What Does the Golden Ratio Have To Do With Feng Shui?

the golden ratio or Fibonacci pattern is everywhere in nature, including sunflower seeds.

If you’re a fan of the Da Vinci Code or have done a lot of studying in math, you may already know what the golden ratio is. Or, if you love interior design and are working on your home’s flow, you may be reasonably well versed in Feng Shui. But what do the two have to do with each other?

How To Draw a Floor Plan for Feng Shui [No Software Needed!]

read a floor plan for Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art and science of mindfulness within living spaces. The purpose is to create a more peaceful, harmonious, and fulfilling life by choosing specific placements of rooms, furnishings, and other elements. The best way to implement Feng Shui into your personal space is by drawing out a floor plan and using spatial arrangement and orientation to optimize the home for energy flow.

How To Read a Floor Plan for Feng Shui

female professional architect checking blueprints

Whether you’re buying, building, selling or renovating a home, you’re likely to come across the floor plans at some point along the way. These 2-dimensional drawings depict the layout of an entire floor, allowing you to visualize the space before seeing it in person. You’ll learn more about both the functionality and the Feng Shui of a home, but to get the most out of these blueprints, you have to know how to read them.

Home Staging With Feng Shui

woman hanging a Dean French Feng Shui picture on a white wall

With unpredictable housing markets, how you present your home to a future owner is everything, and Feng Shui can play a large role when it comes to staging a home for sale. So how does one go about home staging using 5000-year-old Chinese techniques while still giving the home a modern look?

The Chinese Zodiac in 2022

Chinese new year festival decorations

What will happen for your Chinese Animal sign in 2022? Read on to find out about your love life, career, money and more.

Can Feng Shui Bring Work Life Balance?

Feng Shui can bring work-life balance by regulating the energies surrounding individuals at home and in their workplaces. This ancient Chinese practice aims to balance the various elements that govern moods. It can also help to restructure and harmonize a person’s personal and professional lives.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui balance and harmony with nature

Have you ever asked yourself the question: what is feng shui? Read on to learn more about the subject.

The Feng Shui Colors of Christmas

Christmas gifts with feng shui

Colors play an important role in Feng Shui and our general feelings of well being. When decorating for this year’s holiday season, think about where your tree is placed and how the main Christmas colours will affect your home’s energy.