Do You Need Feng Shui for Your Rental Home?

A safe, supportive home is something that everybody deserves. As the economy fluctuates, the people that are usually hit hardest are the ones who can least afford it. When you are accepted as a tenant, you'd like to make the most of the money you're spending.

Feng Shui is the balance of energy in your home and is often obtained by how items in your home are laid out or by the colors used. Balance can create good energy and bring positive things your way in life.

You need Feng Shui for your rental home because

  • external and internal ‘activations’ may be creating bad luck for you,
  • past tenants may have left their own negative relationship energy,
  • rental prices all over the world are rapidly rising, and
  • there’s been increases to interest rates which means an increase in the number of rental homes being put up for sale.

A professional Feng Shui assessment can help to improve your luck and opportunities, as well as protecting you from the worst of the current property market fluctuations.

Data courtesy of SQM Research

According to data from SQM Research, the rental prices in Sydney tend to rise, not fall. In the past year rent has risen by 21.8% on average, a significant jump with more to come if government’s like Australia’s continue to rely on fees and taxes generated by the property market for funding.

The driving force behind rental increases are the increases in interest rates, which means higher rental prices in the short term. According to ABC News Australia, if your landlord still has to pay a mortgage, they will increase their rent to offset the higher interest rates they have to pay. This way, renters, not homeowners, end up paying the cost.

So what does Feng Shui have to do with the rental prices and rising interest rates?

Feng Shui can bring good luck and positive energy to you and your home, which you might need with how the property market is currently performing.

Feng Shui can increase wealth opportunities – adding, or sometimes removing, specific things in a particular direction of your home can help with your prosperity. Feng Shui can promote good romantic relationships, help improve family and social relationships and boost your luck in many other areas of life.

By booking your consultation with a professional Feng Shui practitioner, you can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned in finding the best solution tailored to your situation. With nearly a quarter of a century of experience using and applying BaZi Chinese astrology and Feng Shui methods and formulae, Dean is equipped with the knowledge and empathy to understand your circumstances and to help you navigate towards a brighter future.

Feng Shui can help in many ways:

  • Maintain your ability to generate income, and increase opportunities for advancement.
  • Improve your ability to generate income and save on outgoings.
  • Improve relationships with family and flatmates.
  • Improve spousal relationships and fertility luck.
  • Help your children with school, study and behaviour.
  • Protect you from unscrupulous agents and landlords.

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