2023 Predictions in the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit . “Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”

Every year the annual Chi affects our personal Chinese astrology charts. In this video we will look at the effects of 2023’s annual energy on our “Year Branch” – the Animal Sign of the year we were born. All the Zodiac signs are here in order – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep/Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Are you looking to improve your luck with Feng Shui in 2023, the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit? Dean French has been making accurate predictions and giving advanced Feng Shui tips every year for more than a decade. In this article, you’ll learn where the annual Feng Shui formations are, and gain some great tips to boost your luck in 2023!

Research conducted in 2018 found that 42% of Americans believe that spiritual power lies within objects like crystals, and that number is rising. If you’re lacking in energy or need a boost in specific areas of your life, finding the right crystals can help reduce obstacles. Some crystals can even harmonize the energy in your living space, improving your Feng Shui.

Meaning wind and water, feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to balance the energy around us. Chi energy can be yin (feminine) or yang (masculine), and the right crystals can bring balance between of both to create a sense of presence and calm.

Many people only think of the Chinese Zodiac as Chinese New Year celebrations get closer. There are some interactions between the Animal Signs that can last a lifetime, so if you find that others tend to use you or suddenly turn on you, you may be suffering from a Zodiac Branch Three Penalty.

Crystals and gemstones have been used for their healing and beneficial properties for many centuries, and more recently for Feng Shui. Each crystal represents a different type of energy vibration and can amplify and improve various areas of your life.

Zodiac signs help us find our identities, tell us who we’re compatibile with and assist in learning our strengths and weaknesses. Just like the western zodiac, each Animal Sign will feel an attraction to a particular crystal vibration.

This article explores healing crystals, how to use them for Feng Shui, cleanse them and differentiate between fake and authentic “stones.” We’ll also dive deep into the crystal mining industry and help you ensure that your crystals are ethically mined. Read on to learn more.

Did you know that the Animal Signs are used for more than just Love Compatibility? In fact, if you know your BaZi Four Pillars chart, you can work out your health, marriage, house compatibility, relationships with parents, wealth potential, and much more. Read on to learn more about how combinations and clashes can help you understand why you form certain relationships.

What will happen for your Chinese Animal sign in 2022? Read on to find out about your love life, career, money and more.

Those interested in astrology may already know about the Chinese zodiac featuring twelve animal signs corresponding to different years. What you may not know is that Chinese astrology incorporates far more than just animals for divination purposes. In fact, the many methods used in Chinese astrological systems are considered some of the most accurate.

This is Part 4 of Dean French’s 2022 article examining the Feng Shui energy of the Yang Water Tiger year, going in-depth into each of the Feng Shui directions using multiple Feng Shui schools.

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This is Part 2 of Dean French’s 2022 article examining the general Chinese Zodiac energy of the Yang Water Tiger year. For a full picture of the Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs, read Dean’s article in the 2022 Wellbeing Predictions Almanac.

Part 1 of Dean French’s 2022 article series examining the Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui energy of the Yang Water Tiger year. Download the entire 8500 word PDF for free!

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What will happen in 2022? Politics, weather, relationships are all covered in the Year of the Yang Water Tiger. You’ll find the answer for every Chinese Astrology Day Master as well as all of the Feng Shui directions and more. Loaded with tips, hints and helpful advice for the Yang Water Tiger year, click to find out how you can make the biggest gains in 2022.

The 10 Heavenly Stems are essential knowledge for most schools of traditional Feng Shui. In this article, Dean provides the reader with information on each of the Stems that they can use for their own readings and astrology charts.

Want to know more about where your Animal Sign comes from? This article examines the background and usage of the 12 animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac, or Earthly Branches as they are more correctly known.


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