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The Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2022

What will happen for your Chinese Animal sign in 2022? Read on to find out about your love life, career, money and more.

In an earlier post, I outlined the major Chinese Zodiac interactions for the year of the Tiger. In this article you’ll learn more about your specific sign and what the Chi of the year will bring to you. Originally published in Wellbeing Predictions Magazine, it is presented here as an example of Dean’s work.

The top tips for each Chinese zodiac sign in 2022 -

  1. Rat: Maintain and improve all of your relationships for support when you need it. 
  2.  Ox: Sharing a burden will lighten your load. Have faith and patience in others abilities, sometimes we all make mistakes. 
  3. Tiger: Look inside for motivation, second-guessing never helped anyone. Consider enrolling in a self-development course that encourages you to Be Extraordinary.
  4. Rabbit: Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Slow down to avoid jumping to conclusions. Spend time people born in year of the Dog.
  5. Dragon: Work-life balance is achievable, the world will still be here if you take a rest. 
  6. Snake: Helping others just because you can (no strings attached) brings more than satisfaction. Donate to worthy charities to boost your Karma score.
  7. Horse: Stay on track by focussing on solutions, your intuition and creativity will be your boon. Use meditation to harness your excess energy.
  8. Sheep/Goat: Be compassionate towards others, but not gullible. 2022 is a new chapter in your life, so you will need to fill in the pages as you go. 
  9. Monkey: Seeking answers in strange places will lead to epiphanies about life, the universe and everything. For important days and events, use a Date Selection service.
  10. Rooster: Tell me what you want, what you really, really want. Or do you even know? It’s time to examine the possibilities. Take a professional career course to increase your job marketability.
  11. Dog: Put energy into your savings accounts, both financial and emotional. You may be working towards a better life, but remember to appreciate what you already have. 
  12. Pig: Approach the year with your usual sense of curiosity, honesty and intelligence and you’ll receive offers of help at every turn. 

Before we go into each of the Animal Signs, let's look at what the Year of the Tiger will bring...

The Tiger is Yang Wood, but has Yang Earth and Yang Fire hidden within it. Tigers are the embodiment of animal magnetism, but they are also very adept at working behind the scenes. Their greatest success comes from a sure sense of themselves coupled with a strategic mind – able to blend into any situation and keep their true abilities concealed until they are ready to pounce.

The general feeling will be towards focusing on our talents – how we can be creative, and from there how we can eat and live and love in the confines of our current societal structure – the people want their power and lives back. Yang Water mixed with the Tiger brings quick-wittedness and quick-temper; diplomacy and aggression; seductive and yet conservative.

Politics will mirror these extremes – history sometimes repeats. Our last Yang Water Tiger year saw Apartheid condemned, the construction of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile crisis as well as a number of other nuclear near-misses and incidents. Maintaining democratic relations helped solve the threat of war and this year it can achieve the same result. Further instability in already unstable regions is to be expected, however there will an increase in world-wide coups and sudden attacks on government process. They will appear to be startling, but will be very carefully planned and executed behind the scenes.

The financial world is intrinsically tied to the social and political fabric of society, and the magnifying glass for this year is on the “haves” the “have nots”. The recovery from Co-Vid19 is not complete and the suffering of the poor and weak will touch hearts across the world. More of us will begin to see the hidden disparity and mechanisms that enable global suffering. At home, the demand for better distribution of wealth and a pushback on the privatisation of public assets will continue as the spotlight is shone on those same mechanisms and processes domestically.

The Ox year saw the “Real Economy” drained of wealth into the “Financial Economy”, that is the sudden increase in property and stock prices as well as the number and size of loans created by financial institutions. Thankfully in 2022 we will see wealth trickling back into the shops, property market and restaurants that we all need to live.

This requires a rebalance of the planetary Chi and means that speculative markets like stocks, bonds, shares and investment/commercial property will have to drop to ensure that the flow continues. 2022 brings increased employment, decreased property prices and unfortunately, increases to everyday living expenses. Individuals that help themselves before others (think of the oxygen mask on a plane), stock up on necessities, grow some of their own produce and focus on paying debts down will be in synchronicity with the flow of 2022.

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The Chinese Zodiac in 2022

rat zodiac sign icon

The Rat in 2022

The Chi of the Rat is partly supportive of the year, while partly against the final end of year Chi flow so there is potential to push too hard or perhaps give too much of yourself. Despite feeling like you should be getting ahead, learn to slow down before you act.

Love and Personal Life
Personal relationships of all types are reaching their peak for Rat’s this year, especially romance and love. Whilst you may want to spend all your time with that special someone, make sure you’re there to support your children, family and friends.

Career and Money
What goes up must come down, and for Rat’s, wealth is on its way down. Career movement is particularly stagnant. Rather than dwelling on the problem, seek to connect with people and leverage your skills and shining personality to improve your chances.

Wear a Dragon pendant, a Zodiac Allies bracelet, or place a Dragon statue in the North.

ox zodiac sign icon

The Ox in 2022

The Ox and Tiger have a special affinity for each other, but this can mean Oxen may conduct themselves in a manner that is secretive and suspicious; the opposite of their usual openness and honesty. While it can be wise to keep our mouths closed, we can sometimes do ourselves a disservice by hiding things from others. On the flipside, the Ox has an opportunity to start discerning truth from fiction in others during 2022.

Love and Personal Life
Try to engage more with your parents and older people this year, you can learn a lot and perhaps re-embrace some strained or lost relationships. You may be tempted to stand your ground and hold onto old patterns, but letting go will take a weight from your shoulders. Romantic relationships may seem more physical than emotional but your partner is there for you more than you realise. Children and young people can brighten your day.

Career and Money
The Ox, like the Rat, is part of the “Water Frame” and is out of sync with the Tiger. This means there are obstacles in career for 2022. This doesn’t mean that all is lost, your wealth is looking good due to the special affinity the Ox has with the Tiger. Reduce spending in your daily living and look for opportunities beyond those that a standard 9-5 job could bring you.

Wear a Rooster bracelet or pendant to bring you helpers, and so you can see the details behind the scenes.

tiger zodiac sign icon

The Tiger in 2022

Tigers have an opportunity in their own year to examine their life and find out what is most important to them. Already an Animal Sign of patience before sudden action, Tigers this year will find themselves pulled into a cycle of either waiting for too long, or taking action too quickly – depending on their personal situation. It is best to look within before looking for external motivators.

Love and Personal Life
Relationships need to be worked on and nourished this year. Try to spend your time with family in as positive and supportive a way as you can, your spouse and children will need the most affection from you. At the same time, you will need to balance your own rejuvenation, and keep up with your responsibilities.

Career and Money
Whilst most Tigers can bluff their way through almost any situation, your own year is not the best time to that. Put all that energy into gaining new skills, expanding the way that you think and enjoying some of the better things that life has to offer. Pull back on some of your more outlandish spending and consider how and where you can use your wealth to provide long-term security for yourself and your family. Yang Wood Tigers born in 1974 have the best potential for setting down strong foundations for the future.

Consider enrolling in a self-development course that encourages you to Be Extraordinary.

rabbit zodiac sign icon

The Rabbit in 2022

As a Rabbit, you’ll have a tendency to overthink, maybe fantasise about what the future could bring during the year of the Tiger. Since Bunnies have a tendency to overanalyse their interactions, there could be an element of ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ whether you focus on the positive or negative. Choose your thoughts wisely and keep your feet on the ground. Rabbits are one of 2022’s helpers, especially the Yin Fire Rabbit. Helping others this year really helps yourself.

Love and Personal Life
This is a mixed year for personal relationships. Your parents and spouse are on the outer in the Tiger’s Chi, but your siblings, children and friends bring a lot of joy. It is easy to take the path that requires the least effort, but Rabbits who are mindful of the future will recognise that an emotional investment now can reap rewards. If you’ve suffered from poor health over the last few years, then you can expect to see great improvements.

Career and Money
Wealth, career and asset luck are all improving for Rabbits alongside health. You feel energised and as long as you keep your disposition towards the sunny side, you will be able to bank on it. Remember to use your quick, clever thinking for tasks that are right in front of you, and avoid too many distractive thoughts. Meditation and focus will bring great results. Spend time people born in year of the Dog.

dragon zodiac sign icon

The Dragon in 2022

2022 is a time for Dragons to work hard (again!). This time (as opposed to 2020 and 2021) you will be able to save the income you bring in. You’ll find yourself at the right place and time to help someone in need throughout this year. Step back before you leap in to help, and make sure that you aren’t giving too much away.

Love and Personal Life
Even though Dragons may feel separated from some of their loved ones, either by distance or circumstance, it is best to make the extra effort to keep in touch. Work on your own shortcomings and let people back in. Even though career and money are at the top of your priority list, a short text or call can make a big difference to someone special.

Career and Money
Health hit its lowest energy for Dragons in 2021 and despite seeing improvements, it is too early to burn the candle at both ends without repercussion. Keep the work/life balance that you achieved last year and your career will continue to roll forward.

Depending on your BaZi Four Pillars chart, you can use the Rabbit to bring you more Wood Chi or the Rooster for creativity.

snake zodiac sign icon

The Snake in 2022

The Snake and Tiger have a particular dislike of each other. This means that Snakes may see themselves helping people without recognition. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be your normal self, it just means not to expect too much in return. This effect is magnified if you have the Monkey on your chart as well as the Snake.

Love and Personal Life
To make matters a little worse for Snakes, they may find that their words are ignored this year. People may judge more harshly than normal, or even without merit. Your immediate family are your support network, so reduce your reliance on friends for your sense of self-esteem and 2022 will bring you more focus. You’ll gain a realisation about the people who truly care for you.

Career and Money
The effort and focus you applied in 2021 brought relatively easy gains, however the Tiger year indicates that you will need to put in same effort just to maintain your current position. Focus less on bringing the external in and try to enjoy what you do have; you’ve worked hard for it.

Donate to worthy charities to boost your Karma score.

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horse zodiac sign icon

The Horse in 2022

The Tiger and Horse combine to form Fire, but this is doused by the Yang Water Stem of the year. This has an impact on the Horses self-esteem as things will seem to come together, only to find problems or obstacles. Yang Wood Horses will be affected the least, however will still need to be careful and considered in their actions. Work on your resilience and increase your capacity to problem solve, be the angel that finds a solution when no-one else can.

Love and Personal Life
Depending on your overall BaZi chart, this could be one of your luckiest years for love in a while – if you have an open heart and are ready to take a leap of faith. Work on your outer appearance and showing your healthy glow. Spend some time reviewing your relationship with your parents and work out how they have influenced your attitude towards relationships in general. The results will surprise you.

Career and Money
The peak of your career luck is yet to come, so it is best for all Horses to knuckle down again and stay on track. You can best help your future self by putting something away every week for rainy periods. If you focus on providing the best service you can, no matter which industry you work in, your nest egg will continue to grow. In the year of the Tiger, a Horse can get great career results when they team up with a Rooster.

Use meditation to harness your excess energy for your true goals.

sheep or goat zodiac sign icon

The Sheep/ Goat in 2022

The Sheep has a much calmer year than 2021, in fact much of what you experienced last year will help you see other people’s positions and be able to help them more clearly and compassionately. Consider the Tiger year to be a new chapter in your life.

Love and Personal Life
Romance and love life will begin to improve, but only with your efforts to stay involved. Sheep may still have the tendency to take their partner for granted like last year. With your focus more towards parents and your children, it is time to think about a legacy – what will you leave for future generations to inherit.

Career and Money
Work will seem to be spinning on its wheels this year, but if you grasped at least some of the opportunities that came your way in 2021, you will continue to see wealth flow from your investments. You might need to travel for business or career, though this won’t be permanent. Sheep in 2022 will attract thieves and conmen, make sure to examine every offer before you make any decisions.

monkey zodiac sign icon

The Monkey in 2022

The Tiger clashes the Monkey, but this is an interesting clash in a Yang Water year. On the surface, it appears that Monkeys are drained by Water, which boosts the Tiger’s Wood Chi leading to losses for the Monkey. On a deeper level though, Yang Water secretly supports the Monkey and controls the Tiger, so seek answers in areas that you may not normally look.

Love and Personal Life
Monkeys have always been inquisitive creatures, but Fire from the Tiger may burn your fingers. The Tiger year is a time to create a strong and dependable family environment. You are feeling good and have a great rise in Chi for your work, but family and love need a space in your heart as well.

Career and Money
Money should continue to improve as it did in 2020 and 2021, Monkeys shouldn’t have to work as hard for their wealth as they have been. 2022 is one of the best times to look for inconsistencies in your business or workplace. Truths are revealed for and about Monkeys in Tiger years, but this one will flow towards your benefit.

rooster zodiac sign icon

The Rooster in 2022

2022 is a quiet year for Roosters. You may have trouble deciding what you want from life – you’ve worked out what you don’t want, but what comes next? This year is time for reviewing and contemplation.

Love and Personal Life
For Roosters, health and wealth are inter-related, money stress can lead to poor health and vice-versa. Good healthy habits have a flow on effect to your work and money, and from there to your relationships. Your partner will continue to support and boost you, though you will need to work on your relationship with your parents and older relatives.

Career and Money
Financial success will continue to be easy for Roosters, though this is most likely to arrive from investments or areas outside of regular work. You may find the workplace a bore in 2022, with little assistance or recognition from superiors. Take this in your stride and continue to do the best job you can. Team up with a Horse for better results.

dog zodiac sign icon

The Dog in 2022

The Dog like the Horse forms Fire with the Tiger, though not as strongly. The Dog’s Earth can control 2022’s Yang Water and help the Tiger to a certain degree, but there may be obstacles to overcome during the year. The formation of Elements between the year and the Dog will help smooth these over and bring your Chi towards the fortunate.

Love and Personal Life
Dogs generally like to work hard, especially if it is something they don’t see as work. Treat your relationships that way this year – they’re not work, they’re something you love being involved in. Pay special attention to your spouse or partner, they may feel neglected. Health and energy levels for Dogs are very low in 2022 and they too need some nurturing, the best place to start is by nurturing yourself.

Career and Money
The way you handle matters this year is important. As a Dog, you are a very loyal and considerate person, so if you are requested to work against your ethics in 2022 then you will need to think about the repercussions. Storing your income in safe haven investments and assets is very well aspected, you will need to decide what your future holds financially and how to make the most of what you have.

pig zodiac sign icon

The Pig in 2022

Pigs are a “Six Harmony” combination with the Tiger, bringing helpers and better luck than the average person. Yin Fire Pigs get to be somewhat of a “golden child” in 2022, even more so if this is your Day Pillar. All Pigs apart from the Yin Fire Pig may find that some friends or family have a difficult time being in your presence. Don’t take this personally, the Pig in the Tiger year can trigger some “Day Masters” into facing their own shortcomings. Approach the year with a sense of curiosity, honesty and intelligence and you’ll receive offers of help at every turn.

Love and Personal Life
Romantic relationships are at their peak for Pigs, look for deeper connections with your partner beyond the physical. You’ll have a better sense of, and a drive to, do right by others. This can be due to rose coloured glasses though, so in 2022 weigh up the cost of ‘doing the right thing’ to you personally. People may want to help you, but sometimes there are strings attached.

Career and Money
The advice for Pigs in 2021 was to combine their natural industriousness with a good investment strategy, and 2022 is the year that you’ll see returns commensurate with the amount of effort you put in. It may take until the middle of 2022 to see the full results unless you’re a Yin Fire Pig.

The Tiger strengthens your intuition, it’s time to believe in yourself and create some miracles.

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There's a lot more to find out about your Chinese Astrology...

Each year the annual Chi affects our personal “BaZi” or “Four Pillars” astrology charts. This article looked at the effects of the annual energy on our “Year Pillar” – the year we were born. There are three other Pillars – the time, day and month of birth, as well as sub-cycles (including annual Chi) that affect our daily lives. If you know the Animal Signs on each of these, you can go back and look at the effect of the Yang Water Tiger on each one. Your Day Pillar is especially important, you can read about this year and the 10 Day Masters here

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