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Chinese Zodiac Romance: Who Is the Snake Compatible With?

The Chinese Zodiac associates the Snake with depth, intuitiveness, and intriguing nature. They’re logical in their life choices, but can be a bit possessive in relationships. Let’s see who pairs well with them.

The Snake is highly compatible with Monkey, Rooster, and Ox. It shares its clever insight with the sharp Monkey along with other similarities. Snake and Rooster are big extroverts which is a foundation for a strong bond. Snakes don’t seem to have much in common with Ox, but these two fit like pieces in a puzzle.

The Snake is perceived to be secretive and sneaky, but once they fully trust a partner, they’ll be comfortable enough to be straightforward. Let’s see which signs are most likely to win their trust!

rooster zodiac sign icon

Snake Compatibility with the Rooster

The Rooster and the Snake go together like peanut butter and jelly, both in friendships and romantic relationships. Both signs are extroverted and can’t live without consistent social interactions. This means they’ll both look forward to their plans and be equally excited about having a good time outside the house.

They’re both known to be entertaining, so the couple doesn’t need to be worried about boredom risks no matter how long the relationship lasts.

The friendly and entertaining nature of these signs makes them great hosts, and they’ll easily be the most popular couple in town when paired together. But the fun isn’t just limited to social settings, as these two can also have a blast on their own.

Sexually, though, they could need some getting used to. The Rooster might be reserved in bed, whereas the Snake is the opposite, but they should learn to meet halfway with time.

ox zodiac sign icon

Snake Compatibility with the Ox

The Snake is nothing like the Ox, but don’t judge their zodiac signs compatibility based on that fact.

Snakes are subtle in every move, while the Ox is one of the most straightforward signs out there. While these qualities may be poles apart, these signs can learn a lot from each other in different situations. Overall, a Snake-Ox pairing is filled with growth, love, and care.

monkey zodiac sign icon

Snake Compatibility with the Monkey

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Snake is a sociable sign. They love spending time with other people, though they’re pretty picky about who they surround themselves with. Monkeys aren’t introverted either, so the two signs have a lot in common regarding their social preferences.

Snakes can sometimes be pessimistic, but the Monkey’s positive outlook on life perfectly offsets that. In return, the Snake always has lots of intuitive advice for the Monkey whenever it’s needed, even if it’s just fashion ideas at times.

The two signs are also perfect together in bed.

There’s an intense mutual attraction that goes on between the two, and it’s effortless. The Monkey isn’t too sexually demanding, but the Snake isn’t afraid to overdo their part at satisfying their partner.

In this relationship, the only thing that could bother a Monkey’s free-spirited ways is the Snake’s possessive nature. However, that’s manageable as long as there’s healthy communication between the two.

  • The Rooster and Ox are “Three Harmony”, or “Elemental” combinations.
  • The Monkey is a “Six Harmony” combination.
  • If the Tiger appears, a Snake-Monkey partnership will come under stress.
  • Bonus combination: Snake + Horse + Sheep/Goat = “Directional” or “Seasonal” combination. The Horse is the central figure, the Snake and Sheep have no affinity otherwise.

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Primary Clash: Pig

Getting into a relationship with a Pig isn’t a good idea for the Snake. The pet peeve of each sign happens to be the significant weakness of the other, which means it’s always going to be a bumpy ride.

For instance, the Pig demands genuineness in its partner, whereas Snakes are known to be designing, and sometimes even manipulative, with their partners. The Snake also takes cleanliness pretty seriously, making it a challenge to live with the Pig’s messy ways.

Overall, there’s no Snake compatibility to speak of here.

The Snake's Difficult Relationships

Snakes don’t match up well with Tigers, either. Some see this pair as worse than the Tiger-Monkey one due to their opposite attitudes. In fact the triplet of Snake, Monkey and Tiger form a complex relationship called a “Penalty” that can be both lucky and unlucky at the same time. Both the Snake and Tiger look down upon each other’s personalities, and the relationship can suffer due to a lack of mutual respect.


The Snake is a prominent sign in the Chinese Zodiac. With qualities like sharp insight, clever ways, and secretive tendencies, Snakes have a lot of depth to them. They’re highly compatible with the Monkey, Rooster, and Ox, but things could get ugly if they get into a romantic relationship with a Pig (no pun intended).

Chinese Zodiac and Astrology Resources

Here is a list of books, websites, services, courses that we recommend. 

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144 Astrological Archetypes that reveal more about you than you knew about yourself. Secrets of the Combined Astrology is a comprehensive work focusing on the 144 combinations created when the 12 Chinese signs (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar) meet the 12 Western Zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces). Starting with the traditional four BAZI pillars i.e. day, month, year and time of birth, this information is converted into Astrological language the Western world understands, making what is otherwise a very complicated process easily accessible by the mainstream. Celebrities and public figures are used as references to illustrate each individual combination.

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