Year of the Yang Water Tiger

[PART 4 - The Feng Shui of 2022]

This is Part 4 of Dean French's 2022 article examining the Feng Shui energy of the Yang Water Tiger year, going in-depth into each of the Feng Shui directions using multiple Feng Shui schools.

The picture below is based on a traditional Feng Shui Luo Pan, but it is only showing the 2022 Feng Shui annual energies for two schools: San He and San Yuan.

Starting at the outside circumference of the circle, we have the actual degrees of measurement – just like a ship’s compass. 0° is North, 90° is East, 180° is South and 270° is West with all the directions in-between. Remember that North is 0° AND 360° at the same time.

The 2022 Luo Pan Feng Shui compass has the annual formations for 2022 arranged around the degrees of a compass. The Chinese representation of the compass always has South at the top.

When we move into the next ‘ring of the tree’, the San He school is marked in blue for positive influences and red for negative influences. Keep the red areas closed off and quiet. Open doors, windows, pathways or activate with lights or water features any blue positive formations.

The Elemental Chi of the annual Flying Stars / Ming Gua in the next inner ring can be adjusted by using the cures and objects mentioned in their sections. Calculate your own home’s natal Flying Star Feng Shui chart here.

The innermost ring shows you the direction you are looking at, and the colour of the writing will tell you the Element, for example, the South is at the top and is red, meaning Fire. Notice that all of the direction colours and the annual Flying Star colours match. This is important – because 2022’s Ming Gua and Flying Star charts align with the Lo Shu / Bagua. For some this is a blessing and for others, the chickens will come home to roost.

You’ll notice that each of the main sectors is sub-divided into three ‘mountains’. Or ‘mini-sectors’ The three in the South are empty in 2022, but the Southwest to the left has at least one San He formation in each of the three. The formation marked in that mini-sector will only influence that part of your home or office.

太极 The Centre

The 5 Yellow star (I know it’s in orange, but yellow is difficult for some people to see on the internet) comes home to the Centre which some may see as a double 5 disaster combination. Such surface analyses might engender stress and worry, but there is a completely different perspective when you know that the 5 star has no Trigram and is the Emperor/Empress to all of the stars – giving life to “the ten-thousand things”.

A meticulous and righteous person may see the arrival of the ruler into their rightful place as a sign that they too should obey the rule of law, but that begs the question: which Laws do we follow?

A purely Feng Shui attitude would be to ensure that your central ‘palace’ or area is tidy, in order and sparks joy. Drop in a saltwater cure or two and some Metal Element into place and adapt your actions to suit the ruling authority, play by the rules as it were.

This is probably the best advice to keep your life stable and calm. Remember the Yang Water Tiger has hidden teeth and claws, so do your best to maintain a balance between the Laws of your country and the Law of Karma. Think about what sort of ruler we actually want on the throne. Who is in charge and what have they done to deserve their place?

Since the 5 Earth star has no Trigram, the usual method is to utilise the other two Earth stars – 2 Earth (Kun Trigram) for Yin and 8 Earth for Yang to analyse the 5 star effects.

People with Ming Gua’s 2 and 8, along with the Southwest and Northeast will be strongly affected by the Feng Shui energies in 2022. This is magnified by the fact that the Earth spins on a NE-SW axis when compared to the magnetic North and South poles, so there is a strong urge to realign with Mother Earth in all of us this year.

If your home faces Northeast or Southwest, then have your building foundations and structure checked by a licensed inspector and repaired if necessary before the 4th of February 2022.

If your Ming Gua is 2 or 8 Earth, then avoid the NE and SW sectors and use the West and NW – unless you have a Feng Shui specialist to show you how to use those spaces properly within your context. Take actions that both improve your Karma score AND benefit Mother Earth.

離 The South

The South is all ablaze in 2022 – two young ladies in the spotlight with nothing standing in their way. A special trick from the Imperial and Xuan Kong Da Gua styles of Feng Shui is to brighten this sector further by using the Metal Element – though make sure to use pretty Metal objects, something that suits being in the limelight. You could even make a connection to the Publicity formation in the Northeast to boost your fame even further.

You may have placed Wood Element in the South last year and you can again in 2022, but make sure you want to be seen by the public. Plants and flowers are the easiest, and displays with 4 stems will boost the hidden Da Gua combination. The last of the three subdivisions in the South is Ding Yin Fire – a special direction this year. If you can create an opening or door here, you’ll be able to invite money into your home along with the fame.

Everyone with 4 Wood and 9 Fire Ming Gua’s; Bing Yang Fire or Ding Yin Fire Day Masters; or the Horse, Goat, Dog or Tiger on their charts can really squeeze the most from the South.

If you have a Yin Fire Day Master and were born in 1958, 1962, 1967, 1994, 1998 or 2003 then it is absolutely worth your while to move to a South facing home in 2022, especially if the direction is between 180° and 200°.

坤 The Southwest

The Southwest is home to the Mother 2 Earth palace. Like the 5 star, many Feng Shui practitioners will create concern and worry around the doubling of this star in 2022, some of which are quite legitimate. To really understand how to extract benefit from what is known as the ‘illness star’, we need to analyse the Kun Trigram.

The Trigram is three Yin broken lines – an image of an open mouth. This can represent eloquence and eating well just as easily as stomach upsets, gossip and weight gain. Since Kun is the Mother Trigram, it can bring pregnancy, creativity and love all depending on how you use the Chi.

Since this is a general article and not specific advice, I will err on the side of caution and advise most people to downplay or subdue the 2 star rather than attempting any Feng Shui tricks or hacks to flip the Kun coin from negative to positive.

The negative aspects of the Southwest in 2022 will mainly affect Monkey’s, Snakes, Tigers, Ming Gua’s 2 and 7 (3’s and 8’s indirectly) and the mother or oldest female in the house. If you are any of these people, make sure that the last mini-sector in the SW is closed and kept absolutely quiet. No washing machines, fridges, beds or any other Feng Shui activation.

It is best for everyone to avoid using this last third mini-direction as an entrance to the house and as a bedroom, anyone sleeping here will have stress in their lives. You can use a Calabash / Gourd or any representation of good health and long life.

Focusing back on the first two mini-sectors, we have ‘Good Virtue’ and ‘Scholar’. The first attracts helpers and mentors, so is OK to use – most helpers will have a motherly/nurturing energy about them whether they are female or male.

The second mini-sector is good for students, teachers, researchers or anyone needing to increase their brain-power. I think a few Mothers out there could use a little help with home-schooling by sitting the kids here to do their homework and study.

A word of caution – too much Earth Element in the décor will suppress intelligence. Make sure to add Metal, either physical or colour to draw the creativity out of Kun Trigram.

The West is 7 Metal in the Ba Gua, the Youngest Daughter. The West and Southwest have a strong affinity which can manifest via the relationships between mothers and daughters. If the Western sector is prominent in your home, then work on these relationships whether you are a daughter or a mother.

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兌 The West

Dui Trigram – is known for breaking apart the old to make way for the new. West facing properties receive a double dose of changes in 2022, some of them may not be so pleasant. Rebellion, taking risks, and instability are indicated.

If your main entry is in the West then there will a higher incidence of thieves, gossip, back-stabbing, fighting and legal problems. If your kitchen is here, then the Chi will attract surgery, cuts or even knife wounds during June and possible fires during February and November.

Roosters and Metal Day Masters will be especially affected in 2022 if their house faces directly West, or if the kitchen, any high traffic door or their bedroom is located here. The double 7 Metal aligns with Broken Luck and will tend to put a black mark on Peach Blossoms (romance) and Mentor (helpful people).

The safest way to avoid the energy here in 2022 is to quite literally avoid it. Keep doors and windows closed, use another entry or bedroom if that’s your West.

A kitchen in the West is harder to remedy. If you know that this is the case for your home, plug the drains and use the taps and stove/oven as little as possible (within reason of course), and use plants that you can grow in water as decoration on the windowsill and/or benches.

If you notice that there is too much negative energy, then it is highly recommended to engage a local Feng Shui practitioner.

乾 The Northwest

The Northwest is doubling up on the Ba Gua 6 Metal. This is where the Chi dynamics in 2022 really get interesting. If your local, state or federal government building faces NW then there will be some heavy handed politics happening in your area. This is because 6 Metal is Qian the Father and represents power, authority and the patriarchy.

Dads (at home), male or female bosses (at work), people born in Year of the Dog or Pig, police, judges and people in positions of authority that are in NW facing buildings or have the NW prominent in their space will tend towards this authoritarian behaviour as well. In a general context, there will be a rise in right wing groups comprised mainly of young men.

To calm down the ultra-masculine Chi, simply use Water Element to drop Metal’s energy levels. This can be in the décor via color selection (ie blue, dark greys and black), or through physically adding contained and unmoving water (a bird bath or your bottled water storage are some examples).

The first mini-sector of the NW has the 3-Killing Sha in 2022 which is mainly activated by drains and ugly formations. Blocking the view and closing house entry points (doors, windows) reduces the effect very quickly.

The last mini-sector has 1 positive vs 2 negative, Good Income is hurt by San Sha 1 (thieves) and White Tiger (bad relationships). Avoid renovating here, and again shut the doors and windows to deny an entry point to the negative. A good Feng Shui practitioner will be able to help you boost the Good Income aspect while avoiding the thieves by focusing on your exact formations, floor plan and budget.

坎 The North

The North, like all other sectors has it’s base Ba Gua star doubled up. The North is 1 Water in the Later Heaven Arrangement and is affected greatly by San Sha 2 (more thieves) and the second 3-Killing Sha (this one affects your health).

When your home faces North, or has the bathroom, laundry or kitchen here then there will be plumbing or drainage issues, maybe even foundational issues. Aside from this, 1 Water is one of the good guys in Fei Xing flying stars. It brings power, fame and money as well as a mix of both virtuous and pleasure-seeking behaviours.

Homes and buildings that face the middle mini-sector will receive the negative side of the 1 Water due to San Sha & 3-Killing Sha whereas those facing the first mini-sector will receive the positive side. The last mini-sector gets mostly the good mixed up with a little of the negative.

Outside the home, any water features, pools, spa’s or any natural body of water in the North will magnify the Ba Gua’s 1 Water Chi and the other annual formations. If you know that the middle mini-sector is affected, then try to block the incoming Chi with plants (Wood Element) both inside and outside.

We definitely would like to open a window or door from the first mini-sector into the building, but be very careful to ensure that the door doesn’t cross-over into either of it’s neighbours. In general, you can use some Water and Wood Elements in your colour scheme to draw on the fame, power and fortune aspect of the North in 2022.

艮 The Northeast

The Northeast’s 8 Yang Earth  is very well supported by the arrival of it’s twin, and it indicates good luck in property, farming, construction and government.

If your kitchen is in the NE, then double 8’s indicates having plenty of good food and good health. Be very careful activating them – the middle mini-sector Publicity is squeezed by the last of the San Sha and 3-Killing Sha as well as the annual Tai Sui in the last mini-sector.

While we have great news with the double 8’s appearing in the last part of Period 8, any renovating or digging in the Northeast runs the risk of activating poor health, thieves and long-term problems, especially for boys, young men, Goats and Tigers.

If you are a builder or real estate agent, then activate this area with Fire and Earth Elements; and possibly a water feature if you can avoid the Tai Sui and other Sha. This will work for you if you are thinking of selling your home in 2022.

The best suggestion for everyone is to accept the Chi from the central mini-sector, but try to close the other two. Add some Fire and Earth Elements to the décor but not too much else.

震 The East

The East has double Thunder trigram, aka 3 Wood. In conjunction with the Early Heaven Bagua, homes facing East or with the 3 Wood activated in 2022 can exceed many expectations with one caveat. There needs to be a couple living there, both career-oriented with a no-nonsense attitude towards success. It works best if the male partner is slightly older than the female.

For everyone else, twin thunderheads indicates two men struggling for supremacy or can symbolise a group of men trying to dominate others; arguments in general; selfishness and maybe lawsuits.

There are two ways to reduce the effects of the 3 Wood stars – Fire Element will drain the Wood, however without knowing your individual building chart to overlay alongside the Annual Chi, adding Fire may be adding greater fuel to the problems.

The second method involves combining the 3 Wood with 8 Earth. Connect the East and NE with a pathway inside (and outside if you can), and have a representation of an Earth mountain somewhere in the East, preferably in the middle mini-sector. 8 Crystals on display would also work well.

巽 The Southeast

The Southeast is the 4 Yin Wood palace. The symbol for 4 Wood is Xun Trigram, the Wind that accompanies Thunder. It is good for writing, creativity, academics, travel and attracting the opposite sex. It can also indicate that the occupants can gain a higher status through education and training.

Boosting 4 Wood too far can create lung problems, particularly increasing asthma attacks. Be careful in October if your home is facing SE or your bedroom is here because there will be sexual dominance issues and clashes between men and women. Walk away before working yourself up too much (unless you’re into that, I’m not your Dad).

The last mini-sector of the SE has 2 negative vs 1 positive formations. It will mainly affect Snakes, but a door here will bring the energy to everyone in the house. Quarrels fits in more with the 3 Wood energy of the East, so here with the 4 Wood, the outcomes of any disagreement will be collaborative rather than destructive.

The 3-Penalty Sha can be mixed, but mainly indicates a merciless attitude from and towards the occupants whereas the Yin Nobleman attracts female mentors. If you live in a home with a prominent SE sector, be aware that you could be the bully or taking advantage of others that are trying to help you.

Use a little Fire and Earth Element in the Southeast in 2022. Try using a 9-rod metal windchime outside the SE to manifest an increase in status.

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Feng Shui for 2022 In a Nutshell

The last time we had a doubling of the Lo Shu BaGua was in 2013, but that was the Year of the Yin Water Snake, much gentler and more subtle than the Yang Water Tiger.

If you can keep control of the Chi in the negative 5 star, 2 star and Tai Sui areas and try to use doors that are inviting positive Chi into your home, then you can expect an above average 2022 compared to most folks.

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One thought on “2022 Year of the Yang Water Tiger Part 4 – Feng Shui

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    I have joined your rss feed and sit up for in the hunt for extra of your wonderful post.
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