2023 Horse Horoscope

Some Horses will have a rough trot in 2023. Did you know you can smooth your path by focussing on the right areas in your life? In this video we look at how 2023's Yin Water Rabbit affects you if you were born in the year of the Horse.

Horses were born in - 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014.

Top Tips for the Horse in 2023 -

1. Karma will catch up with Horses in 2023, but if you sincerely set out to correct your mistakes then the ups and downs in your life will become smoother.
2. Treasure your partner and their opinions, they’re truly there for you. Single Horses can expect to find love, but it may not be the lifelong connection they’re looking for.
3. Focus on more on your career and work
life than on investments and property. Risky ventures are to be avoided.
4. Aligning yourself with someone born in the year of the Dog and wearing a Dog pendant or charm will dissipate much of the Karmic energy surrounding Horses in 2023. Don’t activate the Dog direction in your Feng Shui though, since it’s one of the Three Thieves this year.
5. Go and find out your complete chart here, then watch the Animal Sign video that appears in your Month, Day and Hour Pillars. The energy of your Month will mainly affect parents, siblings and career. Your Day affects your spouse and home life, while the Hour represents your children.

The Horse in 2023

You may find that your usual energetic self is not well received in 2023, you just seem to rub people the wrong without even trying. This is OK because it doesn’t affect your partner or spouse, who will be there to support you. The Rabbit is a Karmic year for the Horse – if you’ve been wronged, then expect justice. However the reverse also applies, try to see the mistakes you’ve made, and set out to correct them.

Love and Personal Life
Despite the general challenges mentioned above; romance, love and sex are all well-aspected in 2023. If you truly cherish what you have, then you will be treasured in return. Horses will find themselves arguing with or over children, but when you back off and allow them some space, you’ll witness a return to balance.

Career and Money
The Water Rabbit brings a dichotomy in work and career for Horses. Mentors and helpers appear, but you will feel that your wheels are spinning. This is because your wealth and property stars are beginning to wane even though your career stars are increasing in strength. You are stuck between wanting to create your own path and needing to keep a stable income. Older mentors can help see the to best way forward.

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