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Chinese Zodiac Romance: Who Is the Pig Compatible With?

The Pig is characterized by its unwavering honesty in romantic and platonic relationships. They’re stubborn but also very sensual with people they love. So, how do these unique qualities match up to some of the other signs according to zodiac signs compatibility?

The Pig is compatible with the Sheep/Goat, Tiger, and Rabbit. Pigs are extremely honest, which is the Goat’s primary demand. Their sensuality and passion are attractive to Tigers, while the Tiger’s bravery inspires the Pig. Rabbits and Pigs also pair well as they are two of the most compassionate signs.

The Pig tends to take a logical approach in decision-making but remains warm and charming with loved ones. Read on to find out more about the interesting Pig compatibility matchups!

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rabbit zodiac sign icon

Pig Compatibility with the Rabbit

Pigs are known to be extremely full of life, and the passionate Rabbit has a special appreciation for it. In return, the Pig also loves the Rabbit’s artsy tendencies and how they keep making creative improvements around the house.

These two signs form a seamless bond that’s filled with fun and mutual adoration!

They’re also good at handling each other’s weaknesses, such as the Rabbit’s pessimism and the Pig’s earthiness. Both signs find ways to accept each other’s imperfections since they’re both known to be two of the most compassionate signs in the Chinese Zodiac.

sheep or goat zodiac sign icon

Pig Compatibility with the Sheep/Goat

People born in the year of the Pig are known to be extremely honest, and the sensitive Goat always has a special place in its heart for that quality. Together, these two signs form one of the happiest couples.

The goat’s imaginative tendencies make them one of the best signs to leave in charge of your home. Since pigs love luxury and nice things, the goat’s creativity around the house always finds a way to please them.

In return, pigs act as a reliable support system whenever the goats feel insecure due to their sensitive nature. They share a beautiful bond with lots of mutual respect, love, and favors.

tiger zodiac sign icon

Pig Compatibility with the Tiger

Pigs are highly compatible with Tigers, but that’s not to say that these two don’t have their differences. Pigs aren’t overly ambitious, and the career-oriented Tiger might never be able to understand that. On the other hand, tigers can be aggressive and short-tempered, which can be a major turn-off for the peaceful Pig.

But despite all of that, these two signs make an amazing couple. They might be the opposites in many ways, but that also means they complete each other.

For instance, the battle-hardened ambitious Tiger is softened by the sensual Pig’s warmth, and the tame Pig is inspired by the Tiger’s boldness. If I were to summarize the compatibility between these two signs in one word, it would be “balance.”

  • Rabbit and Sheep/Goat are “Three Harmony”, or “Elemental” combinations.
  • The Tiger is a “Six Harmony” combination.
  • Bonus combination: Pig + Rat + Ox = “Directional” or “Seasonal” combination. The Rat is the central figure, the Ox and Pig have no affinity otherwise.

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Primary Clash: Snake

Getting into a relationship with a Snake isn’t such a good idea for Pigs. The pet peeve of each sign happens to be the major weakness in the other, which means it’s always going to be a bumpy ride. The clash between these two becomes more acrimonious as time goes by.

For instance, the Pig demands genuineness in its partner, whereas Snakes are known to be sneaky, and sometimes even manipulative, with their partners. The Snake also takes cleanliness pretty seriously, making it a challenge to live with the Pig’s messy ways.

The Pig's Difficult Relationships

The Pig should also avoid getting into a long-term relationship with Monkeys and Roosters.

Monkeys naturally find it hard to trust people, and the honest Pig might not be patient enough to put up with constant suspicions. Unless there’s healthy communication between Monkey-Pig partners, the relationship can suffer.

Pigs may seem naive to the Rooster, who in turn perceives the Rooster to be too uptight about everything in life. Roosters also demand control in a relationship, which isn’t a quality that sits well with the free-spirited Pig.


The warm and sensual Pig needs a partner that can understand and keep up with their carefree ways. They also need someone who can tolerate a little mess, and yet gently guide them to leaving their comfort zone (and even cleaning their home).

But don’t ever let a Pig join with a Snake, or there will be many problems!

Chinese Zodiac and Astrology Resources

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  2. Take the 4 Pillars Bootcamp with Ken Lai, a treasure trove of Solar BaZi.
  3. Contact Dr. Jin Peh to find out when his next workshop on Lunar BaZi is being held.

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One thought on “Chinese Astrology: Who Is the Pig Compatible With?

  1. I’ve rеɑd a few just гight stuff here. Dеfinitеly worth bookmarking f᧐r revisiting.
    I surprise how so much attempt you set to create the sort of excellent informаtive website.

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