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The Internet's Top 10 Feng Shui Bathroom Tips


Feng Shui refers to Chinese geomancy, which uses traditional practices and natural laws to harmonize the energy in someone's surrounding environment. It enables people to adjust their bathroom's placement, materials, and conditions to avoid losing positive energy and helps create positive vibrations in the house.

Here are the Internet’s top ten tips for creating Feng Shui in your bathroom that we'll be looking at:

  1. Keep the bathroom door closed.
  2. Bathroom in the center of the home.
  3. Close the toilet seat.
  4. Mirror on the bathroom door.
  5. Include plants, ceramic vases, and fresh flowers.
  6. Bathrooms in the wealth or relationship areas.
  7. Bathroom directly opposite the front door, kitchen, or bedroom.
  8. Clean, light, and bright.
  9. Use good scents.
  10. Declutter your bathroom.

Creating positive Feng Shui bathrooms has multiple benefits, including helping people strike a perfect work-life balance by regulating and improving their surrounding energies in the workplace and home.

This article outlines the above tips in creating Feng Shui bathrooms, and Feng Shui expert Dean French reviews their efficacy, whether they work or not according to traditional Feng Shui principles. Read on to improve your understanding of Feng Shui bathrooms and learn how to create positive local energies and vibrations in your bathrooms.

Tip #1: Keep the Bathroom Door Closed

The internet says: “Bathrooms are ideal for Feng Shui since their primary purpose entails waste removal and elimination, thereby draining away negative energies.
Closing the bathroom door is one of the essential aspects of Feng Shui as open bathroom doors impact how positive energy flows through the house. This is particularly important when homeowners have bathrooms facing the front door.
An open bathroom door sucks out the positive energy as soon as it enters the home, leaving it with negative energy. This affects people’s fortunes, wealth, health, and relationships.
Always close your bathroom doors to preserve the positive energy that creates good fortune and increases positive outcomes in life.”

Dean Says: This top Feng Shui bathroom tip has a lot of merit. Most modern bathrooms have an open floor drain to move excess water away, and these can act as a drain on your wealth. This is not to mention the shower, bath and vanity sink drains. There are a number of Feng Shui schools that take the location of drains into account (they can actually increase your wealth and relationship luck if placed correctly), but the simplest method if you don’t know how to do the calculations is to close the door.

As an extra step, you can test whether your drains are good or bad – simply cover them when they are not in use. A bath mat and plugs in the bath and vanity drains will cover those, but the shower drain can be trickier. If you have some ideas on how you could cover the shower drain easily (and tastefully) let me know in the comments below.

Tip #2: Bathroom in the Center of the Home

The internet says: “A bathroom’s placement or location in the house is a significant factor when creating feng shui. Given the bathroom’s downward orientation in positive energy preservation, positioning is essential to ensure energy flow from the bathroom does not disrupt positive vibrations throughout the house.
Avoid having bathrooms in the center of the house because the center is like the home’s heartbeat. Having a bathroom at the center creates bad Feng shui and breaks the connection to the health and wellness stemming from the center of the house. Leaving your home’s center free and open is recommended to encourage positive energy flow throughout the house. This keeps your home joyful and beautiful.”

Dean Says: This is another bathroom Feng Shui tip that I absolutely agree with, having lived and stayed in properties that have had the bathroom in the center. One place had the showerhead and tap on the exact center-point – every time someone had a shower, all of the directions (good and bad) were activated. No matter which school you follow, this is a bad idea. I’m certain the designers did not follow feng shui, but it was interesting for me measure. It wasn’t a pleasant stay!

Another piece of advice that Feng Shui consultants give clients that are building or renovating their homes is to avoid positioning bathrooms over bedrooms because the “natural downward energy flow” creates bad luck. Now, this is just a nice way of saying that it’s unpleasant to have someone pooping over where you sleep, or to have the toilet drain running behind the wall where you are sleeping.

Aside from the considerations above, many consultants utilize concepts like the Feng Shui Flying Stars to assign numbers to different areas of the house, with the bathroom being especially important.

Tip #3: Close the Toilet Seat

The internet says: “Another essential Feng Shui bathroom tip is to close the toilet seat. Open toilet seats act as positive energy zappers that draw in positive energy and drain it away, leaving the house with negative energy.
Therefore, always remember to close your toilet seat and the bathroom door to minimize the outward flow of positive energy from the house. Closing the toilet seat also prevents the growth of mold and mildew in the bathroom due to moisture buildup. Mold growth could bring negative feng shui to your house.”

Dean Says: Three online tips out of three that I 100% agree with so far on this list, quite a rarity! This is not only because of Feng Shui, but basic hygiene. When you flush a toilet, you create a differential in air pressure. This means that water droplets (and more, lets face it) fly into the air and spread around your bathroom. These droplets can land on all surfaces, including toothbrushes as shown in the image above – notice the toothbrush on the sink getting a full spray of toilet vapor! Image courtesy of

Tip #4: Mirror on the Bathroom Door

The internet says: “Mirrors are made from reflective surfaces, which significantly impact feng shui. A mirror’s reflective surface bounces energy off its surface and back to the source.
Placing a mirror across your bathroom door significantly impacts the energy flow in the house because it prevents the escape of positive energy into the bathroom.
Mirrors bounce back the positive energy emitted from the house and reflect it rather than allow it to enter the bathroom and drain away. Install your mirrors following feng shui mirror rules for effective minimization of positive energy loss.”

Dean Says: This tip confuses me a little. All bathrooms need a mirror, but inside the bathroom, not on the outside of the door. A similar tip that didn’t make the Top Ten Feng Shui Bathroom tips list but was close is “never have the bathroom mirror facing the bathroom door”.

But it’s OK to hang one on the outside? This is a strange tip.

As I mentioned in Feng Shui tips #1 and #2, the bathroom can be lucky if the drains and taps are located correctly, so this tip is just assuming that all bathrooms are bad for Feng Shui.

If you do suspect that your bathroom’s Feng Shui is negative, run the tests on your drains first (see Tip #1 above) as this will have a bigger effect than a mirror on the bathroom door.

The next tip to try using a mirror is not on the door, but for any bed that is in a straight line with the toilet. Known in Feng Shui as “Toilet Sha”, it can have a negative effect on sleeping patterns and health. If you place a mirror between the bed and the toilet (it will have to face the wall in the bedroom and point towards the toilet) it can deflect Toilet Sha. Obviously the best way to fix it is to move the bed, but sometimes this isn’t possible in apartments and small houses.

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Tip #5: Plants, Ceramic Vases, and Fresh Flowers

The internet says: “Plants, ceramic vases, and fresh flowers are essential when creating a feng shui bathroom because they introduce positive energy flow, bringing health, wealth, and luck. Feng shui bathroom plants such as the snake plant, lucky bamboo, and the golden pothos help balance out the negative energy in your bathroom when strategically placed while simultaneously beautifying the surrounding environment.”

Dean Says: Plants are great in the bathroom, bringing freshness to an otherwise bland room. A word of caution though, it will depend on the sector that the bathroom is located in. A room that is strong in Water Element energy boosting Wood Element can create other imbalances in the home, and maybe for particular people depending on 1. Who you are (eg Southwest is the Mother and Earth Element), 2. Your Ming Gua (eg a bathroom in personal your Jue Ming) or 3. Your BaZi Four Pillars astrology (eg Water is your Chi Sha).

Bathroom plants should not be excessive; and should complement the bathroom’s appearance. You may hire a Feng Shui consultant to help you decorate your bathroom professionally with Feng Shui bathroom colors to create positive Feng Shui.

Tip #6: Bathroom in the Wealth or Relationship Areas

The internet says: “As mentioned, bathrooms are a source of negative feng shui because they drain water and the uncleanness that disrupts positive energy flow in your house. Having bathrooms in essential areas of the house, such as the wealth and relationship corner, increases the chances of negative energy draining your good fortune, wealth, and luck in relationships.
So, avoid placing your bathroom in sensitive areas. Alternatively, take precautions such as adding feng shui bathroom plants to balance the energy flow and preserve your wealth and relationships.”

Dean Says: This top internet Feng Shui bathroom tip is based on the Black Hat sect / Life Aspirations school of Feng Shui. The premise is sound, but the school is rather simplistic in it’s approach when compared to other traditional Feng Shui schools, which means that results will vary.

If you want to keep it easy, it’s better to see if there is an Elemental clash between the bathroom’s Water Element and the Feng Shui Lo Shu directions. For example, the South is Fire Element, which is controlled by Water. This can have a negative effect on girls that live in the home (not the Mother, she is represented by the Southwest). In this situation, you could add Wood Element (plants) to drain Water and boost Fire Element.

Other steps you can take are look at your family’s Ming Gua’s and helpful gods in their BaZi astrology, the mountain and water stars in the Flying Stars as well as the Gua’s activated by the drains and taps.

Tip #7: Bathroom Directly Opposite the Front Door, Kitchen, or Bedroom

The internet says: “Placing a bathroom directly opposite your front door, kitchen, or bedroom is not advisable since it creates negative feng shui. This is because you typically walk directly into or stare at the bathroom first when you walk into the house or come from the kitchen and bedroom.
The front door usually acts as the inlet for positive energy into the house. Hence. placing a bathroom directly opposite the front door disrupts positive energy flow from the front door, thus causing adverse outcomes such as illnesses.
Consider relocating bathrooms placed directly opposite the entrance door or taking mitigation steps, including using a mirror on the bathroom door. “

Dean Says: This very popular Feng Shui tip sounds almost impossible to comply with in modern homes, unless your bathroom is tucked away and difficult to get to.

Home designers past and present generally avoid having the bathroom right near the front door, so this is not going to be a problem for most people, but if it does affect you, just make sure that the bathroom door is always closed.

For all the other doorways, is more important to avoid Toilet Sha and ensure that your taps and drains are in good positions.

Tip #8: Clean, Light, and Bright

The internet says: “Maintaining a clean, light, and bright bathroom also significantly improves feng shui in your home. One of the major reasons bathrooms negatively affect feng shui is their association with dirt and uncleanness.
Ensuring a clean bathroom environment through regular cleaning thus minimizes negative energy that destroys positive vibrations, creating bad feng shui. Also, ensure your bathrooms have proper lighting and ventilation to create an environment full of positive energy.”

Dean Says: A fairly stock standard Feng Shui tip for every room, although bathroom cleanliness is just as important as the kitchen for ensuring good health. A closed up and dirty bathroom is more likely to grow mold and harbor disease that a clean one. This a life tip more than a Feng Shui tip.

Tip #9: Good Scents

The internet says: “Good scents in the bathroom are essential for good feng shui. Use air sprays, essential oils, and scented candles to create a relaxing environment with positive energy and purified air. The scents create soothing energy that balances the bathroom and its surroundings’ negative energy output.
In addition to the scented candles and essential oils, ensure your bathrooms receive enough fresh air and have proper ventilation to maintain the good scents and positive energy. “

Dean Says: Scents and smells have the power to trigger strong responses in us; we’re attuned to avoiding the ones that have the potential to harm, and we’re attracted to the ones that bring pleasant experiences and memories.

Even when you’re not bathing, having a source of olfactory peace spreads that pleasant feeling throughout the entire home. To be technically correct, this tip is not Feng Shui but psychological, though if it works, then I for one am happy to follow it, and this tip definitely does work on lifting your mood and helping to sell houses.

Tip #10: Declutter Your Products

The internet says: “Decluttering spaces is a critical element of creating feng shui bathrooms because it clears room for proper energy flow with minimal interruptions. Usually, hoarding unnecessary items causes local energy flow to stagnate, thus interfering with the positive vibrations.
Take time to sort out and remove unwanted objects from your bathroom to leave ample room for energy flow.
Do not forget to remove expired bathroom products and empty bottles. These items clutter the room and affect energy flow, causing it to stagnate. So, clean your bathrooms regularly and remove useless or unwanted things that clutter the bathroom, interfering with energy flow.”

“Make sure you put the toilet seat down!”

Dean Says: Oh boy, here we go again with saying decluttering is Feng Shui, technically it isn’t. BUT, like the kitchen and workplace, a tidy and clutter free bathroom does a lot of good for your psychological wellbeing.

The main takeaway here is that reducing the number of products down to your favorites allows you use only what you need, has a smaller impact on the planet and on your wallet. It’s interesting that during the 2009/10 GFC, one of the few product categories to increase in sales volume was beauty and makeup, especially lipsticks. Do you still have a few in your bathroom from back then?

Feng Shui bathrooms can be lucky

People interested in creating feng shui bathroom layouts to harness and utilize positive energy in their surroundings should consider hiring practitioners specializing in feng shui astrology for reliable, professional assistance.

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