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The Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology of 2022 - the Year of the Yang Water Tiger


What will happen in 2022? Politics, weather, relationships are all covered in the Year of the Yang Water Tiger. You'll find the answer for every Chinese Astrology Day Master as well as all of the Feng Shui directions and more. Loaded with tips, hints and helpful advice for the Yang Water Tiger year, click to find out how you can make the biggest gains in 2022.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts."

Sir Winston Churchill

There is no better quote than Churchill’s to describe the coming events of 2022. It also reminds me of my favourite Zen saying “Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.”

Remember that during 2022, our measure of success is not the finish line, but the journey along the way. Lessons learnt and experience gathered to persevere and endure, to grow and become.

Each and every year, the annual Chi affects our personal “BaZi” or “Four Pillars” astrology charts. This article gives an overview of the annual energy effects on our “Day Master” – the Heavenly Stem of the day we were born.

There are three other Pillars with another three Stems, and four Earthly Branches – the time, day and month of birth, as well as sub-cycles (including annual Chi) that affect our daily lives.

Since this is a long article, you can click to read each major section

Table of Contents

The Four Pillars Vibrational Tone of 2022

There are many methods to analyse the vibrational start of any year. A common way in Feng Shui circles and in the world of astrology is to review the moment that the date or time ‘clicks’ over, like the hands of a clock.

Four Pillars Astrology uses the Chinese Solar and Lunar calendars, and its true beauty is that it layers and crosses lines with astrological and Feng Shui Schools such as “Xuan Kong Da Gua”, “Qi Men Dun Jia”, “Ba Zhai”, “Fei Xing Flying Stars” and more, many of which I use in my predictions below.

There is some truth to the folklore saying that when the Lunar New Year falls before the Solar New Year it can bring general good luck to the planet, though it is always better to study your own Four Pillars chart in conjunction with the transiting Chi rather than relying on anyone’s general observations.

I always like to check the chart for NYE before I go rushing out and making resolutions. The Four Pillars astrology chart for New Years Eve, 12am January 1, 2022 looks like this –

There’s a lot going on in this chart – but the bottom line is a flow of Chi from Metal to Wood. Any New Year’s resolutions that you make should be about growth and upward movement.

This is for most people. If your chart doesn’t like Wood Element, for example your Day Master is Yang Earth and Wood clashes you, then it is best to abstain from making wild promises during New Year celebrations.

The three years of the Pig, Rat and Ox are known as the Water Frame years. Now we are moving into the Wood Frame of Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon, as well as shifting into an entirely new Period 9 Feng Shui Flying Stars Age.

The best 2022 Feng Shui tip of all is a simple life hack - look back at 2019, 2020 and 2021 and process your experiences. Review your actions and learn from them, what can you do better?

Breaking down the Pillar of 2022, the first part is the Heavenly Stem 壬Ren Yang Water. Represented by the ocean – unpredictable, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy but always with hidden depths and secrets. Ren is clever, smooth, flexible and seductive. The Chinese character Ren can be used as a word for assignments to high office and great responsibility.

The Tiger 寅 is Yang Wood, but every Animal Sign has some Hidden Elements to them. The Tiger has hidden Yang Earth and Yang Fire. Within the Tiger there is a flow of riches – Wood creates Fire which creates Earth, creativity begets wealth.

It is this flow that gives Tigers their animal magnetism, you simply can’t resist. Advanced Tigers are able to tone down their charisma so they can work behind the scenes to bring a plan to fruition. Success for Tigers involves strategic thinking combined with confidence, setting themselves into position and then striking with force when they are ready.

The Stem and Branch together combines all Yang Stems (apart from Yang Metal) beginning with Ren Yang Water and finishing in the Hidden Stem of Yang Earth. For Yang Water, Earth is Power Element – a powerful time to take action, but be certain that you will catch your prey by patiently watching, waiting and assessing before you leap.

In a societal sense, the public’s patience is wearing thin with the rigid structure of the system we live in. 2020 and 2021 showed how much the system is rigged against the average person and how poorly equipped governments are at actually keeping everything together without creating a wider gap between the haves and have-nots.

It is interesting that this feeling is overlaid and operating at the same time as the ‘head-in-the-sand’ attitude I mentioned earlier. It truly appears that the wealthy and powerful will be saying ‘nothing to see here, everything is fine’ when we all really know that it is in fact not OK.

Focus on your talents

How can you be creative? How can you eat and live and love with the way things are? Take your power and life back in 2022.

Be careful to maintain some balance in your life, the flow of Elements from Water to Earth may lead to burn out depending on your Day Master and chart structure.

In general, Ren Yang Water Element governs the bladder and urinary system, as well as having an indirect effect on hearing, reproduction, kidneys and teeth. If you find yourself adversely affected in any of these areas, then you are suffering from the Drain aspect of 2022. On the Chi receiving side within the Tiger, hidden Earth becomes Over-energised

The Tiger governs the gallbladder and our Wind Gate with potential to introduce Tong Feng, or ‘painful wind’ as the Chi passes through towards Earth. Since it is the link between the bladder and gallbladder, people that eat and drink poorly will suffer effects of gout and arthritis. Overcharging Earth brings the Elemental links to the spleen, stomach and pancreas. Too much Chi in these organs will lead to blood disorders, digestive issues and a sharp increase in people diagnosed with diabetes. We can eat well, avoid sugary and fatty foods, and too much alcohol to protect ourselves from this energy, but the manifestations will be global.

Weather-wise, “the Ocean” sitting above Wood, Fire and Earth means there will be more water related events including under-water disturbances – storms, gales, flooding are to be expected.

The global weather pattern for Australia has been driving through 2021 and into 2022 towards the La Nina weather pattern. Preparations for unusual rain and major flooding should be made if you live in a coastal town in Australia, Northern Europe or Northwestern USA that does flood. Homes facing West should ensure there are adequate fire safety measures in place.

Earlier I mentioned the “haves” the “have-nots”. The full recovery from Co-Vid19 will not be complete for some time, and the suffering of the poor and weak will magnify the public’s awareness of the mechanisms and not-so-well-hidden disparity that enables global suffering.

At home, the demand for better distribution of wealth and a pushback against the privatisation of public assets will continue. Thankfully in 2022 we will see wealth trickling back into the everyday shops, property market and restaurants that we all need to live.

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In the world of entertainment keep your eyes out for the next Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan or Beatles. The astrological creative energy is so strong that 2022 can produce multiple pop-culture changing icons. Entirely new genres can be developed, or even the means to distribute them freely and widely.

Politically we will see a combination of the two feelings mentioned before – “head in the sand”, and the “have and have-nots”. The previous Yang Water Tiger year saw Apartheid condemned, the start of the Cuban missile crisis and a number of nuclear near-misses and incidents. In 2022 there will be an increase in world-wide coups and sudden attacks on government process. They will appear to be startling, but will be very carefully planned and executed behind the scenes.

Re-balancing our planetary Chi to help the poor and weak will require drops in speculative markets like stocks, bonds, shares and investment/commercial property. For 2022 to bring increased employment and stable property prices there will be an increase in lending rates and unfortunately, increases to everyday living expenses.

Make sure to help yourself before you leap in to help others (think of the oxygen mask on a plane), pay down your debts, stock up on everyday necessities before prices increase and grow some of your own produce to be in synchronicity with the Chi flow of 2022.

2022 Chinese Astrology – DAY MASTERS

A quick rundown on Chinese BaZi Four Pillars Astrology:
There are 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches, each assigned either Yin or Yang and to one of the Five Elements. For example, 2022 is Ren Yin (壬寅), or the year of the Yang Water Tiger. Ren is one of the ten Stems, and the Tiger is one of the twelve Branches. The Tiger’s Element is Wood, so we have Yang Water over Yang Wood. There are two methods to calculate your BaZi astrology chart, one using the movement of the Sun, the other the Moon. These methods look similar but have very different calculations and interpretations.

For the Solar method the Cycle of Elements helps determine what Element is needed to bring balance to the chart and is categorised by ‘weak/strong’ or ‘in/out of season’. The Lunar method uses the Elements to create a natural flow of Chi and can be split into the following classifications: Sturdy – self-motivated and gets things done; Inward – prefers the background and likes the details; and Outward – strongly creative and likes money (even if they won’t admit it).

When we look at each of the Day Masters, there will be one or two of the Five Elements that are best for providing balance. The simplest (but not the only) way to include the Elements into your life is to wear them, that is the colours in your wardrobe.

Refer back to this list once you have read about your Day Master below.

Click here for Solar BaZi chart calculation; and here for Lunar BaZi. The part of the chart you are looking for is the Heavenly Stem of the Day, or the Day Master.

When you’ve worked out your Day Master, the annual 2022 Chinese Astrology for all Ten of the Day Masters are listed below –

甲 Jia Yang Wood

General: If your Day Master is Jia, then you will have a number of wealth opportunities arrive in 2022, either self-created or through a mentor. How this manifests will depend on weak/strong in your Solar chart, and the flow in your Lunar chart. A special note for Yang Wood Dragons – the Tiger is your main nemesis. Be aware of what you say and do around others and if possible, reduce your contact time with very negative people.

Your Solar BaZi: If you have a weak Jia Day Master, then 2022 will be very supportive for you – bringing helpers up until August, then a much appreciated boost in self-confidence and creativity until the end of the year. Your health will improve greatly during this time, but other factors will depend on your Lunar chart.

If your Solar Jia Wood Day Master is strong and in-season, then the opposite is true until the latter months of 2022 (excluding Rat month in December). You’ll find that others will wear you down, relying to you for support when you need support yourself.

Some Fire and Earth Elements in your personal Chi field will bring your balance back – this includes spending time in the sunshine (Fire) and perhaps gardening or some way of working with the Earth.

乙 Yi Yin Wood

General: Yi Wood Day Masters will feel an urge to take action in 2022 but it may not be in their best interests to leap ahead. This urge can be very positive if you take into account the general Chi of the year and bide your time. If you have a Yin Wood Snake Day Pillar, please make sure you have an emotional support network in 2022, especially during Rabbit month.

Your Solar BaZi: A strong Yi Wood person has a chance of chronic illness affecting the gallbladder in 2022. It is probable that there will also be money loss and problems in career as well. Use Fire and Earth Elements in 2022 to push the over-energised Wood Chi into your creativity and wealth.

Those with weak Yi Wood Day Masters should ensure that all contracts are double-checked by a solicitor and avoid verbal agreements. Metal and Water are favourable Elements in the first half of 2022, and by adding Wood Element during the second half you can expect more help and assistance from friends and family.

If you run your own business, ask for more referrals from customers after August 2022.

甲 Jia and 乙 Yi Lunar Astrology

A Sturdy Wood Day Master is very well positioned to pounce in the Tiger year. Boost your Chi and great luck by using even more Water and Wood Element.

Inward Wood people have a mixed 2022, some good support and help but the year may drag on a little too long for your liking. Use Fire if you find that people are getting a bit competitive and nasty towards you. Use Metal and Earth if you find that you are being overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Outward Wood Day Master’s are at a big disadvantage from February to August in 2022, but this will realign and even reverse after that. Surround yourself with Fire and Earth Elements where possible, though this must be in conjunction with your weak-strong Solar aspects.

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丙 Bing Yang Fire

General: When Ren Yang Water meets Bing Yang Fire it is ‘the Ocean meets the Sun’. Strictly speaking, this leads to additional responsibilities and questions around self-authority. Wood from the Tiger helps to change that, hopefully giving Yang Fire a boost to their own authority rather than kowtowing to others. Dragon month (April) is a peak period for Bing Fire people getting what they need to make the most of the year. Focus on gathering resources and assets before Dragon month starts so you can be in the best position for some special luck.

Your Solar BaZi: A strong Yang Fire Day Master meeting their power usually means a great leap in status – social, career or otherwise but in 2022 strong Fire gets stronger (from the Tiger) which can mean losing money and reputation. It will be a year of highs and lows that you can even out by using the power of Yang Water between February and August to take your most direct action, then taking a back seat for the rest of the year to let it all play out. Metal Element is generally best for strong Yang Fire.

It’s vice-versa for weak Bing Fire Day Masters. Ren Water will mean losing authority, but the Tiger brings strength and an ability to control Ren, so it means gaining help and support regardless of authority. Wood Element is best for an out of season Yang Fire.

Special Note – For female Yang Fire Day Masters, Ren can represent affairs and/or a troublesome spouse. If you are in a relationship where you might be tempted to stray in the first half of the year, remember what I said regarding Karma at the start of the article, and also that after August everything turns around. If you don’t feel safe in your relationship, waiting for August isn’t smart. Please seek support.

丁 Ding Yin Fire

General: Woohoo! Ding Yin Fire Day Masters combine with Ren Yang Water, gaining ‘direct power’ in 2022. What does this mean? Regardless of weak-strong or Lunar type, people will give you more respect. For men it manifests mostly in career, for women in relationships especially marriage. The luckiest of all is the Yin Fire Pig – if this is your Day Pillar, get ready for an exceptional 2022, just be mindful of how you treat people on the way up. Like Bing Fire, Ding’s can expect a super boost in their luck during the Dragon month.

Your Solar BaZi: Strong and in-season Yin Fire’s really get the best of the Yang Water combination because they can handle the power. Remember that Ren controls the first half of 2022, so that is your luckiest time. Once August arrives, add Metal and Water into your personal Chi field to maintain that good luck vibe.

Out of season Ding Fire’s will feel under pressure, but with a little support from Wood and Fire, you’ll be able to handle it. Once the Tiger kicks in, you’re guaranteed to gain a lot of benefit for all that hard work you put in.

丙 Bing and 丁 Ding Lunar Astrology

Fire Day Master’s that are Sturdy don’t particularly like Yang Water, even with Ding’s combination (though that helps a lot). You’ll find that people try to place their authority on you to make themselves feel better. Sometimes competing in weird, petty ways or even outright taking credit for your work. If you identify as Sturdy Fire (or your friends say that you’re super bossy) then wear Wood and Fire Elements all year, especially from February to August.

Inward and Outward Fire people have a mixed 2022. Ren Water is quite good, so people will definitely warm up to you, however the Tiger is Fire in the Lunar System so perversely the same people will turn cold as the year progresses. It will be as if you have to work harder for their attention. Bring their focus back to your spotlight with some Earth and Metal. If it fits in with your Solar chart, then add Water to the list as well.

戊 Wu Yang Earth

General: Yang Earth clashes and controls Yang Water with the Tiger’s help. Wu people will see their wealth go up and down in 2022, if you get ahead then take your winnings don’t chase the dream. It will be easy for weak Wu people to put on weight in 2022, so keep up with your health regime. Post-August will see greater stability financially in general for Wu’s, but greater pressure to perform. All except for one special Pillar – Wu-Wu, the Yang Earth Horse. Press on and use your intellect during the first half of the year to create opportunities for the second half. You guys and gals can chase the dream if you want.

Your Solar BaZi: For weak Wu Day Masters 2022 can mean that they are giving too much of themselves away for not enough reward – leading to stress, feelings of anxiety and perhaps even depression. There may also be trouble with investments. Fire and Earth are the most favourable Elements for weak Wu Day Masters.

Strong Wu people will do very well with Ren Water and the Tiger, money comes and gives you the power to wield it. Watch out for hidden competition and unexpected thieves (remember the coups I mentioned in The Four Pillars Vibrational Tone of 2022 section).

己 Ji Yin Earth

General: The outlook for Yin Earth’s is nicely stable and generally upward moving. As you make gains throughout 2022, make certain that you bank them for the future. You can enjoy life on a budget while preparing for the future. There will be a tendency for Ji Earth’s to be a bit of a sucker for a sob story this year. You may feel bad about not helping, but keeping your good fortune (or at least better than others) to yourself and minding your business is your best path forward. The exception might well be Ji-Si, the Yin Earth Snake. Putting reasonable effort into helping others through private donations or volunteering will bring you a wonderful surprise during December’s Rat month.

Your Solar BaZi: The effect of 2022 on weak Ji Day Masters will be similar in nature to weak Wu people, but much gentler. The main difference will be that out of season Ji Earth people may find themselves caring too much about what others think of them and so limit their own achievements. It will be easy to be taken advantage of as well, so make sure that you think things through before you agree to anything. As with weak Wu people, Fire and Earth are the best Elements.

Strong Ji Day Masters should have a very good year. Career advancements will be easy and opportunities will be constant, but you’ll still be susceptible to sneaky mind-games if you start showing off or make yourself a target for jealous people.

戊 Wu and 己 Ji Lunar Astrology

The first half of Sturdy Earth’s 2022 will be almost exactly the same as weak Wu and Ji Earth’s in Solar BaZi. Money problems, anxiety, and for men spouse problems. This will affect one of the Inward type subcategories – the Contender, in the same way as well. Contenders feel that they are always having to work harder and compete for what they have in life. The second half is more akin to strong Solar Earth’s, much luckier with more helpers and support arriving rather than gaining power and authority.

Inward and Outward Lunar Earth’s will all have a pretty good run for attracting money making opportunities from February to August. The change into the Tiger part of 2022 in August though will split the teams.

Truly creative Outward Earth types will find their imaginations stifled and there is potential to be surrounded by naysayers and negative people. Outward Earths will need Metal and Water during this time to re-energise their creativity. Inward Earth’s on the other hand will do very well with the Tiger, and can really start to rely on the people around them.

庚 Geng Yang Metal

General: Energetically, the year is draining for Yang Metal people, however for some this will mean a higher level of creativity and income. If your Day Pillar is Yang Metal Horse, then you will be receiving extra angelic support after August especially if you put extra effort into organising and planning your life for the 6 months before. Some Yang Metal’s will become even more enamoured with the esoteric side of life (Geng’s are all about the karma balance). Listen to your own intuition before you trust any guru, since this burst of enthusiasm will be relatively short-lived.

Your Solar BaZi: For unsupported Geng people, 2022 will require you to bring strength and support for your friends and family members. This has the potential to affect your health if you overextend your boundaries. There will be some lucky money after August, but will most likely be needed for bills and living expenses. Boost your personal Chi field by using Earth and Metal Elements.

Strong Geng Day Masters on the other hand should thrive, with their creative juices flowing and plenty of opportunity to turn those original ideas into money. Simply avoid surrounding yourself with Earth or Metal Elements, and you’ll do absolutely fine under your own steam.

辛 Xin Yin Metal

General: Yin Metal Day Masters will find their focus on younger people especially mothers with their children. Married ladies with Xin may find that their relationship feels as if it is drifting apart or that there is a closeness missing. This is only short-term, after August your mojo will come back bringing some much needed good money luck with it. The Tiger part of 2022 will bring you some nice people, so make sure you treat them well.

Your Solar BaZi: Yang Water in 2022 is strong creative Chi for Xin. An unsupported/weak Xin person will find an urge to step over the boundaries of what might be acceptable. Things that seem like great ideas at the time have the ability to turn sour later on, probably because you offended someone. Stop and think about repercussions before you leap into anything, your intuition will be strong so if it doesn’t truly feel right, then don’t do it. Like any annual energy, this is short-term and your 2022 will turn around after August. Wear/use Earth and Metal Elements as much as possible during the whole year.

Strong Yin Metal Day Master’s get the better end of the deal with Yang Water in 2022, your outlandish ideas will be well received and if you can reduce the effects of the Tiger’s hidden Earth Element, then you will gain a lot of respect and monetary benefit as 2022 progresses. Have confidence in your own abilities and reach out when opportunity arrives. Boost Wood Element especially if you are strong Xin, but avoid Earth and Metal Elements.

庚 Geng and 辛 Xin Lunar Astrology

Lunar BaZi is a little more strict with the allocation of the Elements to the Chinese Animal Signs, so the beneficiaries in 2022 for the Metal Day Masters are the Inward sub-type The Contender (just like the Earth’s) and all the Outward types. If you fit these types, then try to grab every opportunity that comes along (although you could feel a bit overwhelmed). You can work out which ones to stick with and which ones to discard after August 2022.

For Sturdy types the year will start out seeming to be ok, a few ups and downs and maybe a little overworked, however from August you will start to feel more pressure and a strong urge to get away from it all. If you’ve had the shots, and restrictions are lifted, then September is a good time to travel and decompress. Use Earth and Metal Elements to bring the Chi flow back to support you.

For the other Inwards, the first half of the year will be manic, too much to do and too little time to do it in. Don’t worry, ask for help and people will only be happy to give it. The second half of 2022 is a complete turnaround, and you’ll wonder what why you were even worried in the first place. From February to August use Wood and Fire Elements control the turmoil.

壬 Ren Yang Water

General: 2022 is a year of self-determination for Yang Water people. Having your own Element means reflecting on who you are and what you represent to yourself and the people in your life. There will be people who don’t care for the stronger you, but a lot of the times these encounters are simply to test if you are ready to stand up for who you really are.

The self-analysis energy is of course the strongest for Yang Water Tiger Day Pillars. You may even feel as if others are assessing you at times as well. Take a breath, enrol in yoga or meditation classes and focus on being the genuine you.

If you have a Yang Water Rat Day Pillar, then soften your position towards your spouse as they may be the one bearing the brunt of your stauncher self.

Your Solar BaZi: For weak Ren Water Day Masters the first half of 2022 gives you that self confidence to go out and get ’em. The Tiger after August is your output, which means as an ‘unsupported’ type you may find your confidence seem to falter. Metal and Water Elements together will  beneficially influence the annual Tiger, helping boost your energy again.

The timing is opposite for well-supported Yang Water Day Masters. Your self-Element Ren brings competitors, which can be a positive if that’s your thing. Most will find that the constant pushing becomes a drain and that you need to put in more effort than normal to complete tasks. When the Tiger takes over, you’ll find that the blocks are removed and you can really get moving. Just bide your time like the Tiger in readiness to leap forward.

癸 Gui Yin Water

General: Gui Yin Water people are in a similar cycle to Ren Yang Water people in 2022, though the competitor aspect will be stronger. This means that Gui Water gets a higher incidence of people pushing them around, or at least trying to. There is also potential for injury if your work or play is very physical.

Yin Water’s married to Yin Metal’s have a reprieve from being constantly challenged in the first half of 2022, your spouse will seem like a true angel for you. In fact all Yin Water’s will find that they have one or two special friends/family that bring blessings for them, they will almost be guaranteed to have a Xin Yin Metal Day Master.

Special Note: If you have a Yin Water Pig Day Pillar, wear a Tiger pendant from February to August to draw your “lucky spouse” Chi forward in time. If you’ve been having relationship troubles, the Tiger will help you work everything out.

Your Solar BaZi: Weak Solar Yin Water’s will relish the competition from 2022’s Yang Water and will be able to push ahead with their plans, though when the Tiger takes over from Ren, there may be an increase in delays and roadblocks. Weak Yin Water’s will do well with Metal and Water Elements to back them up all year long.

Strong Gui’s will experience the reverse, delays in the first half of 2022 then the road will open up from August to the end of the year. Use Wood and Fire Elements in your attire and surroundings from February to August to reduce the number of roadblocks you experience.

壬 Ren and 癸 Gui Lunar Astrology

From a Moon-based BaZi perspective Sturdy Water Day Master’s, like Weak Solar Water’s, will have a very good first half of 2022 then challenges during the second half. The same advice as well – use Metal and Water Elements, especially when you are wanting to make plans that rely on other people.

Inwards and Outwards types all match the Chi flow of Strong Solar Water’s except for the sub-type the “Developer”, you will need a lot of of Earth and Metal Element to bring the flow of Chi back to support you.

All other types use Wood and Fire Elements to drain the competition and turn the Chi into money.

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The Chinese Zodiac in 2022

Click here to read Dean’s 2022 Chinese Astrology article for Wellbeing Predictions Magazine, going through the year for each and every Animal Sign.

It is not possible to discuss the Chi in 2022 without also looking at the Earthly Branches, or the Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs. This section is to delve deeper into the interactions between the Branches, because the Tiger interacts not only on an Elemental level, but has the possibility of forming combinations or clashing with other Branches.

This section is a caveat on all that has been said before, combinations and clashes can change the strength of the Day Master greatly, and can be helpful or hurtful.

If you have the Monkey on your chart, then the Tiger will clash with it. This particular clash indicates sentimentality and living in the past. There is also the Damage between the Tiger and the Pig. This is relatively minor, and indicates disharmony and some frustrations.

The Tiger and Snake are a Penalty to each other, but it is magnified if the Monkey is present as well. Penalties indicate accidents, legal problems and injuries but at the same time can indicate sudden fame and fortune. The good side of a Penalty is usually outweighed by the problems though, so don’t count on winning the lottery, especially since this is called the Penalty of Ingratitude.

The Tiger can combine to form strong Wood with the Pig if there is Wood present in the Stems. If you have this combination and Ren Water is bad for you, don’t worry because all of Ren’s energy will be wasted on trying to ‘drown’ the combination.

If you have the Rabbit and Dragon on your chart, then you get even stronger Wood. If Wood is good for your Day Master, then this is great. If not then it will probably be a very tough year.

If you have the Horse and Dog on your chart, then you will have a very powerful Fire combination. The Fire may be enough to boil away the Water of Ren, so your year will be dominated by Fire Chi.


The picture below is based on a traditional Feng Shui Luo Pan, but it is only showing the annual energies for two schools of Feng Shui: San He and San Yuan.

Starting at the outside circumference of the circle, we have the actual degrees of measurement – just like a ship’s compass. 0° is North, 90° is East, 180° is South and 270° is West with all the directions in-between. Remember that North is 0° AND 360° at the same time.

When we move into the next ‘ring of the tree’, the San He school is marked in blue for positive influences and red for negative influences. Keep the red areas closed off and quiet. Open doors, windows, pathways or activate with lights or water features any blue positive formations.

The Elemental Chi of the annual Flying Stars / Ming Gua in the next inner ring can be adjusted by using the cures and objects mentioned in their sections.

The innermost ring shows you the direction you are looking at, and the colour of the writing will tell you the Element, for example, the South is at the top and is red, meaning Fire. Notice that all of the direction colours and the annual Flying Star colours match. This is important.

The 2022 Luo Pan Feng Shui compass has the annual formations for 2022 arranged around the degrees of a compass. The Chinese representation of the compass always has South at the top .

I mentioned how important the matching Luo Pan colours are – this is because 2022’s Ming Gua and Flying Star charts align with the Lo Shu / Bagua. For some this is a blessing and for others, the chickens will come home to roost. Check your own home’s natal Flying Star chart here.

You’ll notice that each of the main sectors is sub-divided into three ‘mountains’. Or ‘mini-sectors’ The three in the South are empty in 2022, but the Southwest to the left has at least one San He formation in each of the three. The formation marked in that mini-sector will only influence that part of your home or office.

太极 The Centre

The 5 Yellow star (I know it’s in orange, but yellow is difficult for some people to see on the internet) comes home to the Centre which some may see as a double 5 disaster combination. Such surface analyses might engender stress and worry, but there is a completely different perspective when you know that the 5 star has no Trigram and is the Emperor/Empress to all of the stars – giving life to “the ten-thousand things”.

A meticulous and righteous person may see the arrival of the ruler into their rightful place as a sign that they too should obey the rule of law, but that begs the question: which Laws do we follow?

A purely Feng Shui attitude would be to ensure that your central ‘palace’ or area is tidy, in order and sparks joy. Drop in a saltwater cure or two and some Metal Element into place and adapt your actions to suit the ruling authority, play by the rules as it were.

This is probably the best advice to keep your life stable and calm. Remember the Yang Water Tiger has hidden teeth and claws, so do your best to maintain a balance between the Laws of your country and the Law of Karma. Think about what sort of ruler we actually want on the throne. Who is in charge and what have they done to deserve their place?

Since the 5 Earth star has no Trigram, the usual method is to utilise the other two Earth stars – 2 Earth (Kun Trigram) for Yin and 8 Earth for Yang to analyse the 5 star effects.

People with Ming Gua’s 2 and 8, along with the Southwest and Northeast will be strongly affected by the Feng Shui energies in 2022. This is magnified by the fact that the Earth spins on a NE-SW axis when compared to the magnetic North and South poles, so there is a strong urge to realign with Mother Earth in all of us this year.

If your home faces Northeast or Southwest, then have your building foundations and structure checked by a licensed inspector and repaired if necessary before the 4th of February 2022.

If your Ming Gua is 2 or 8 Earth, then avoid the NE and SW sectors and use the West and NW – unless you have a Feng Shui specialist to show you how to use those spaces properly within your context. Take actions that both improve your Karma score AND benefit Mother Earth.

離 The South

The South is all ablaze in 2022 – two young ladies in the spotlight with nothing standing in their way. A special trick from the Imperial and Xuan Kong Da Gua styles of Feng Shui is to brighten this sector further by using the Metal Element – though make sure to use pretty Metal objects, something that suits being in the limelight. You could even make a connection to the Publicity formation in the Northeast to boost your fame even further.

You may have placed Wood Element in the South last year and you can again in 2022, but make sure you want to be seen by the public. Plants and flowers are the easiest, and displays with 4 stems will boost the hidden Da Gua combination. The last of the three subdivisions in the South is Ding Yin Fire – a special direction this year. If you can create an opening or door here, you’ll be able to invite money into your home along with the fame.

Everyone with 4 Wood and 9 Fire Ming Gua’s; Bing Yang Fire or Ding Yin Fire Day Masters; or the Horse, Goat, Dog or Tiger on their charts can really squeeze the most from the South.

If you have a Yin Fire Day Master and were born in 1958, 1962, 1967, 1994, 1998 or 2003 then it is absolutely worth your while to move to a South facing home in 2022, especially if the direction is between 180° and 200°.

坤 The Southwest

The Southwest is home to the Mother 2 Earth palace. Like the 5 star, many Feng Shui practitioners will create concern and worry around the doubling of this star in 2022, some of which are quite legitimate. To really understand how to extract benefit from what is known as the ‘illness star’, we need to analyse the Kun Trigram.

The Trigram is three Yin broken lines – an image of an open mouth. This can represent eloquence and eating well just as easily as stomach upsets, gossip and weight gain. Since Kun is the Mother Trigram, it can bring pregnancy, creativity and love all depending on how you use the Chi.

Since this is a general article and not specific advice, I will err on the side of caution and advise most people to downplay or subdue the 2 star rather than attempting any Feng Shui tricks or hacks to flip the Kun coin from negative to positive.

The negative aspects of the Southwest in 2022 will mainly affect Monkey’s, Snakes, Tigers, Ming Gua’s 2 and 7 (3’s and 8’s indirectly) and the mother or oldest female in the house. If you are any of these people, make sure that the last mini-sector in the SW is closed and kept absolutely quiet. No washing machines, fridges, beds or any other Feng Shui activation.

It is best for everyone to avoid using this last third mini-direction as an entrance to the house and as a bedroom, anyone sleeping here will have stress in their lives. You can use a Calabash / Gourd or any representation of good health and long life.

Focusing back on the first two mini-sectors, we have ‘Good Virtue’ and ‘Scholar’. The first attracts helpers and mentors, so is OK to use – most helpers will have a motherly/nurturing energy about them whether they are female or male.

The second mini-sector is good for students, teachers, researchers or anyone needing to increase their brain-power. I think a few Mothers out there could use a little help with home-schooling by sitting the kids here to do their homework and study.

A word of caution – too much Earth Element in the décor will suppress intelligence. Make sure to add Metal, either physical or colour to draw the creativity out of Kun Trigram.

兌 The West

The West is 7 Metal in the Ba Gua, the Youngest Daughter. The West and Southwest have a strong affinity which can manifest via the relationships between mothers and daughters. If the Western sector is prominent in your home, then work on these relationships whether you are a daughter or a mother.

Dui Trigram – is known for breaking apart the old to make way for the new. West facing properties receive a double dose of changes in 2022, some of them may not be so pleasant. Rebellion, taking risks, and instability are indicated.

If your main entry is in the West then there will a higher incidence of thieves, gossip, back-stabbing, fighting and legal problems. If your kitchen is here, then the Chi will attract surgery, cuts or even knife wounds during June and possible fires during February and November.

Roosters and Metal Day Masters will be especially affected in 2022 if their house faces directly West, or if the kitchen, any high traffic door or their bedroom is located here. The double 7 Metal aligns with Broken Luck and will tend to put a black mark on Peach Blossoms (romance) and Mentor (helpful people).

The safest way to avoid the energy here in 2022 is to quite literally avoid it. Keep doors and windows closed, use another entry or bedroom if that’s your West.

A kitchen in the West is harder to remedy. If you know that this is the case for your home, plug the drains and use the taps and stove/oven as little as possible (within reason of course), and use plants that you can grow in water as decoration on the windowsill and/or benches.

If you notice that there is too much negative energy, then it is highly recommended to engage a local Feng Shui practitioner.

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乾 The Northwest

The Northwest is doubling up on the Ba Gua 6 Metal. This is where the Chi dynamics in 2022 really get interesting. If your local, state or federal government building faces NW then there will be some heavy handed politics happening in your area. This is because 6 Metal is Qian the Father and represents power, authority and the patriarchy.

Dads (at home), male or female bosses (at work), Dogs, Pigs, police, judges and people in positions of authority that are in NW facing buildings or have the NW prominent in their space will tend towards this authoritarian behaviour as well. In a general context, there will be a rise in right wing groups comprised mainly of young men.

To calm down the ultra-masculine Chi, simply use Water Element to drop Metal’s energy levels. This can be in the décor via color selection (ie blue, dark greys and black), or through physically adding contained and unmoving water (a bird bath or your bottled water storage are some examples).

The first mini-sector of the NW has the 3-Killing Sha in 2022 which is mainly activated by drains and ugly formations. Blocking the view and closing house entry points (doors, windows) reduces the effect very quickly.

The last mini-sector has 1 positive vs 2 negative, Good Income is hurt by San Sha 1 (thieves) and White Tiger (bad relationships). Avoid renovating here, and again shut the doors and windows to deny an entry point to the negative. A good Feng Shui practitioner will be able to help you boost the Good Income aspect while avoiding the thieves by focusing on your exact formations, floor plan and budget.

坎 The North

The North, like all other sectors has it’s base Ba Gua star doubled up. The North is 1 Water in the Later Heaven Arrangement and is affected greatly by San Sha 2 (more thieves) and the second 3-Killing Sha (this one affects your health).

When your home faces North, or has the bathroom, laundry or kitchen here then there will be plumbing or drainage issues, maybe even foundational issues. Aside from this, 1 Water is one of the good guys in Fei Xing flying stars. It brings power, fame and money as well as a mix of both virtuous and pleasure-seeking behaviours.

Homes and buildings that face the middle mini-sector will receive the negative side of the 1 Water due to San Sha & 3-Killing Sha whereas those facing the first mini-sector will receive the positive side. The last mini-sector gets mostly the good mixed up with a little of the negative.

Outside the home, any water features, pools, spa’s or any natural body of water in the North will magnify the Ba Gua’s 1 Water Chi and the other annual formations. If you know that the middle mini-sector is affected, then try to block the incoming Chi with plants (Wood Element) both inside and outside.

We definitely would like to open a window or door from the first mini-sector into the building, but be very careful to ensure that the door doesn’t cross-over into either of it’s neighbours. In general, you can use some Water and Wood Elements in your colour scheme to draw on the fame, power and fortune aspect of the North in 2022.

艮 The Northeast

The Northeast’s 8 Yang Earth  is very well supported by the arrival of it’s twin, and it indicates good luck in property, farming, construction and government.

If your kitchen is in the NE, then double 8’s indicates having plenty of good food and good health. Be very careful activating them – the middle mini-sector Publicity is squeezed by the last of the San Sha and 3-Killing Sha as well as the annual Tai Sui in the last mini-sector.

While we have great news with the double 8’s appearing in the last part of Period 8, any renovating or digging in the Northeast runs the risk of activating poor health, thieves and long-term problems, especially for boys, young men, Goats and Tigers.

If you are a builder or real estate agent, then activate this area with Fire and Earth Elements; and possibly a water feature if you can avoid the Tai Sui and other Sha. This will work for you if you are thinking of selling your home in 2022.

The best suggestion for everyone is to accept the Chi from the central mini-sector, but try to block the other two. Add some Fire and Earth Elements to the décor but not too much else.

震 The East

The East has double Thunder trigram, aka 3 Wood. In conjunction with the Early Heaven Bagua, homes facing East or with the 3 Wood activated in 2022 can exceed many expectations with one caveat. There needs to be a couple living there, both career-oriented with a no-nonsense attitude towards success. It works best if the male partner is slightly older than the female.

For everyone else, twin thunderheads indicates two men struggling for supremacy or can symbolise a group of men trying to dominate others; arguments in general; selfishness and maybe lawsuits.

There are two ways to reduce the effects of the 3 Wood stars – Fire Element will drain the Wood, however without knowing your individual building chart to overlay alongside the Annual Chi, adding Fire may be adding greater fuel to the problems.

The second method involves combining the 3 Wood with 8 Earth. Connect the East and NE with a pathway inside (and outside if you can), and have a representation of an Earth mountain somewhere in the East, preferably in the middle mini-sector. 8 Crystals on display would also work well.

巽 The Southeast in 2022

The Southeast is the 4 Yin Wood palace. The symbol for 4 Wood is Xun Trigram, the Wind that accompanies Thunder. It is good for writing, creativity, academics, travel and attracting the opposite sex. It can also indicate that the occupants can gain a higher status through education and training.

Boosting 4 Wood too far can create lung problems, particularly increasing asthma attacks. Be careful in October if your home is facing SE or your bedroom is here because there will be sexual dominance issues and clashes between men and women. Walk away before working yourself up too much (unless you’re into that, I’m not your Dad).

The last mini-sector of the SE has 2 negative vs 1 positive formations. It will mainly affect Snakes, but a door here will bring the energy to everyone in the house. Quarrels fits in more with the 3 Wood energy of the East, so here with the 4 Wood, the outcomes of any disagreement will be collaborative rather than destructive.

The 3-Penalty Sha can be mixed, but mainly indicates a merciless attitude from and towards the occupants whereas the Yin Nobleman attracts female mentors. If you live in a home with a prominent SE sector, be aware that you could be the bully or taking advantage of others that are trying to help you.

Use a little Fire and Earth Element in the Southeast in 2022. Try using a 9-rod metal windchime outside the SE to manifest an increase in status.

I hope that you are able to take something from this 2022 Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology article and from the rest of the free information I have on the blog. May 2022 be a great year for you!

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  1. I’ve always been interested in Chinese Astrology, so learning about 2022 being the year of the yang water tiger was fascinating! What I especially loved was the Feng Shui tip: “Review your actions and learn from them, what can you do better?” Thank you for writing such an in-depth article!

  2. “The full recovery from co-Vid19 will not be complete for some time, and the suffering of the poor and the weak will magnify the public’s awareness of the mechanisms and not-so-well hidden disparity that enables global suffering”. This part really got to me. Now that we’re approaching new year, I’m glad this feng shui calendar is been discussed in detail.

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13 thoughts on “2022 Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Year of the Yang Water Tiger

  1. I’ve always been interested in Chinese Astrology, so learning about 2022 being the year of the yang water tiger was fascinating! What I especially loved was the Feng Shui tip: “Review your actions and learn from them, what can you do better?” Thank you for writing such an in-depth article!

  2. “The full recovery from co-Vid19 will not be complete for some time, and the suffering of the poor and the weak will magnify the public’s awareness of the mechanisms and not-so-well hidden disparity that enables global suffering”. This part really got to me. Now that we’re approaching new year, I’m glad this feng shui calendar is been discussed in detail.

  3. Wonderful material! It’s fascinating to see how
    you create the words of articles and pages. I love it!
    It’s amazing!

  4. Ηi! This post could not be written any better!

    Reaԁing through this post reminds me of my prеvious room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I wiⅼl forward this write-up to him.
    Ꮲretty sure he will have a gooɗ read. Many thanks fοr sharing!

  5. Ӏf someone wishes to be updated with most ᥙp-to-ɗate information,
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  6. What’s up, constantly і used to check wеb sіte
    posts here in the early hours in the break of ⅾay, since i like
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  7. I am noᴡ not sure the place you’re getting yoᥙr info, bᥙt good topic.
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