Flying Stars Feng Shui Calculator

Flying Stars Feng Shui Calculator

How to use

Work out when your home was first built so that you can enter the correct Period. If your home was built in one of the boundary years ending in ‘4’, then also check if it was built before February 4th. If it was, then it may belong to the previous Period. Some schools use the current Period 8 or your move-in date to calculate the chart, however the majority use build date.

Next you’ll need to find your home’s facing direction. You can’t really take an estimate for Flying Stars, a fairly accurate compass reading (in degrees) is required, especially if you are at the edge of one of the dividing ‘mountain’ lines. Once you know the direction, you can choose the range it fits into from the second drop-down menu. If you also want to include the annual stars, then pick the year (eg 2022) and press “Plot Chart”. 

Heluo Hill has a great article on the 81 combinations here. If you are interested in Da Liu Ren, Qi Men Dun Jia and other forms of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, visit Chinese Metasoft and register for a free Bronze account. I recommend the Silver Pro 1 for practitioners.

Free Accurate Flying Stars Feng Shui Calculator