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The Feng Shui Colors of Christmas

Colors play an important role in Feng Shui and our general feelings of well being. When decorating for this year’s holiday season, think about where your tree is placed and how the main Christmas colours will affect your home’s energy.

When decorating your home ready for Christmas it’s not only the colors of tinsel and decorations, it is also good to consider the placement of the tree, the lawn decorations and for some lovers of the Christmas spirit, the miles of LED lighting.

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I’ll use the Flying Stars chart of my home as an example of how I worked out the best place to put my Christmas tree and how I chose the colors I decorated it with. Here is our Flying Star chart –

Click here to learn more about what each of these stars/numbers mean.

Calculate your own home’s Flying Star Feng Shui chart here.

In my house, the area to display our tree for the nicest effect in the living room happens to be in the Northwest, which has a 2 Earth mountain star and 5 Earth water star in the Flying Star system. Here are some indications of the 2-5 combination from various international Feng Shui Masters –

Master 1 – “This is one of the most inauspicious combinations in Flying Star Feng Shui, and the indications are sickness, injuries or bloodshed, etc. When the star 5 and the star 2 occur together, there is always indication of illness or in serious case, terminal illness followed by death.”

Master 2 – “Severe illness. (2: small illness, 5: major illness.) Food poisoning and illness associated with food. 2/5/9 illness may be fatal. Children will have behavioural problems in school.”

Master 3 – “This deadly combination must be avoided at all costs. It can be fatal at worst and at best, may lead to cancer, appendicitis, as well as unwanted miscarriages.”

Master 4 – “Widow, Widower, Bad For The Resident – Obstacles and misfortune. Abortion, Stomach Cancer, Intestinal Cancer, Appendicitis, Spleenalgia.”

Almost all Flying Stars Feng Shui teachers are very grim when it comes to explaining the results of a 2-5 mountain-water star combination.

The Feng Shui Solution

Let’s look at the Cycle of Elements (thanks to

Following the flow of Chi, we can see that Wood creates Fire which creates Earth. Very bad for the 2-5 Earth combination in the Northwest.

We can also see that Metal and Water support Wood which will control Earth as long as there’s zero Fire colors.

This means that by decorating with lots of Metal and Water coloured lights, tinsel and baubles, I can make sure the tree actually helps the Feng Shui, I just have to make sure there aren’t any Fire colors.

metal and water elements for christmas

A much better solution is to place the tree in a sector that is supported by Wood and where Fire is helpful. Let’s face it, the color red is big part of Christmas and where would Santa be without his bright red suit.

Looking at my home’s chart, the North occupies part of the living room which we can use for our tree display. It has a 7 Metal mountain star with a 9 Fire water star.

This is another poorly aspected combination with descriptions like –

“Heart disease has been known to be a prevalent problem under the influence of these stars. Also, expect sudden fires and large blazes, especially when negative stars fly in. Otherwise this combination denotes bad tempers and relationship problems.”

Even though the description of the 7-9 combination is negative, if we look at the Lo Shu, the North is Kan Trigram (Water) which drains 7 Metal of it’s negative energy.

Kan Water supports the Wood Element which supports the positive 9 Fire. By placing the tree here, we’ve managed to create a harmonious Elemental cycle from the Lo Shu to the 9 Fire wealth star despite adding an internal mountain.

In 8 Mansions Feng Shui, the North for us is the Yien Nien direction – “Longevity with Rich Descendants”, so adding a tree here is very helpful.

Now, all I have to do is rearrange the living area and annoy the whole family…

Have a safe and happy Christmas everyone.

Have a lucky Feng Shui Christmas

Flying Star Feng Shui Resources

Here is a list of books, websites, services, courses that we recommend. 

While many books have been written on the subject of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, this book is presented in an easy-to-read format and written in a comprehensive all-encompassing manner that provides reader a wealth of Flying Stars methodologies and applications, at their disposal.
You`ll understand the key basic theories of Classical Feng Shui, learn how to plot a Flying Stars chart and superimpose a Flying Stars chart onto any property, understand how Forms work with Flying Stars Feng Shui, practical tips and techniques on dealing with common problems like the #5 Yellow Star.

By iconic Feng Shui author Joey Yap.

This fully illustrated, comprehensive workbook is designed primarily for homeowners, renters, architects, and business owners who want to put feng-shui to practical personal use–to choose a home, build a house, select an office, or find a retail space. Real estate agents, interior designers, and architects will also find it useful as a reference manual. The text and exercises proceed in systematic fashion from basic principles to specific projects, covering the following lessons: Landform School, Using the feng shui compass to chart energy patterns, Planning the usage of space, Matching occupants to a house, Deciding on the placement of furniture, and more.

By independent scholar and a practitioner of the Taoist arts Eva Wong.

Flying Stars is the most popular, intriguing and misunderstood Feng Shui system in the world. This book delivers a detailed explanation of how time and space will affect all categories of Feng Shui-prosperity, relationships and health. A fully illustrated, comprehensive and systematic home-study course that is designed for anyone who wants to put Flying Stars Feng Shui to personal, professional or practical use. With over 20 years experience, Master Liotta Dennis reveals the best tricks-of-the-trade. Step by step you are guided to shake up the energy and make-over your home or office while simultaneously learning the profound secrets of Flying Stars.

By Feng Shui Master Denise Liotta Dennis .

Take this ancient art a step further with Lillian Too’s beautiful guide to advanced Feng Shui and learn how to add real depth to your practise. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that brings ever-growing benefits to those who apply it to their lives. Beautifully illustrated with diagrams and line drawings, the book looks in depth at the secrets of the LoPan, the Flying Natal Charts, the cycles of time and space in Feng Shui and how to use these applications to protect both you and your family from life’s obstacles now and for many generations to come. If you are already enjoying the benefits of Feng Shui in your life then this is a book you cannot afford to be without!

By world-renowned Feng Shui expert Lillian Too.

Period 9, the Age of Fire, will begin on Feb 4, 2024. This is a capital change for all structures worldwide. It will be a time of great intellectual leaps, accomplishments, technology, and a future filled with bright prosperity! It is an ‘age’ for women. Flying Stars Feng Shui for Period 9 reveals all you need to know in order to prepare for this incredible and auspicious time. Flying Stars is a potent method of Feng Shui that addresses the time transformation of chi. This changing flow of energy is expressed as numbers in a Flying Star Chart. This exciting, subtle, and important aspect of Feng Shui is the focus of the book. Flying Stars is the most popular Classical Feng Shui system used by practitioners today.

By Feng Shui Master Denise Liotta Dennis .

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