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11 Crystals to Boost Your Feng Shui

Crystals and gemstones have been used for their healing and beneficial properties for many centuries, and more recently for Feng Shui. Each crystal represents a different type of energy vibration and can amplify and improve various areas of your life.

For the best results, each crystal should be placed in a specific area of your home, allowing you to receive good Chi, whatever you’re doing.

The rest of this article will discuss details about each of these beautiful crystals and how they can make changes to your life. Placing them in the correct area in your home will help balance the different energies and give you a balanced and calm environment.

Here are eleven of the best crystals for each Feng Shui Bagua area:

  1. Celestite: Center
  2. Clear Quartz crystal: South
  3. Moonstone: Southwest
  4. Hematite: West
  5. Amethyst: Northwest
  6. Sodalite: North
  7. Lapis Lazuli: Northeast
  8. Ammolite: East
  9. Citrine: Southeast
  10. Tiger Eye: All directions
  11. Selenite: Corners

1. Celestite for the Center

Celestite should be housed around the center of your home, allowing good Chi to flow around it and through the space. It is connected to the spiritual and can allow you to improve your cognitive function by releasing peace throughout your home.

Since it comes from the heavens, it can remove you from the minor stresses of your life and transcend you to a place of peace and tranquility. As such, it is the perfect tool if you’re having trouble sleeping or concentrating in your work or school since it brings you back to your center.

Find Celestite crystals at

2. Clear Quartz Crystal for the South

The South is Fire in the Bagua Lo Shu, and represents the new Flying Star Period 9, which was initiated in 2017 according to some Feng Shui methods such as Xuan Kong Da Gua, and cements into place in February 2024. I definitely recommend purchasing a copy of Master Denise Liotta Dennis’ Period 9 book if you want the early scoop.

I feel that for the moment, clear quartz crystals are best placed in the South section of the Bagua area in your home. Not only is this area is best known for its elements of happiness and success, it can relate to the lives of future generations. The ending of Period 8 “Mountain” Gua and movement into the “Brightness” Period 9 Gua needs clarity of vision and some adjustment to bring the best future.

Imagine that everyone the world has been working in the mines under the mountain for the last 20 years, and is now coming out into the sunshine.

Watch Master Edgar’s IFSA presentation video on using the relationship between Early and Later Heaven Bagua’s to really get ahead over the next two decades of Period 9.

Clear quartz crystal can be a bastion of good energy in the home. It works with almost any design you might have in your space, making it the perfect choice for the south of the Bagua map. Its energy brings restoration and stability to your home, allowing you to focus more clearly.

It may also protect you from the negative sentiments emanating from others; this helps to provide essential elements of balance to your lifestyle, no matter who you encounter. Clear Quartz crystal is critical to fulfilling your daily routine in a positive, productive manner.

3. Moonstone for the Southwest

During Period 8 the Southwest, or motherhood area, is known as the “Ling Shen” or Indirect Spirit. Feng Shui Masters have been utilizing this space to increase wealth from 2004, though usually by looking for external landforms like a river, lake or the ocean.

We have to consider as well that the Southwest is Earth Element that has very positive aspects in Period 8 (fertility, parenting, and some careers), but can auger bad health when in Period 9.

While many sites recommend Rose Quartz, I feel that the energy of Moonstone is more suited to helping women to reconnect with the natural rythm and progression of life via their Feng Shui.

4. Hematite for the West

Hematite crystals find their home in the west of the household. Some specimens are dark red and can resemble the color and sharp iron smell of blood when in powdered form. Most hematite you see for sale shows its iron ore origin, looking gray and metallic. The high iron content of hematite is one of the reasons why it is considered to be a good blood cleansing stone.

The West is Metal in the Lo Shu, and is a perfect choice to place hematite. These lucky stones can remove obstacles from your path, so they can also be placed in an area where you do most of your thinking. Bringing clarity to the soul, the crystal will release you from your own limitations and allow you to prosper.

Similar to the clear quartz crystal, it will help protect you from any negative emotions emanating from those around you. It will also bring greater confidence and control and enable you to emit passion in all your work.

5. Amethyst for the Northwest

The trigram for this direction is Qian, or the father and is Yang Metal in nature. This means that Earth Element (ie crystals) will help and support the Chi here. When we think of the Northwest, we also should think of authority, rules and power.

Amethyst’s gorgeous purple tint is an appropriate crystal for the calming of thoughts, and focussing of direction. It is said to bring together elements of earth and the heavens, allowing you to experience logical thoughts alongside more emotional ones.

Although you can purchase Amethyst in many forms, it is best in this case to be in its natural form, whether that’s a point, a whole geode or a plate/cluster. This enables you to deter stress from your home and keeps stability harnessed in your being. The cave-like structure of a geode typically comes in a hollow form, with the amethysts points centered inwards. This centering allows the crystal to emanate its power and push it into your home.

Special Note for 2023: With the Flying Star 5 Earth residing in the Northwest, it is very unwise to add crystals or any activations.

6. Sodalite for the North

The North is Water Element in the Bagua, so it seems counter-intuitive to use Earth Element to boost the area. Instead, we can look which crystal types will support the vibration of the “Middle Son”, who is a team player and likes to listen.

Sodalite fits the bill here, especially if you use the Black Hat sect or Life Aspirations schools in which the North also represents Career. Sodalite can boost trust and encourage harmonious relationships, as well as allowing you to speak up instead of only listening.

An alternative to Sodalite for the North is Kyanite if you need to create your own path rather than relying on teamwork and assistance. Kyanite sometimes appears with Ruby Fuschite, which gives a great boost in self-expression. All of these healing gemstones have a calming and healing effect on the emotions.

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7. Lapis Lazuli for the Northeast

The Northeast is the home of the Flying Stars Period 8 trigram Gen, or “Mountain”. During this time (2004-2024), Gen manifests the efforts of hard work and brings things to completion, and represents solidity.

Lapis has been used by many peoples for millenia as a spiritual stone of wisdom usually reserved for royalty and it is a fitting crystal for the Northeast. Lapis Lazuli not only stimulates self-knowledge, it can help keep you protected while you may be at your most vulnerable.

As we wind down Period 8 and move into Period 9, Lapis Lazuli has the ability to stabilize, protect and instill the wisdom you’ve learned into the Northeast so that you can make good decisions into the future.

8. Ammolite for the East

Represented by Thunder trigram in the Bagua the East can be positively described by the words creativity, intitiation and movement. It’s other side made it into popular manga One Piece as one of Emporer Kaido’s signature moves – bringing sudden destruction to everything in its path.

As an organic irridescent fossil with all the colors of the rainbow Ammolite is a great stone for hope, rebirth and that ever-elusive creative urge. It is said to promote healing and the lowering of toxins in your body, removing physical and emotional stress from your being.

Since it balances the positive and negative emotions you harness in your body, it gives you a great sense of power and balance. It can allow you to view negative emotions with a semblance of logic, giving you greater control over how you react to outside influences.

Ammolite’s properties encourage the harnessing of personal creativity and can alleviate symptoms of depression with its gleaming colors of the rainbow.

9. Citrine for the Southeast

Many Feng Shui books and websites say that the Southeast is the wealth corner. This comes from the original Lo Shu trigram Xun, or Wind. The wind moves and disperses Chi, it penetrates new areas and spreads new ideas (seeds).

While everyone knows Citrine as the wealth stone, many don’t know that it is also one of the best crystals for stimulating the mind and giving you the self-confidence to put your ideas out there for others to see.

In its purest form citrine is a scarce, so be careful that you aren’t buying a heat or color-treated quartz or amethyst forced to have an orange hue.

And because it bears its connection to solar energy due to its bright orange color, citrine can help you harness your inner passions and strengths to the best of your ability.

10. Tiger Eye: All Directions

The tiger eye stone is almost the most popular of all the feng shui crystals. It can be worn as jewelry or placed in your home – in any direction. It brings clarity to the soul, allowing you to make tough decisions more easily and harness the power of elements of fire and earth.

This crystal can also offer you protection from negative energy, allowing good Chi to enter and circulate throughout the home. Wherever you decide to place it in your home, it will enable you to achieve personal growth and success in your endeavors.

The tiger’s eye is also worn as a charm of good luck. Upon wearing it, you can be safeguarded from any bad energy that enters the home, preventing it from upsetting the balance of Chi that flows around you.

11. Selenite for the the Corners

Selenite crystals can be placed in the corners of your home. A crystal associated with the ultimate purification of the soul, it is said to eliminate the chaos that gathers in your mind and enables you to see things more clearly.

You can harness your personal creativity with the presence of selenite, keeping you alert and focused even at the most challenging times in your life.

Selenite bears its resemblance to water (and is sometimes dubbed ‘Liquid Light’). So, placing it in an area where water flows freely will enable the crystal to release its powers consistently into your home.

If you’re looking for something to allow the water to flow freely near your selenite crystals, a good option (especially for smaller homes) is a small water fountain. No matter how small, the presence of free-flowing water close to Selenite will harness the creative powers of your home’s feng shui and allow you to achieve a pure and focused mind.

Please note that this doesn’t mean that you should place a water feature in every corner of your home or room.

Lucky Crystal Stones for Your Feng Shui

While you should never base your entire Feng Shui around crystals alone, they have a definite place and can really help to raise the vibration of your home. All of my crystal recommendations are based on personal experience and by thinking about what we are trying to achieve for each direction and Feng Shui corner.

If you have problems in your life that hinder your Chi and stop you from achieving your goals, hematite is an excellent crystal for staying grounded in 2022. It will help to keep you determined and centered on your goals.

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