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Chinese Zodiac Predictions for 2019 - Year of the Yin Earth Pig

This 2019 article examines the Chi energy of the Yin Earth Pig year, going into worldwide predictions as well as each Chinese Astrology Animal Zodiac signs.

Welcome to 2019, the Year of the Yin Earth Pig, a much gentler 12 months compared to the frenetic pace of 2018. The official start in the Chinese calendar is the 5th of February, so get ready for a time of liberation, self-discipline and growth.

The mix of Elements in 2019 is quite interesting. The Stem is Yin Earth and the Pig is Water. In the cycle of Elements, Earth controls Water, but Yin Earth is rich soil, good for gardens and growth. The Pig also has a hidden aspect of Wood, so the image for 2019 is a seed planted and nurtured ready for future growth.

The Pig has a generous, kind heart which sometimes gets them into trouble. This sign also likes the good things in life and tends to spend rather than save. The Yin Earth aspect of 2019 brings a modicum of discipline to the Pig.

On a world-wide level, the Yin Earth Pig indicates changes that will benefit mankind as a whole. The sometimes frivolous spending of the Pig is now directed into projects that improve life for everyone – whether that is in education, science, art or politics; the good of the many will outweigh the needs of the few. Politicians and financial controllers that act out of selfishness will find that their careers are limited because of their actions.

Since there is some incompatibility between Earth and Water, there is a likelihood that there will be some disasters involving these two Elements whether that involves flooding and excess rainfall, tsunami’s or boating disasters. In Chinese medicine, Earth involves the pancreas and the stomach, and adding Water will see an increase in disease that affects these bodily systems.

The best advice for everyone is to enter into 2019 from an altruistic perspective. The universe will reward those that help others this year and will limit those that are self-centred.

Here is a quick look at all of the Year Branches, or animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac and how the Pig will affect each -

If you are the sign of the Rat you can expect a good Pig year in general, though this will really take effect in the second half of 2019, from August onwards. You see, from February 5th through to August 8th the Qi is governed by Yin Earth. Since the Rat is a Water sign, we have some issues arising from Earth controlling the flow of Water. This means that Rats are best to keep their heads down and put in the extra yards during the first half of 2019.

Love and Personal Life
Rats will catch the travel bug this year, and your health and energy levels are improving. On a personal level, you may experience difficulty in your friendships, but that could be because you are spending all your time with your significant other. That’s right, romance is on the up and up, so enjoy those special evenings and weekends whiling away the hours.

Career and Money
You may start to feel stagnant at work, and perhaps it is time for a change, but beware of jumping from the frying pan into the fire, especially during the first half of 2019. Money and wealth acquisition is difficult for Rats in 2019, be prepared to stick to a budget. A good strategy is to work hard and follow the rules until August, then leverage off your successes to bounce into the second half of 2019 with all guns blazing.

You’re a Rat if you were born in 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 or 2008.

The Ox is an Earth sign and matches well with the Yin Earth part of 2019. Since the Pig is Water Element (with a little bit of hidden Wood Qi), there are good signs for Ox people this year.

Love and Personal Life
Family relationships are important for Oxen this year – siblings, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles all play a major role. It is a good year to show your family just how much you care for them. Your love life however is on the decline, with some fall out due in 2019. Be careful of romantic entanglements, because even though love is waning, libido is waxing so you may find yourself in a compromising position.

Career and Money
Work stars shine brightly for the Ox this year, with an increase in responsibility and power. The Ox is considered to be the hardest worker of all the animal signs, especially so if you were born in the daylight hours and 2019 shows all that hard work paying dividends. Avoid being frivolous with your money though, start a savings plan, or get advice on investing it wisely.

You’re an Ox if you were born in 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 or 2009.

The Tiger is Wood Element with a bit of Fire thrown in for good measure. The Pig has a mixed relationship with the Tiger. On one hand, the pair are a “Six Harmony” combination and get along very well, but on the other they are one of the “Damage” pairings, so tend to get themselves into mischief that has a tendency to go downhill quickly. This means that Tigers will have mixed luck in 2019.

Love and Personal Life
The intangibles are where it’s at for Tigers this year. Family, friends, lovers will have a positive impact and people are good for you to be around. Avoid nit-picking and being demanding of your loved ones, show them you love them even when they may be driving you a bit crazy and that love will be returned many times over.

Career and Money
Work energy is quite good in 2019, but finances are poorly aspected. Considering that both the Tiger and Pig are two of the four “Travel Horse” Branches, there are indications of running off your feet for little to no benefit at work. Beware of taking on too much responsibility or being taken advantage of.

You’re a Tiger if you were born in 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 or 2010.

The Rabbit is all Wood Element and is a partial “Three Harmony” combination the Pig, transforming the Pig from Water to Wood (not wine, sorry!). This is where it gets a bit tricky in Chinese Astrology, you would need to look at your overall chart (that includes the time, day and month you were born) to find out if such strong Wood Element is good for you. In a general sense, any combination will tend to make your life easier, however it would be best to know if the easy path was the one that is good for your future growth. Avoid making impulsive decisions (even though that’s the bunny way).

Love and Personal Life
Love life and romance are very well-aspected for Rabbits in 2019, singles will find a good match and couples will form even better relationships. Travel, meeting people, networking and socialising will enrichen the lives of all Rabbits, so get out of the house as much as you can afford to. The only warning is to take care when driving and playing sports since Wood governs the bones and joints, if Wood is negative for your overall chart, then there could be accidents.

Career and Money
All this socialising and no way to pay for it! Work Qi is declining for Rabbits, so getting a bigger pay rise may become difficult, and in 2019 finances are at their lowest ebb. You can have fun and meet new people without breaking the bank though, so be frugal with your spending, and again, avoid making impulse buys and investments.

You’re a Rabbit if you were born in 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 or 2011.

The Dragon gets a big relief after the big Earth clash last year. Life settles down and the bruises begin to heal. There are some wonderful aspects to 2019 for Dragons, even though there may be some sticky moments, you should ride through them unscathed.

Love and Personal Life
Relationships of all types are looking good this year, apart from those with children. You may find that there is an air of rebellion surrounding your little ones, and you may get to your wits end before the year is over. You could also suffer from gossips, don’t let it get to you because your love life will be blessed. Singles will do well on the market, so long as they make a choice of partner and stick to them. Couples will find an ever-deepening respect and love for each other.

Career and Money
Money, money, money; well not quite, but there are very good stars for Dragons and wealth in 2019. You should be attracting mentors at work, and if you are in business for yourself, an increase in sales and turnover is on the way. Try not to burn yourself out, take time to rest and relax and recharge your batteries. A nice holiday would work wonders.

You’re a Dragon if you were born in 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 or 2012.

The Snake clashes with the Pig in 2019, involving Fire and Water, along with the Hidden Stems Yang Metal and Yang Wood. You can expect to move residence or change jobs this year, either by choice or by circumstance. If you take the initiative and start assessing your situation early on, the clash with the Pig can become very positive. If you dither about and wait for events to overtake you, then you may find yourself in trouble. The Snake and Pig are both “Travel Horses”, so you should also take care when travelling, unless you know your full chart and have either a Tiger or Monkey on your Day Branch, which will mean that 2019 will be very successful. Snakes born in 1953, 1965 and 2013 will have the toughest time in 2019.

Love and Personal Life
Romance and marriage are unstable this year, with falling outs and arguments, sometimes over the most trivial of matters. Single Snakes will find their usual charms fall short, so put a little bit of extra effort into your appearance. All Snakes need to beware of sweet talkers, your libido is stronger with the clash, but it could put you into a relationship that is all one-sided. Health issues can also become troublesome under a clash, so get that check-up before it takes a hold. Be extra kind to your children and parents this year.

Career and Money
As long as you take a conservative approach to work and finances in 2019, money shouldn’t be an issue. This may be difficult for a lot of Snakes, since you do like to show off, but living frugally and reducing risks will help you through. Like romance, your relationship with work colleagues and customers may lead to arguments, so keep your head down, take a deep breath and get on with it.

You’re a Snake if you were born in 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 or 2013.

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The Horse is all Fire Element, and although 2019 is Earth (drains Fire) and Water (controls Fire), the overall enthusiasm of the Horse will make this a good year.

Love and Personal Life
Romance and love are very good for Horses in 2019, the best energy in years actually. Since you’ll have such good luck, be careful of looking like you are flirting if you’re in a committed relationship, even though you may not think you are. Your relationship with your siblings however is not looking so healthy. So try to maintain a positive vibe with them and avoid getting into quarrels if you can.

Career and Money
If we change our perspective a bit, and consider that the Yin Earth component of 2019 is the Horses creativity, and Water is power and authority, there are opportunities for you this year to show your abilities in solving problems to managers and work colleagues. You may not love your job, but with the right attitude, you can have a great impact on your career and on your money. There may be a tendency for you to suffer poor health from working so much, in the Horses case, it boils down to knowing your limits and when to say no to taking on extra responsibility.

You’re a Horse if you were born in 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 or 2014.

The Sheep is Earth Element but is a partial “Three Harmony” combination the Pig, transforming from Earth to Wood. Like the Rabbit, it is a bit complicated when there is such a transformation between the Elements and you would need to look at your overall chart (including the time, day and month you were born) to find out if Wood Element is good for you. Any combinations will tend to make your life easier, however it would be best to know if the easy path was the one that is good for your future growth.

Love and Personal Life
The best Qi for Sheep in 2019 is in the area of justice. You may have had troubles in 2018 which will come to a head this year and should turn out in your favour, karma will bring balance into your life. Your love life will be a bit ‘meh’ – not so good, not so bad either but steadily improving throughout the year. A good trick for single Sheep to try in 2019 is to attend weddings and celebrations of love to soak up all that positive energy.

Career and Money
Sheep probably spent more money last year than they were comfortable with. This trend reverses in 2019, although the benefits won’t really kick in until after August. The first part of the year is more about getting back into balance. Career-wise, you will make good progress, along with a few leaps. You will find that you are more popular with both work colleagues and with management, and you should be able to find a mentor to help you get even further ahead.

You’re a Sheep if you were born in 1944, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 or 2015.

The Monkey has a complicated relationship with the Pig. Both are “Travel Horse” signs, so there is more than a chance of having good luck during 2019, but both are part of the “Harms” group indicating conflict and confrontations. This may get some Monkeys down but try to focus on the happy events in your life and avoid shutting yourself off from the world.

Love and Personal Life
The best energy for you this year is in your family relationships – siblings, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles. It is a good year to show your family just how much you care for them. Monkeys will find their love life is in decline, but due to the Travel Horse, you’ll be getting itchy feet. If you’re in a committed relationship, then beware of thinking the grass is greener, and try to work out any issues as they come up. Travelling for fun is best for single Monkeys, but don’t invest in any relationship too heavily.

Career and Money
This is a mixed area of life for you this year. While career is looking good, the Travel Horse may have you rushing around doing odd jobs for other people. Monkeys will get help in career mainly from female work mates. Wealth and money may prove to be difficult to manage though, so be prudent with your outgoings and try to seek good advice on property and low risk investments.

You’re a Monkey if you were born in 1945, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 or 2004.

The Rooster will have a pretty stable year in 2019, there really shouldn’t be any major changes or shifts in your life. There are good signs for education and learning, and if you are studying, you will do well in your exams.

Love and Personal Life
The weakest Qi for Roosters in 2019 is in friendships and comradery, stay in touch with your friends and make the effort to get out and socialise. Health has been quite poor for most of you over the last few years, so you should start to feel stronger. Married Roosters will find more differences in their relationship than similarities, but this can be dealt with by staying calm and listening to your spouse’s opinions rather than making arbitrary decisions.

Career and Money
There aren’t any major blessings on the money or work front in 2019, however adding to your skill set and taking courses will reap benefits down the track. Make a budget and stick to it and you’ll be able to maintain your lifestyle well.

You’re a Rooster if you were born in 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 or 2005.

The Dog quite likes the Pig, so there will be a lot of celebrations in 2019. These can come from marriages, births, promotions or travelling for enjoyment. After the intense year in 2018, it is nice to see your fortunes on the rise.

Love and Personal Life
Romance for the Dog will be better for singles than for couples who will basically maintain the status quo. Single Dogs find themselves looking more attractive to the opposite sex, and may find themselves in a relationship quite suddenly. Health wise, you need to take care of all illnesses asap, don’t suffer in silence. The energy for travel and seeing the world is at it’s peak in 2019, so plan that dream holiday. All Dogs will need to work on their family relationships though, there may be problems with siblings, which gets the whole family involved.

Career and Money
2019 brings great energy for career and money, as long as you take action and get your head out of the clouds. All luck for money this year will be generated by you recognising opportunities and jumping in. You will attract mentors and recognition from your hard work.

You’re a Dog if you were born in 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 or 2006.

It’s your Year Pig, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be fantastic. When you arrive into your own sign, it’s a time to look deep within yourself, work out who you truly are and make the changes you need to improve your future. The Pig is one of the “Self-Punishment” signs, and since the nature of all Pigs is to be generous, any fallout from 2019 will tend to be because you were too giving to others. This is a fine line though, if you approach all your relationships with your naturally kind heart, you will be rewarded.

Love and Personal Life
Your love life will improve constantly this year, so long as you communicate from the heart and don’t get bogged down in trivial problems. Married Pigs may find they get into disagreements with their spouses over money, or they take their partners words and actions the wrong way. The energy for single Pigs is split. The ladies will have trouble finding their perfect partner, but male Pigs will get very lucky. Just don’t mistake lust for love boys. Health is moving in the right direction, give your body a boost by getting into that fitness programme you’ve been meaning to take on.

Career and Money
2019 is very good for career, but only average for income. This means that you will have to wait for the work you put in this year to pay off financially. This doesn’t mean that you will be broke, it just means that you have keep to your savings plan and keep pushing yourself a bit harder. Definitely avoid get rich quick schemes and risky investments, put your energy into areas that will provide stability in the future.

You’re a Pig if you were born in 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 or 2007.

This article was written by Dean French in May 2018 and first published in Wellbeing Esoteric Almanac 2019. It is presented as written at the time as an example of Dean’s portfolio.

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I hope that you are able to take something from the article and from the free information I have on the website. May 2019 be a great year for you!

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