Who Is the Ox Compatible With?

If you’re born in the year of the Ox, the Chinese Zodiac suggests you’re pretty shy and reserved. Luckily, some signs are into that and work well with the Ox in a relationship! But which ones?

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The Ox is compatible with Rat, Snake, and Rooster. Rats naturally grab attention, conveniently keeping the spotlight away from the shy Ox. The Snake and Ox are comfortable staying behind the scenes and understand each other well. The appreciative Rooster and the strong Ox make a lovely pair.

Oxen aren’t notorious for being involved in aggressively chasing partners according to the Chinese Zodiac compatibility charts. Even if they do like someone, they tend to admire their crushes from a distance. But let’s have a look at the signs that are most likely to love them back.

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Rooster Compatibility

The Ox shares its highest zodiac compatibility with the Rooster. Both signs are known to be loyal, so there won’t be any trust issues no matter how much freedom they’ve got. Both signs understand the value of their relationship and won’t risk it for momentary pleasure with another person.

The two signs aren’t entirely alike, though.

Roosters are sensual, precise, and thorough in their decision-making. However, they’re not as strong and resilient as the Ox, especially in tough times. In many ways, these two personalities perfectly complement each other in a relationship.

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Snake Compatibility

The Snake is nothing like the Ox, but don’t judge their zodiac signs compatibility based on that fact.

Snakes can be tricky and subtle in their every move, while the Ox is one of the most straightforward signs out there. While these qualities are poles apart, these signs can learn a lot from each other in different situations.

Overall, a Snake-Ox pairing is filled with growth, love, and care.

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Rat Compatibility

People born in the year of Ox tend to be strong and reliable, and the sensual Rat has a special place in its heart for that quality. On the other hand, the relatively uptight Ox finds the carefree personality of the Rat quite intriguing.

Therefore, these two signs naturally feel a strong affinity towards each other.

The two signs might seem like opposites in terms of sociability, but that’s not always a bad thing. The Rat strongly demands attention in a social setting and is often successful at getting their fair share of the spotlight. On the other hand, the Ox couldn’t care less about being in the public eye, so there’s no competition between the two.

In fact, the Rat being the center of attention often keeps the reserved Ox in its comfort zone, and it becomes a win-win!

Primary combinations discussed:

  • Rooster and Snake are “Three Harmony”, or “Elemental” combinations.
  • The Rat is a “Six Harmony” combination.
  • Bonus combination: Ox + Rat + Pig = “Directional” or “Seasonal” combination. The Rat is the central figure, the Ox and Pig have no affinity otherwise.

Primary Clash: Sheep/Goat

Even though opposites attract, being opposites isn’t always a good thing, and the Ox’s clash with Sheep perfectly demonstrates that. The Ox is always practical in their life choices, whereas the Sheep is imaginative, free-spirited, and relies on intuition for most decisions.

This personality split opens the door for arguments in matters that involve both participants of the relationship. For example, the Goat might feel like having a baby, while the Ox could see it as utterly impractical timing. That’s a pretty extreme example, but you get the idea.

The Oxen's Difficult Relationships

According to the Ox Chinese Zodiac, the Ox should also avoid Horse, Dragon, and Dog due to Ox compatibility issues.

  • The Dragon and Dog are “Earth” signs along with the Ox and Sheep. All of the Earth signs tend to think that their way is the right way, to the point of tripping up the other person to prove a point.
  • The Horse combines with the Sheep, so “the friend of my enemy is my enemy” comes into play. This is one of the “Six Harms”.


The Ox is a strong, level-headed, and extra-practical zodiac sign. In most decisions, they tend to follow their logical instincts, not their emotions. They can also be very bold and straightforward if they’re feeling comfortable.

In many ways, they’re the polar opposites of Snakes and Goats, though they’re highly compatible with the former (along with Rats and Roosters) but have an intense dislike of the latter.


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