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Feng Shui Your Way to Success in 2023:

The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit

Are you looking to improve your luck with Feng Shui in 2023, the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit? Transform your life in 2023 with the ancient art of Feng Shui. Harness the energy of the Yin Water Rabbit year and unlock your full potential for success.

This article was written in April/May 2022.

The best Feng Shui Tips for 2023 are -

  1. Center: Create an open space in the exact centre of your home and create a pathway to it from the North sector.
  2. South: A metal water feature helps activate fast money or continue to use plants with 4 stems and flowers. Avoid using the central mini-sector Horse direction, keep doors and windows closed.
  3. Southwest: Keep doors and windows closed in the first and last mini-sectors all year. A Guan Gong statue helps combat thieves, and Metal Element smooths relationships.
  4. West: Use Four bamboo growing in water.
  5. Northwest: Add Metal and Water Elements preferably in the form of Saltwater cures to subdue the 5 disaster star.
  6. North: Avoid any activations in the Rat mini-sector, and place a 4 rod metal windchime in either the first or last mini-sectors.
  7. Northeast: Increase Earth Element, and if possible activate the middle mini-sector with a crystal lamp* representing Fire and Earth. Crystals, porcelain, earthen statues and brown tones will be effective.
  8. East: A Sheep/Goat and a Pig statue creates a Three Harmony combination for the Tai Sui, a Dragon-headed tortoise helps career flow, and smooth family relationships with Water, Wood and some Fire Element.
  9. Southeast: Keep this area open and active, use 8 green crystals (Aventurine) or an 8 rod bamboo windchime.

Read on to learn more about 2023’s Feng Shui compass school formations and why these Feng Shui cures can be helpful…

2023 is the Last Year of Flying Stars Period 8

We’ve almost completed Period 8 in the Fei Xing school, and now it’s time to Level Up. Moving from being under the “mountain” trigram into the “brightness” of the sun trigram is an energetic shift that should be prepared for to avoid being blinded by the new light. In Xuan Kong Da Gua and some other Imperial styles of Feng Shui such as Yuen Hom, Period 9 started in 2017, and the world has certainly gone through many shifts since then, however I feel that many changes have not been in the people’s best interests.

The issue at hand is that those in charge of the old ways tend to want things to stay the same and are resistant to letting go. Since history does in fact repeat, we will be seeing similar energies play out in 2023 that we saw in previous Yin Water Rabbit years – 1963 (the last year of Period 5) and 1903 (the last year of Period 2) completing the 2-5-8 Earth Gua connections for the Lower Yuan. 

Period 8 Mountain Trigram equals
Period 9 Fire Trigram equals

To learn more about Period 9, I highly recommend watching Master Edgar Lok Tin Yung‘s IFSA presentation on using the HeTu between the Later and Early Heaven Bagua’s.

In the standard Flying Stars school of Feng Shui, the year of the Yin Water Rabbit always marks the end of an Earth Period – Period 2 in 1903, Period 5 in 1963 and now Period 8 in 2023. Globally we can infer that anything begun or strengthened in Period 2 and Period 5 will come to an end, or go through a massive shift when Period 9 begins.

This may be changes via and within cultural and reform movements, politics and diplomacy, companies like J.C. Penney, Harley-Davidson and Target, but can also indicate big ideological events in countries established during:

Period 2 – Australia, Cuba, Ethiopia, The Philippines and Panama; and

During Period 5 especially following the turmoil of WW2. This Period saw many newly formed countries (including territories that achieved independence from their European occupiers) – Algeria, Austria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italian Republic, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritania, Myanmar, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, North & South Korea, Pakistan, People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.), Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, Vietnam, and Yemen.

The indication is that there will be instability and tensions in these regions, with the global spotlight moving away from the current European conflict. Some quotes from the Laozi (Lao Tzu) come to mind that many leaders would do well to follow during 2023…

“Those who advise the ruler on the Way, do not want the world subdued with weapons. Good leaders reach solutions, and then stop. They do not dare to rely on force.”
[Tao Te Ching chapter 30]

“The more restrictions and prohibitions there are, the poorer the people will be. The more sharp weapons people have in a country, the bigger the disorder will be.”
[Tao Te Ching chapter 57]

The Yin nature of 2023, and the coming Period 9 will bring a groundswell of support for women’s rights and from there, greater fairness and equity for many marginalised groups.

Get your copy of the Wellbeing Predictions Almanac 2023 to find out more about the Yin Water Rabbit year and what it holds for your Animal Zodiac sign.

2023 Flying Stars Chart

Here are the Flying Star charts that will have the most effect in 2023. As with all Chinese directional diagrams South is at the top, North is at the bottom, West is on the right and East is on the left.

The Lo Shu Bagua (Later Heaven)

2023 Yin Water Rabbit Flying Stars chart

Period 8 Flying Stars chart

Period 9 Flying Stars chart

With 2023 seeing the wind-down of Period 8 and growth into Period 9, we can take both charts into account when assessing this years Flying Stars.

Starting with the Later Heaven Lo Shu Bagua showing the four HeTu combinations of 4,9 Metal; 2,7 Fire; 1,6 Water; and 3,8 Wood we can see that 2023’s center 4 star forms a combination with Period 9’s center star. This is reflected in the North between 2023’s 9 star and Period 8’s 4 star indicating that the North area and direction can be used for future building activities, the things that will set your foundations.

Looking at 2023’s chart, there are directions forming He Tu combinations that are out of alignment with the Lo Shu Bagua, namely the SE/South with 3,8 Wood clashing 4,9 Metal; and 1,6 Water clashing with 2,7 Fire in the SW/West directions. In the NE/East we have 2,7 Fire draining 3,8 Wood.

• For the Southeast/South sectors fortune can come very quickly, but will not last very long. It is better to face or have water in these directions.
• For the Southwest/West sectors Water controlling Fire indicates bad health and if there is active water here, bad for wealth as well. Wood features and forms will help to create an Elemental bridge between Water and Fire.
• For the Northeast/East sectors it is good to have mountain land forms, but not water. Rather not have your house or door in these directions.

Potential He Tu pairings for 2023. Notice that the Period 9 chart has three combinations with the Lo Shu Bagua, while the Period 8 chart has none. There is a connecting series of 4,9 Metal combinations leading from the Period 8 North sector all the way through to the Lo Shu South sector.

2023 Luo Pan Feng Shui Compass

The picture below is based on a traditional Feng Shui Luo Pan, but it is only showing the 2023 Feng Shui annual energies for two schools: San He and San Yuan.

Starting at the outside circumference of the circle, we have the actual degrees of measurement – just like a ship’s compass. 0° is North, 90° is East, 180° is South and 270° is West with all the directions in-between. Remember that North is 0° AND 360° at the same time.

The 2023 Luo Pan Feng Shui compass has the annual formations for 2023 arranged around the degrees of a compass. The Chinese representation of the compass always has South at the top.

When we move into the next ‘ring of the tree’, blue is for positive influences and red is for negative influences. Keep the red areas closed off and quiet. Open doors, windows, pathways or activate with lights or water features any blue positive formations.

The Elemental Chi of the annual Flying Stars / Ming Gua in the next inner ring can be adjusted by using the cures and objects mentioned in their sections. Calculate your own home’s natal Flying Star Feng Shui chart here.

The innermost ring shows you the direction you are looking at, and the colour of the writing will tell you the Element, for example, the South is at the top and is red, meaning Fire. 

You’ll notice that each of the main sectors is sub-divided into three ‘mountains’. Or ‘mini-sectors’ The three in the South are empty in 2022, but the Southwest to the left has at least one San He formation in each of the three. The formation marked in that mini-sector will only influence that part of your home or office.

太极 The Center

As mentioned earlier, the 4 Wood star in the center in 2023 combines to He Tu Metal with the (almost here) Period 9 star. This means that the North and Center stars in 2023 bring an opportunity to usher in the future a little bit early. Create an open space in the exact centre of your home and create a pathway to it from the North sector. You can use Metal objects along the path to help the Chi move inwards to manifest.

Since the center star 4 Wood controls the Period 8 Earth star, some Fire Element combined with 8 Earth (crystals for example) would be helpful within the open space you’ve created, however check that the home’s natal Flying Star chart doesn’t have a 2, 5 or 7 star (or that your own Ming Gua isn’t 4 Wood). In the 2, 5, 7 star cases, just create your space and use the standard cures for those stars.

Also, the Rabbit’s main Chi is Yin Wood, so 2023’s Chinese Astrology and the center palace Ming Gua have a closer affinity than usual which greatly reinforces Wood energy and the need for fast, explosive growth. The signs that benefit the most from the 4 Wood 2023 center star are Rabbit, Pig, Goat/Sheep and Dog. 9 Fire Ming Gua’s and Geng Yang Metal Day Masters will also find 2023’s Feng Shui beneficial.

離 The South

Earth is very strong in the South this year, with the 8 making it’s appearance supported by the Lo Shu 9 Fire.

In terms of He Tu combinations, the Period 8 chart contains the 3 Wood star and so creates a lucky link between them. This combined Wood Element supports Lo Shu 9, which in turn forms a Metal He Tu combination with the 4 Wood star in the Period 9 chart. The South in 2023 becomes a linking direction between the past and the future, with perhaps some Wood-Metal clashing issues.

As mentioned earlier, the Southeast/South’s He Tu energy has the potential to create quick money, but focusing on the South alone will give you the ability to keep it. The real difficulty with all of these combinations is ‘what effect will they have on your home’s natal chart’? The annual combinations here may be strong enough to overcome any shortfall, in which case you could use a metal water feature to create constant movement and activate the fast money. Or, you could continue to use plants with 4 stems and flowers as advised in 2022’s Tiger year.

Bear in mind that the central mini-sector is the Horse direction, which brings oppression and quarrels in a Rabbit year so try not to use any doors as entryways here. Also the last mini-sector (on the right) is Yin Fire which clashed by Yin Water in 2023, attracting thieves so avoid placing water features or other activators here.

Obviously those with Ming Gua 4 and 9 will benefit the most from the South in 2023 as well as Ji Yin Earth Day Masters, but if you’re a Horse or a Ding Yin Fire Day Master then you should avoid activating anything here and definitely avoid having your bed or desk in the middle and right mini-sectors.

坤 The Southwest

During Period 8, the Southwest has the 5 Earth disaster star adversely affecting the ‘Mother’ Gua. This feeling of bad luck and being oppressed may explain the rise in ‘Susan’ and ‘Karen’ types over the last 20 years. In Period 9 the 6 Metal Father Gua will take residence, hopefully creating a balance between Yang and Yin and increasing equality between the genders.

For the 2023 Rabbit year, the annual 1 Water star will be oppressed by the Kun Earth Lo Shu trigram and Period 8’s 5 Earth, while creating a future HeTu Water combination with the Period 9 chart. This indicates several things –

 • A big clash between Water and Earth in Kun means fights between mothers and sons, older women and younger men. Watch out if you’re in retail or hospitality, boys.

• Sons will seek to spend more time with their fathers, though they will find it difficult to achieve due to the 5 star.
• The younger generation of mom’s will start to do things their own way rather than following what their mothers do/did, probably creating family arguments.
• An increase in kidney, bladder and gynaecological disorders. Having an active Southwest in 2023 could also mean eating too many sweets and gaining weight.

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You don’t have to be a mother or son, this energy will affect you if you are a Ming Gua 1, 2 or 4, a Goat/Sheep, a Monkey or have a Yi or Gui Day Master.

The three SW mini-sectors have Broken Luck in the first direction, Scholar in the second and a mixture of positive – Good Virtue, and negative – White Tiger and San Sha 1, in the last one. This means that the center part of the Southwest is the only mini-direction that provides a positive experience during all of 2023’s flying star clashing, and that should be learning and growing from the experience.

To reduce the clashing influence between Earth and Water, introduce Metal Element into your décor, preferably 6 Yang Metal. This can be I-Ching coins, a Metal windchime (only in the center mini-sector) or colors like white, gold, silver and light grey. To really diminish the 5 star you can use Saltwater cures, especially in the left and right mini-sectors.

If you have windows or doors that are outside the center mini-sector, then keep them closed for the entire year. You can use a Guan Gong statue to protect the home from San Sha 1, the first thief energy if there is a door or window here.

兌 The West

The central mini-sector in the West is the Rooster direction, which is a Six Clash with the Rabbit year. This is also the location of the second (main) San Sha thief, Sui Po (year breaker) and the Overspending star. These three will override any good vibes that the Peach Blossom star brings, and obviously means that any activations, including – doors, windows, electrical appliances, drains etc, will activate bad luck. While a Guan Gong statue can help protect from the San Sha, keeping the Rooster direction closed and quiet is a better solution.

The annual flying star here is 6 Yang Metal which is at odds with the Lo Shu 7 Yin Metal, and is known as ‘swordfight sha’. The 6 forms a Water HeTu combination with Period 8’s 1 Water, which can clash with the 7’s Fire HeTu combination with Period 9’s 2 star. This means we have competing Metal’s, along with clashing Fire and Water.

HeTu combinations generally indicate good luck in Flying Star Feng Shui, but when combination clashes combination it can mean that any good luck is quickly taken away.

In the Later Heaven, the West represents the youngest daughter while in the Early Heaven and Period 8 charts the middle son (Kan 1 Water) is present. With Mom and Dad visiting in the Period 9 and 2023 annual charts. This indicates family controversy surrounding relationships, maybe age-inappropriate relationships, for West facing or sitting homes.

To change the outcome use Wood Element even though it appears to clash with the annual Metal. Four bamboo growing in water is the easiest and will help the Chi flow from Water to Fire. The 4 stems of bamboo also add up to 10 with the 6 Metal star, another positive symbol in Xuan Kong Fei Xing and Da Gua.

乾 The Northwest

The annual 5 disaster star arrives in the Qian or Father sector in 2023, which means that both the Mother and Father are afflicted. The Period 8 chart has 9 Fire boosting the 5 Earth here creating a discordance for the HeTu 1-6 Water combination between the oncoming Period 9 chart and the Lo Shu.

This means that older males will have an experience very similar to older females (refer to the Southwest) in 2023, though the catalyst will be the ‘middle daughter’ 9 Fire rather than the ‘middle son’ 1 Water.

Advice for older men – Don’t be a d*ck

Any men living in a home or working in an office with a prominent/active Northwest in 2023 should make sure to avoid inappropriate relationships, and try to be a good role model for future generations of men.

The last San Sha thief formation is in the first mini-sector, so ensure you have good security here, as the 9-5 flying stars will increase the probability of break-ins and cause the Sha Chi to spill over into adjoining sectors.

The Northwest has the Dog and Pig in the first and last mini-sectors, so if you’re born in these years, expect to be involved in the 5 star drama, also Jia Yang Wood and Ren Yang Water Day Master’s.

Smooth out the annual energy by using Metal and Water Elements. Saltwater cures are perfect because they will subdue the 5 disaster star as well as creating a bridge between it’s Earth and the HeTu Water combination.

坎 The North

Finally some good news! Well, mostly except that the North has the incoming Period 9 disaster star here. Not that it matters too much, since the annual 9 star and Period 8’s 4 star form HeTu Metal, which drains the 5 Earth of it’s potency. Since the ‘host’ Lo Shu is 1 Water, we don’t have a Fire-Water clash, we have ‘guest bringing gifts for the host’.

If the North is the facing side of your home, then expect to have good luck with money. If it’s the back of your home, then your relationships and health will be well above average.

The middle mini-sector of the North is the Rat direction, which has the formation Good Income so many would think to place a water feature here. Don’t. The Rabbit penalises the Rat, and while the main manifestation will be in Astrology, activating the Rat in your Feng Shui will mean inviting trouble and punishment.

It would be better to avoid any activations, doors or windows in the middle Rat mini-sector and place a 4 rod metal windchime in either the first or last mini-sectors to catalyse the 4-9 HeTu Metal combination. From there you can create a pathway to the center of your home to take advantage of the annual chart’s 4-9 combination.

艮 The Northeast

The annual 7 star is seen as an almost completely dead energy now that we’re on the edge of Period 9 which means that we usually would expect the negative characteristics to come forward – legal problems, gossip and backstabbing to name a few. The 2 Earth star in the Period 8 chart would normally indicate illness, but together they form a lucky 2-7 Fire HeTu combination.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The Fire will help to strengthen the Lo Shu 8 Earth (guest brings gifts), but the 8 is partially involved in it’s own HeTu combination with 3 Wood in the nearly here Period 9 chart. This means the host is partially supporting the guest (host can’t move freely).

Since the central character here is Gen trigram (the youngest son) we can expect that young males will have a start/stop/start/stop… kind of year. Not bad, but not great either.

This also applies if this area is active/prominent in your home or office, or you’re an Ox, Tiger or a Bing Yang Fire Day Master. Add items that support the flow of Chi towards Earth Element and if possible, activate the middle mini-sector with a crystal lamp* representing Fire and Earth. Crystals, porcelain, earthen statues will all help to attract people that support and assist you

* This depends on your property’s exact facing direction and natal Flying Stars chart. You may find better results in the first or last mini-sector.

震 The East

The annual star 2 Earth (Mother Gua) is a general indicator for illness and poor health, but once again we have some interesting interactions and combinations. The 2 would like to form Fire with the 7 star in the Period 9 chart, but has responsibilities with the current Period 8’s 6 Metal Father trigram, so an active East direction will create a dilemma for women in dedicated relationships during 2023.

The arrival of the 2 star in 2023 shows that mom’s have an important role to play in protecting their children (3 and 7) while the new era is ushered in.

The 6 Metal star from Period 8 is at odds with the Bagua’s 3 Wood – the Father punishing the Son, whereas the new 7 Metal for Period 9 forms a ‘sum of ten’ and matches Yang with Yin meaning that there is a better future ahead for the oldest son. In terms of generations, realize that for the last 19 years male Boomers have been trying to get male Gen X’ers to conform to the old ways of doing things.

The Rabbit is the center mini-sector of the East direction and is the Tai Sui Grand Duke for 2023. Since the Rabbit is in charge of the year, the East will be activated regardless of doors, windows or water features.

You can minimize the effects of Tai Sui by closing everything up and avoiding this mini-sector, or placing a Sheep/Goat and a Pig statue to create a Three Harmony combination, or if the East is your facing direction then you can use a Dragon-headed tortoise, or if there is a door that you have to use, then a place pair of Ki Lin on either side.

To help the flow of Elements, using Water and Wood will reduce the power of 6 and 7 Metal’s while boosting the 3 Wood. Unfortunately this can create another issue – ‘bullfight sha’ between Mother and Son, so also add some Fire Element (not too much*) to soothe the bond and help bring the HeTu Fire forward. You can add the Elements by using colors, décor, plants and candles.

* Fire can be a very strong activator for the stars in your natal Flying Stars and 8 Mansions charts. Check these before using.

巽 The Southeast

There are a number of shifting energies in the Southeast this year along with every other direction. For the entirety of Period 8, the 7 Yin Metal star (youngest daughter) has been controlling 4 Yin Wood (eldest daughter). From a generational standpoint, Gen X ladies have been sacrificing for the younger generation of women for 20 years and 2023 indicates a big change.

The annual star 3 Yang Wood adds to ten with the 7 star, distracting Metal, and it forms HeTu Wood with the 8 star in the new Period 9 chart bringing a lot of support. When we do arrive in Period 9 on February 4th 2024, the Lo Shu 4 and the 8 star have some difficulties but the outcome will be positive for women.

In the meantime, the Southeast is mostly positive but there can be sibling rivalry between the 3 and 4 since each represents the oldest child in a family. The 3 (Eldest Son) star will want ‘payment’ for it’s assistance in reducing the effects of the 7 star (Youngest Daughter).

Regardless of the star interactions, the middle and last mini-sectors in 2023’s Luo Pan contain some very positive formations that can be taken advantage of simply by keeping these areas in your home open and active.

To help balance the Elements, use some Water (the easiest is adding blue) and Wood. The Wood should be in a form that helps create the Period 9 HeTu combination, so 8 green crystals (preferably Aventurine to support Yin Chi) or an 8 rod bamboo windchime are best. Dragons can use the crystals, and Snakes use the bamboo. Avoid using Wood in sets of 3 as this may make the price for assistance too high.

Feng Shui for 2023 In a Nutshell

The final year of Period 8 brings a major world-wide shift that will affect everyone. There are many combinations that can help create an easy path for most people, however when it is time for the old to make way for the new, that path becomes muddied.

The Feng Shui this year will require many of us to stop and think about the future we want to create, which will be difficult because the Yin Water Rabbit’s energy is urging us to just keep moving and growing without thought or pattern.

Take the time to create a quiet place that you can meditate on your future and what you would like to see for yourself, slow down while the world pushes forward and you’ll find your best solution.

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