based on recognition of its spiritual significance and its value for enhancing self-knowledge.

By international Feng Shui and Four Pillars author and teacher Jerry King.


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